The Last Little Chicky

chickies.jpgI was a child bride.  At least by today’s standards, I was, but back in my younger days, living in a small town in western Nebraska, it was common practice to marry soon, very soon, out of high school.   

And that’s what we did–when I was 19 and Doug was 20.  Fifteen months later, our first daughter was born.  Three more followed.  With our youngest, Amy, coming seven years after the sister before her, Doug and I have had a child in the house for a very lo-ong time. 

 In two days, we won’t. 

Why does that scare me? 

Amy goes off to college on Friday and ends 31 years of curfews, chores and school activities.  No more uniforms to wash on weekends.  No more work schedules posted on the ‘fridge.  No more ‘What’s for supper, Mom?’ 


It scares me, all right. What will Doug and I talk about?   What will we do when we only have each other?  What will it be like to have the house empty of little chicks? 

Ironically enough, the Today Show (my favorite–you’ll hear me quote from them often in the coming months) recently aired a segment on becoming empty-nesters.  They tell me I’m entering the second half of motherhood and that I’ll have the time of my life.  They claim my marriage will likely enter into a new honeymoon stage.  We’ll rediscover each other.  Grow closer.  Have fun. 


I’ll also be entering a phase that will be just for me.  More time to write.  Or take spontaneous research trips.  I can pick up and go to writers conferences, have lunch with girlfriends . . .. 

Sure.  Okay.  But the fact remains I’ve lived more of my life with children than without them, and now my littlest chicky doesn’t need me anymore.  She’s sprouted her own wings and is flying away to a new life of herchickies.jpg own.  I’ll lay awake at night knowing her bedroom is empty and her car isn’t sitting in the driveway.  I won’t know where she is at any given moment.   

I’ll get over it, I suppose.  Most likely, I’ll even learn to like it.   Until then, I take comfort in the Today Show telling me there’s a million of us on the brink of post-mommyhood as the new school year begins, and I’m not alone as I enter my new world. 

What about you?  Are you there yet?  Was it hard having your little chick leave the nest–or are you counting down the days?   

What d’ya think?

It’s been our first week here on Petticoats & Pistols, and we’re pleased as punch you love our site as much as we do.

Now, let us know what you think of our blogs!  Are you enjoying their western flavor?  Or are you looking for something different from us?

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Let us know!  

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We're Here!

I guess you could say Petticoats & Pistols was my crazy idea.

I blame it on a marketing class I took from Gwen Schuster-Haynes last spring.  It was a fab class, and in one of her lectures, she featured a blog site put together by a group of writers.  She hailed them as one of her alumni success stories for their dedication to a career plan.  And the amazing thing?  They weren’t published, but yowza, were they motivated to be.  I fell in love with their site for being so clever and memorable.  Check them out: 

These ladies inspired me to do something similar, but there were already a gazillion single- and multi-author blogs out there.  I knew I needed something unique, too, to market myself and my books.  

Now I don’t consider myself clever or memorable.  Not by a long shot.  But the one thing I could claim to be was a western romance author, and by golly, there wasn’t a single blog out there dedicated to us and what we write. 

It didn’t take long, and Petticoats & Pistols was born.  

My time on MySpace, Shelfari and reader sites has revealed that romance lovers miss westerns.  Writers miss writing them.  And we’re hearing whispers that westerns are coming back . . .. 

The ten of us have banded together to keep that pendulum swinging in our direction.  We want to be THE go-to site for western romance.  We want readers to come to us to find the latest western romance releases, both historical and contemporary.  We want western romance writers to guest blog with us.  We want published and aspiring western romance writers to share info links about the Old West, writing tips, good news about their sales, etc. 

Most of all, we want to have fun! 

Each of us will blog a couple of days a month.  Weekends are reserved for guests.  Come over often.  See who’s here and what we have to say.   

You just might find Petticoats & Pistols a clever and memorable place to visit! 

(Heartfelt thanks to Laura at Swank Web Style for her infinite patience and talent!)