Pink Pistol Series

The Fillies are thrilled to share our multi-author series with you! Here is where you will find covers, descriptions, and buy links to all of the books in this legendary series as they become available.

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In Her Sights

1893 – Caldwell, Texas

Tessa James secretly loves Jackson Spivey, but trying to gain his favor only pushes him away. Since Jackson’s life revolves around guns, Tessa decides to take up shooting. Seeking lessons from famed markswoman Annie Oakley provides more than technique instruction, however. Tessa comes away with a pistol that will change the course of her life forever.

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Love on Target

1894 – Holiday, Oregon

A pistol, a mule, and a promised mining job lure Rena Burke to Oregon. She might wear trousers and work with men, but Rena secretly longs to be appreciated as a woman. Too bad the man she admires believes her to be a dangerous influence on his young daughter.

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Love Under Fire

1899 – Indian Territory

Drawn to Indian Territory because of her father’s reckless promise, eastern sharpshooter Krissy Donovan is forced to accept the protection of a cynical cavalry captain. With a killer stalking them, Johnny Houston can’t afford any distractions, especially an attraction to his stubborn charge that could end up compromising his heart.

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Bullet Proof Bride

1900 – Nowhere, Washington

When mail-order bride Goldie Colson gets stuck in Nowhere, Washington, she has no idea danger lurks nearby. All she cares about is finding a job and the love she so desperately needs. Will she find it with Rhys Miller, a local banker, or will danger find her first? When tragedy takes away her one chance at love, will another help her find it?

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Bullseye Bride

1910 – Deadwood, South Dakota

Kitty has one goal–to save her family by winning a shooting contest. Thad can’t allow women to compete. He’d be a laughingstock. She must choose between her growing love for Thad and saving her family. Can a special pistol help her choose?

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Disarming His Heart

1911 – Larkin, Missouri

To protect her livelihood after an accident, Violet swaps places with her twin, assuming Lily’s role as children’s church program director. Struggling to hide her deception, Violet fights her attraction to the local preacher, knowing he’s the object of Lily’s affection. But Carson is harboring secrets of his own.

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One Shot at Love

1939 – Panther Creek, Colorado

The struggle to raise her siblings is one Mariah willingly bears. She’ll keep them together at all costs. But when a handsome stranger appears on the mountain asking for her help, the stakes are raised. Can she trust him with her life? Her heart is definitely off limits.

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Armed & Marvelous

1955 – Wallace, Kansas

After a terrible tragedy, wild game hunter, Rexanna Brennan, returns to her family’s ranch to heal, only to learn a Hollywood cowboy has taken her place, and he has a few troubles of his own.

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Lucky Shot

1972 – Star, Idaho

She’s a nurse who takes no nonsense from her patients. He’s a war veteran fighting wounds and his attraction to her. When a legendary pistol gives them common ground, will a lucky shot lead to love?

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Aiming For His Heart

Modern Day – Loksi, Oklahoma

When Jade Buchanan returns to Oklahoma, she reconnects with her first love, Dalton Kelley. Needing money thanks to cattle rustlers, Dalton hires on to renovate Jade’s recently inherited house. Will working together drive this city girl and country boy crazy or into each other’s arms?

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Pistol Perfect

Modern Day – Sweet Water, North Dakota

When three young girls need a home, Mabel Lefrak finds the perfect farmhouse – owned by the man she rejected years ago. James isn’t looking for houseguests, but he can’t refuse Mabel’s offer, regardless of their history. Can love create a family, despite kids, chaos and the broken heart between them?

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