Petticoats & Pistols is on Pinterest!

pinterest_logo_redI don’t know what took so long.

Of course, all of the fillies have their own Pinterest accounts, but we’ve never pulled together one dedicated to us–Petticoats and Pistols and all things western.

As usual when the fillies set their minds to it, great things happen.  We’ve rounded up our best pins just for you, and trust me, there were a bunch.  Thirty-six Pinterestboards and counting, and so far, over eleven hundred pins.  Whether you’re a writer or a reader, whether you prefer historical romance or contemporary, if you’re a history buff or love western fashions and jewelry, you’ve come to the right place.

Check us out:

Naturally, we have our own individual boards that show all of our western romances for easy viewing.  We have one for New Releases, too.

But there’s so much more!

Love Hunky Cowboys?  We’ve got a board to make you swoon.

Into fashion?  You’ll drool over our Western Duds and Turquoise and Silver Baubles.

How about Western Movies?  Check.

Ghost Towns?  Check.

Outlaws?  Check.

Windmills?  Western Weapons?  Ladies Vintage Unmentionables?

Check, check, check.

Pin itI’m going to stop there because I want you to come over and see all we have for yourself.

Here’s where we are again:

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