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Amanda Cabot Will Visit Friday!

Historical western romance author Amanda Cabot will come Friday, March 20, 2020!

Miss Amanda has some fascinating information about Fort Bridger, Wyoming that you’ll love.

She’s also toting a copy of her new book!

This’ll be fun so don’t miss it! 

Come and join the gang for good times around the campfire.

That’s Friday, March 20! Shake the wrinkles out of your bustle and hustle.


Updated: March 9, 2020 — 11:53 am

Kindness will carry us through

In the past few days, I’ve heard so many disheartening stories of people showing their worst (like fighting over toilet paper at Costco). 

And I’ve heard uplifting, inspiring stories of people reaching out to help others, like a young couple who are running errands for their elderly neighbors who have no family nearby. 

Those stories of kindness, of tenderness, of joy are what will carry us through the difficult and challenging times ahead. 

I’ve been thinking a lot about kindness.

Even if you are isolated at home, it’s important to remember you aren’t alone in your struggle. But what if the heaviness of that struggle, the burden of it could be lightened? 


Kindness is one way to do that. Because when we offer an act of kindness, it not only blesses the recipient, it also blesses the giver.


So, I challenge you, in these uncertain times, to do one kind act a day. Toss kindness around like confetti. 

Even if you’re stuck at home, can you do something that will bring a smile to the face of a loved one there with you? Can you share something positive or uplifting or fun in your social media outlets to bring a smile to others? They don’t have to be big, grand acts of kindness to be important and of value. Something as simple as a smile can truly brighten someone’s day. 

And in brightening the day of another, who knows? You might just start a chain reaction that blooms with beauty and joy. 

In an effort to do my part, I’ll be giving away free books for the next few weeks. To make sure you don’t miss out on any, be sure to sign up for my newsletter

Today through March 19, I have three ebooks available for free on Amazon.

It’s just my small way of saying thank you for your readership. I hope my sweet romances will bring you a few hours of humor, heart, and hope.

Tad’s Treasure 
Capturing the Cavedweller’s Heart

Take care and be safe! 

Tracie Petersen Comes to Visit!

Beloved author Tracie Petersen will visit on Friday, March 13, 2020!

Miss Tracie will talk about discrimination in the American West and some things she’s learned.

She’s giving away a print copy of her latest.

Woo-Hoo! That’s exciting!

All you have to do is show up and leave a comment.

Come and help welcome her back. It’s always a treat.

* * * *

Updated: March 9, 2020 — 11:11 am

Megan Ryder Will Visit on Thursday!

Contemporary western romance author Megan Ryder comes to visit Thursday, March 12, 2020!

I know she’ll bring an interesting topic to whet your cowboy appetite, my darlings.

Miss Megan loves writing about family and hot lovin’ with handsome hunks among other things. Her newest release is A Cowboy’s Song – #3 in her Redemption Ranch series.

Please mark your calendars and head over Thursday to help us welcome her.

Then sit back and enjoy.


Updated: March 10, 2020 — 8:32 pm

Jodie Wolfe Will Visit Wednesday

Historical western romance author Miss Jodie Wolfe is coming Wednesday, March 11, 2020!

She’s going to tell us about learning to shoot so she can portray that accurately in her stories.

She’ll also talk about her new book, Taming Julia.

Share something new you’ve learned and you’ll be in her drawing for a copy.

It’ll be fun and you might come away a winner!

What else do you have to do on Wednesday? Might as well be here.

* * * * *


Updated: March 9, 2020 — 10:51 am

Krystal M. Anderson Coming to Visit!

Miss Krystal M. Anderson will arrive for a visit on Friday, March 6, 2020!

How much do you know about Appaloosa horses? Not much? Well, you’re in luck. this talented lady will tell us all about them.

She’s also toting an autographed copy of her newest to giveaway!

I don’t know about you but I’m excited.

To get in the drawing…head over come Friday and leave a comment!

It’s as easy as eating a piece of cake…….

I sure wish I had some chocolate cake…or pie will do!

 * * * * *

Updated: March 1, 2020 — 1:06 pm

Hebby Roman Returns to the Junction!

Dear friend Miss Hebby Roman is on the road and will arrive on Friday, February 28, 2020!

She’s done a lot of research on Texas forts and wants to share some of her findings. It’ll be interesting.

She’s also toting a gift card plus books to give away!

You don’t want to miss this.

Come Friday hightail it over and show Miss Hebby a big welcome!

We’ll save you a seat!

* * * *

Updated: February 12, 2020 — 11:51 am

Eve Gaddy Will Visit on Friday!

Miss Eve Gaddy is on her way and due to arrive Friday, February 21, 2020!

Miss Eve has published over 35 bestselling novels and novellas so she knows her romance…and what makes a good hero.

She’s packed an ebook copy of two new ones to give away.

Come and join us and help us roll out the red carpet.

I promise it won’t be too cold.

We’ll have a roaring fire and plenty of good conversation.

It’ll be fun, fun! You bet’cha!

* * * *

Updated: February 12, 2020 — 11:35 am