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Andrea Downing Comes to the Junction!

Miss Andrea Downing has climbed in her pickup and will arrive Friday, May 22, 2020!

Wyoming was the first state and the first place in the world to give women the right to vote. Miss Andrea will talk about that and other interesting roles women played in the state.

She has a brand new book out and is toting one to give away!

Your job, should you choose, is to come over and leave a comment.

Very easy and no dress code required.

So come help us give her a big welcome.


Updated: May 19, 2020 — 3:45 pm

Linda Carroll-Bradd Will Visit Friday!

        Miss Linda Carroll-Bradd has saddled up and will arrive Friday, May 15, 2020!

What do you know about health spas? She’s going to tell us about that.

She also has a new book and a giveaway! Yee-Haw!

If you need to enrich your learning or to have a good time, head over.

You never know what you’ll find.

One thing for sure, it’ll be a blast.


Updated: May 13, 2020 — 9:55 am

Caryl McAdoo Comes Calling!

Our dear friend, Miss Caryl McAdoo, will visit on Friday, May 8, 2020!

She’s going to talk about heading West by wagon train and all the perils the settlers faced.

Plus, she’s offering everyone a book for FREE! 

AND….talking a brand spanking new one.

That deserves a big Yee-Haw! 

So head over come Friday and chat with her a while.

This’ll be exciting and loads of fun, I guarantee it!

We surely would love to see you.


Updated: May 4, 2020 — 10:11 am

Jennifer Uhlarik Returns to the Junction!

Miss Jennifer Uhlarik has saddled up and will arrive Friday, May 1, 2020!

Do you know what a blacksmith did? How about other “smiths”? Miss Jennifer will explain.

She’s also toting an autographed book to give away!

Your job is to stop by and show her a big welcome.

Ask a question or just say howdy.

We sure hope you will.

It’ll be fun!


Updated: April 29, 2020 — 5:32 pm

Kaylie Newell Comes to Visit!

Miss Kaylie Newell has set her sights on the Junction and will arrive Friday, April 24, 2020!

She loves rodeos so get ready to talk about bull riders, bronc riders, and lots of cowboys!

Her new book is Betting on the Bull Rider! Yippee!

Plus, she’ll give away an autographed copy to one lucky person!

Come early or come late…just come!

There’ll be lots of chatting to do so get yourself in gear.

I sure wish I could rope myself a bull rider. Hmmm. Maybe in my dreams.


Updated: April 16, 2020 — 10:18 am

Linda Hubalek Comes to Visit!

We welcome Miss Linda Hubalek back this Friday, April 17, 2020!

Curious about pioneer cooking and how they used to manage? She’ll pull back the curtain a little bit.

Plus…she’s giving away 5 ebook copies of her latest!

In addition, she’s offering The Peashooter Society’s Plan for FREE!

Miss this and you’ll kick yourself! I mean it.

So shake the wrinkles out of your bustle and get over here on Friday.

We’ll have more fun than you can shake a stick at.


Updated: April 9, 2020 — 10:49 am

Most of my books are now on SALE! AND Free e-book Give-away


Hope y’all are doing well in this weird world.  Who would’ve ever thought the entire world would shut down?  All I can say is that I hope y’all are surviving well in this time period and that when it’s over, you’ll go on to do even better than before.

Almost from the start of this, I started putting a few of my books on sale.  Many have gone from $5,99 to .99 cents.  ALL of my paperback books have gone from (we started this about 2 months ago) $14.99 to $9.99.  My newest book, THE EAGLE AND THE FLAME, will be put on sale soon — we just uploaded it to Amazon and it’s going to their editing at the moment.  But, when it comes on, it will NOT be put on sale at $14,99, but rather at $9.99.

In truth, the reason I started doing this right from the beginning is that often when one is frightened or bored or uncertain, a romance book can raise them up a little and often put a smile on their face.  So, here we go.  This is a list of the books that are on sale for .99 cents right now or read for free on KindleUnlimited:

So the books on sale for .99 cents are:  Gray Hawk’s Lady; White Eagle’s Touch; Night Thunder’s Bride; War Cloud’s Passion; Lone Arrow’s Pride; Soaring Eagle’s Embrace; Wolf Shadow’s Promise; The Angel and the Warrior; The Spirit of the Wolf; Red Hawk’s Woman and The Last Warrior; Black Eagle; Seneca Surrender











All of these books (except for Lakota Surrender) are priced at .99 cents or can be read for free on Kindle Unlimited.  The book, LAKOTA SURRENDER is on sale for $3.99.  This is a special edition, newly edited book that is the 25th Anniversary Edition of that book.

As I said all of my books that are in paperback are also on sale for $9.99.  They used to sell at $14.99, but we’re trying to reduce those prices as much as we can so that if you read only paperback books, you’ll also have a sale.  These paperback books on sale for $9.99 are:  Lakota Surrender; The Angel and the Warrior; The Spirit of the Wolf; Red Hawk’s Woman; The Last Warrior; Seneca Surrender; The Princess and the Wolf; and Brave Wolf and the Lady.  Lakota Surrender is also on sale in e-book for $3.99.











So if there are any of these books that you haven’t read, now might be the time to pick one up.

But my blogs wouldn’t really be a blog if I didn’t give away at least one book for free.  And so, today, I’m giving away an e-book of my latest release, THE EAGLE AND THE FLAME, to one of today’s bloggers.

On another note, I’m wondering how y’all are doing during this time period.  Are you reading a lot?  Doing gardening?  Cleaning the house?  Doing all those little things in the yard or around the house that we seldom have time to do?

Would love to hear how you’re doing during this time period and any suggestions you might pass along to the rest of us as to how to keep in touch with others in this time of enforced social distancing.  We, as people, i think thrive on our associations with others, our conversations, talking back and forth, sharing jokes and sharing even our heartbreaks.  If you’d like to share things you’re doing, how you’re doing, I’d love to hear it.

May we all come out of this time period a little wiser, a little more aware and a little bit better off for the experience.  Remember that this, too, will pass.

The Eagle and the Flame:


Updated: April 14, 2020 — 9:13 am

Charlene Raddon Comes to Visit Friday

Miss Charlene Raddon has packed up and will visit us on Friday, April 10, 2020!

Have you ever wondered about the medicines of old and if they were good for people or not? After all, they didn’t know a whole lot back then. Charlene is going to talk about this.

She’s also toting a $5 gift card plus a book to give away.

That’s enough to make us all say YEE-HAW!

To enter the drawing, just show up and comment. Very easy.

Don’t forget now, that’s Friday, April 10!


Updated: April 7, 2020 — 12:41 pm

Susan Page Davis Has a Winner!

Thank you so much for visiting, Miss Susan! We loved having you.

History is always fascinating and we love it.

Now for the drawing………..

Winner of the autographed copy of Mail Order Standoff is…..


Woo-Hoo! I’m happy, happy for you, Connie!

Watch for Miss Susan’s email asking for your address.

Tomorrow is Yee-Haw Day here with all the Filly’s News!


Updated: April 5, 2020 — 12:39 pm