Caryl McAdoo Will Visit Friday!

We’re happy to have Miss Caryl McAdoo back to visit Friday, September 18, 2020!

This talented lady will bring another very interesting post your way. You can count on that. Exciting!

She’s also toting a book for some lucky person!

When you hear the rooster crow on Friday, head over.

We’re going to have a fun time so don’t miss it!

Then starting Monday, Sept. 21, the Fillies are starting a week of Boot Scootin!

Fun! Prizes! Interesting things!


Megan Ryder Will be Here Friday!

Talented author Megan Ryder will arrive for a visit on Friday, September 11, 2020!

Know anything about dude ranches and their cowboys? Stay tuned!

Miss Megan will tell all that and more.

Plus, she’ll give away a digital copy of her new book to someone!

Get your chatting britches on and head over to the Junction on Friday.

It’s free. It’s fun. It’s the place to be for all things cowboy!

Lisa M. Prysock Will Visit Friday!

Miss Lisa M. Prysock has saddled up and will arrive Friday, September, 4, 2020.

She’s going to tell us about the U.S. Marshals and what their duties were. It’ll be interesting.

And she has a new book that will tickle your fancy.

There’s a giveaway of a print copy so head over on Friday.

You know how much we love to give things away.

And how much we love talking about handsome cowboys and lawmen.

Angela K. Couch to Visit on Friday!

Miss Angela K. Couch has saddled up and will be here Friday, August 28, 2020!

She’ll talk about the westward migration and how difficult wagon train travel was. Heavens, what if you got separated?

This talented author explores the possibilities.

She’s also toting an Amazon gift card to give away! Yee-Haw!

So shake the wrinkles from your bustle and come over.

We’ll be looking for you! 

Jo-Ann Roberts Comes to Visit!

Author Jo-Ann Roberts has climbed aboard and will arrive Friday, August 21, 2020!

Did they play baseball in the old West? Miss Jo-Ann is going to tell all that and more.

She’s toting prizes to give away also!

When Friday rolls around, head over and sit a spell with her. It’ll be a hoot!

We’ll talk about baseball and cowboys and Lord knows what else.

You know us. We’re full of gab.

Janice Cole Hopkins Will Visit Friday!

Historical western author Janice Cole Hopkins will visit with us on Friday, August 14, 2020!

When the Scottish immigrated to America, they settled in mountainous regions. Know why? We’ll find out.

Miss Janice will also have some great giveaways!

And that’s a promise!

All you have to do is show up and leave a comment. Look at the bottom of the post.

So circle the date and head over.

If you don’t come, we’ll miss you.


Tracy Garrett Returns to Visit!

Former Filly Tracy Garrett is heading this way and will be here Friday, August 7, 2020!

It’s exciting. She’ll talk about how important setting is to a story.

She comes toting 2 digital copies of James to giveaway!

I haven’t seen the Fillies this excited in a while. We do love Tracy.

Maybe she’ll tell us what she’s been up to. Sure hope to talk her ear off.

So stop by on Friday or Saturday and give her a shout.

It’ll be a fun time!