Kaitlene Dee Has a Winner!

Thank you for coming, Miss Kaitlene! We had a great time yakking about traveling food! I know I wouldn’t fare well.

We have a WINNER!

The commenter to get an ebook copy of GRACE is……..


Yippee! You’ll love this story, Christy. Now watch for Miss Kaitlene’s email and check Spam if you don’t see it.

Everyone come back tomorrow for the Cowboys and Mistletoe kickoff!!


Linda Broday Has Winners!

Thank you all for coming to talk about courting candles on Tuesday! Loved all your stories.

The two people who won an ebook copy of Courting Miss Emma are…….



Congratulations, ladies!!!! I’ll contact you for your information so be watching.

Angela Christina Archer Has a Winner!

Thank you for coming to visit, Miss Angela! We really enjoyed having you.

Now for the drawing………..

One person will win a copy of A Terrible Glory!

And the lucky winner is…..drumroll….


   Yippee! Congratulations, JCP! Now watch for Miss Angela’s email and you’ll be all set.

   Everyone circle your calendar for our yearly Cowboys & Mistletoe Event starting 11/27/2023!

Winnie’s Winners

Thanks so much to everyone who stopped by to discuss pecans with me this week.  It was fun to virtually chat about all of these fun tidbits around the tasty nut and to hear of your own likes and dislikes.  I gathered up the names of all of you who commented and randomly select the following:

Patricia Barraclough
Maria Leeper
Debbie J Pruss
Congratulations to each of you. You’ve won your choice of a signed copy of any of my books. You can find a complete list HERE. Just send me the title you selected along with your mailing info and I’ll get your prize right on out to you.

Laura Ashwood Has a Winner!

Oh my goodness, what fun we had, Miss Laura! Each treasured gift was very precious and meaningful.

Now for the drawing!

One person will get a signed paperback copy of A Groom For Ruby!

And that lucky commenter is………


Yippee! We’re so happy for you, Denise! Now, watch for Miss Laura’s email.

Regina Scott Has a Winner!

Thank you for visiting, Miss Regina! We had a delightful time talking about museums, live reenactments, and things.

Now for the drawing…………

One person will win a copy of Her Frontier Sweethearts!

And the lucky commenter is……….


Woo-Hoo! We’re so happy for you, Sarah. You’re going to love this. Just watch for Miss Regina’s email.

For all things western romance, keep Petticoats and Pistols bookmarked!

Linda Goodnight Has a Winner!

Deepest thanks to Miss Linda for coming to visit! Such an interesting post!

But now it’s time for the drawing.

One commenter will get a copy of To Protect His Brother’s Baby!

And the winner is………


Woo-Hoo! Congratulations, Nadine! Now watch for Miss Linda’s email and check Spam if you don’t see it.

Everyone come back all this week to see what’s new. There’s always something.

Debra Holt Has a Winner

Thank you for the neat history lesson, Miss Debra! Texas is my favorite place! Now I understand why.

The drawing is a little late. Sorry.

Winner of Miss Debra’s The Texas Cowboy’s Christmas Miracle is……


Yippee! I’m doing the happy dance for you, Becky! Now watch for Miss Debra’s email.

Everyone come back all week long for more fun right here on P&P.

Carmen’s Winner

Bein’ one of them western women Miz Carmen was chattin’ about in her post, I am prepared to prove my grit by dodgin’ Jasper’s kickin’ hooves to reclaim my dropped bonnet in order to do this here drawin’ the proper way.

I threw all the names into my calico sunbonnet and gave ’em a good shake. I’m pleased as punch to reveal a woman with a fine western spirit herself as our winner.

Tracy Delegal

Be watchin’ yer email, Tracy. Miz Carmen will be givin’ ya a holler soon.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I a got a mule to feed and a garden to tend. Western livin’ ain’t fer sissies, ya know.