Pegg Thomas Has a Winner!

Deepest thanks for coming, Miss Pegg!! Horses are some of our favorite subjects.

Now for the drawing…………

One commenter will win a copy of COBALT SKIES!!

And the lucky winner is …………


Yippee! Congratulations, Elissa. Now watch for Miss Pegg’s email and check Spam if you don’t see it.

Everyone come back tomorrow for our inaugural monthly post of Cowgirl in the Kitchen!

Robin Lee Hatcher Has a Winner!

Thank you so much for visiting, Miss Robin! That was such a special treat.

And now for the drawing……

One lucky commenter will get the first two books of her new series!

That’s right. Robin’s really generous.

And the winner is…….


Huge congratulations, Julie. Now watch for Miss Robin’s email and check Spam if you don’t see it.


Macie St. James Has Winners!

Wow, the Fillies loved having Miss Macie! All this talk about dude ranches made me want to head out.

But, I have a drawing to do……….

This lovely book, The Maverick Cowboy, needs more readers!

The winners are………..




Congratulations, Ladies! Watch for Miss Macie’s email and check Spam if you don’t see it.

Charlene Raddon Has Winners! Yippee!

Thank you so much for coming to visit as our last guest of the year, Miss Charlene. We enjoyed learning about actresses in the old West.

And now for our drawing! Three people will win something!

The winners are……..




                 Woo-Hoo! HUGE congrats, ladies! Now watch for Miss Charlene’s email.

A big announcement will post tomorrow so come back. We have something fun planned for Christmas.

Janice Cole Hopkins Has a Winner!

Miss Janice, thank you for an entertaining post and both of your lovely books.

Such gorgeous covers!

It’s Drawing time!!

One commenter will get an ebook copy of one of these ….

And the winner is ……..


Woo-Hoo!! Congratulations, Kathy. Make your choice and look for Miss Janice’s email.

Nancy Fraser Has a Winner!

Thank you for visiting, Miss Nancy! We had a grand time talking about our Christmas dinner!

It’s drawing time now!!

One person will win a copy of A Christmas Baby for Beatrice!

And the lucky winner is…………


Huge congrats, Flypauper! You’re going to love this. Watch for Miss Nancy’s email and check Spam if you don’t see it.

Hey Everyone, tomorrow is Yee-Haw Day so drop by to see the Filly News!

Jo-Ann Roberts Has Winners!

Miss Jo-Ann, thank you so much for visiting. I think everyone loves quilts. They’re so pretty and warm!

Now for the drawing……

Two people will get an ebook copy of NOELLE!

And the lucky winners are …………



Congratulations, ladies! You’ll love this. Now, watch for Miss Jo-Ann’s email and check SPAM if you don’t find it soon.

Everyone come back tomorrow for the kickoff of our Cowboys and Mistletoe yearly event. It’ll be fun.

Winnie’s Winners

Winnie Griggs here. I’m so sorry to be soooooo late getting the winners selected – I had internet problems then went out of town for a few days.

Thanks to everyone who dropped in to help me figure out what to name the twins in my new book. Y’all gave me a lot of good suggestions and a lot of thing to think about. Stay tuned for what I end up naming them.

But I threw all the names in a cyber hat and selected the following names:

Diana Hardt
Elaine Kiefer
Kathy Bailey

Congratulations to all of you.  You’ve won your choice of any of my books along with your pick of the ornaments pictured below.  Note – the ornaments will be awarded on a first come, first served basis, so list them in your order of preference.

Once you’ve selected your book and ornament, send the info, along with your mailing address, to me via my website or PM me on facebook.

Regina Jennings Has a Winner!

Thank you for coming to visit, Miss Regina! An interesting post. Theme parks are fun and all the rage.

Now for the drawing……….

One person will get a copy of Engaging Deception! Yippee!

And the lucky winner is…….Drumroll……….


Yee-Haw, Teresa F!!! We’re tickled to death for you. Watch for Miss Regina’s email and check Spam if you don’t see it.

And mark your calendars everyone for Cowboys and Mistletoe!