Kathleen Denly Comes to Visit!

Miss Kathleen Denly has saddled up and will arrive Friday, November 20, 2020!

She’ll talk about women’s higher education back in the early days. You’ll enjoy it.

She’s also toting a copy of the first book in her new series to give away.

All you have to do to enter is head over and leave a comment on Friday.

Then sit back and have fun chatting. 

You’ll love it.

Kimberly Grist Will Visit on Friday!


Author Kimberly Grist has saddled up and will arrive on Friday, Nov. 13, 2020!

She’s going to tell us about the gunfighter Doc Holliday and share lots of interesting information.

Miss Kimberly is also toting an e-copy of her book to give away.

Come and help us show her a warm welcome. Leave a comment to get in the drawing.

We’ll be expecting you.

Jodi Thomas Returns to the Junction!

We’re in for a treat. Jodi Thomas will return on Friday, November 6, 2020!

Miss Jodi will talk about how different this Christmas will be and ways to make it better.

She’s also toting a copy of her Christmas book for someone.

So don’t be shy. Follow the trail to the Junction on Friday.

We’ll be here and expect to see you.

Who knows? You’ll have fun and you might win the book.

We Welcome Andrea Downing Back on Friday!

Historical Western author Andrea Downing will return on Friday, October 23, 2020!

She’ll talk about outlaws and the beautiful parks of Colorado. It’ll be fun.

Of course, there’s a giveaway too! So come to get your name in the pot.

All you have to do is show up and leave a comment. Very easy.

So head over come Friday and get a front row seat.

We’ll be expecting you!

Kathleen D. Bailey Comes to the Junction!

Miss Kathleen D. Bailey is saddling up and will arrive Friday, October 16, 2020!

She’ll talk about the classic westerns and story structure. We’ll have a ball.

Plus, she has a passel of prizes to give away. Yee-Haw! 

Feeling lucky? Head over on Friday and leave a comment to enter the drawing.

We’ll be expecting you to help us welcome this dear lady.

Fun! Fun!

Tracie Peterson Returns on Friday!

Christian author Tracie Peterson will return to the Junction on Friday, October 9, 2020!

She’ll tell us about a talented writer in the 1800s named Helen Hunt Jackson. You’ll love it!

And she’s toting a set of books to give away to one lucky person!

You won’t want to mess around. Get your rears over here come Friday.

Come early or come late. Doesn’t matter to us. Just come.

Get your chatting britches on and have a good time.

Heather Blanton Visits Friday

Miss Heather Blanton has saddled up and will arrive Friday, September 25, 2020!

Have you ever heard about women ranchers in the old West? We’ll find out about some tough ladies.

There’s a passel of prizes to be had as well! Yee-Haw!

So get your booties over here come Friday and get your name in the pot.

Show up, you got nothing to lose! 

We’ll be expecting you.