Nancy Fraser Will Visit Friday!

Miss Nancy Fraser has set her compass for Wildflower Junction and will arrive Friday, December 2, 2022!

She’ll tell us about foods in 1896 and an actual menu for Christmas Day. This is truly interesting and you’ll kick yourself if you miss it.

Miss Nancy is toting a signed copy of A Christmas Baby For Beatrice to give away!

So tie a string around your finger to remember, put your chatting britches on, and head over on Friday.

We’ll be here. Will you?

Jo-Ann Roberts Has Winners!

Miss Jo-Ann, thank you so much for visiting. I think everyone loves quilts. They’re so pretty and warm!

Now for the drawing……

Two people will get an ebook copy of NOELLE!

And the lucky winners are …………



Congratulations, ladies! You’ll love this. Now, watch for Miss Jo-Ann’s email and check SPAM if you don’t find it soon.

Everyone come back tomorrow for the kickoff of our Cowboys and Mistletoe yearly event. It’ll be fun.

Jo-Ann Roberts Returns to Visit Friday!

Miss Jo-Ann Roberts is returning for a visit on Friday, November 25, 2022!

She’ll talk about quilting which I know is a favorite subject here on P&P. We’ll have lots of commenting to do.

She’s also toting two copies of her ebook NOELLE to give away!

All we need is for you to drop by and say howdy. That’ll get you in her drawing.

What’s better than sitting around a warm campfire with a big cup of something hot? Not much.

Don’t forget now.

Regina Jennings Has a Winner!

Thank you for coming to visit, Miss Regina! An interesting post. Theme parks are fun and all the rage.

Now for the drawing……….

One person will get a copy of Engaging Deception! Yippee!

And the lucky winner is…….Drumroll……….


Yee-Haw, Teresa F!!! We’re tickled to death for you. Watch for Miss Regina’s email and check Spam if you don’t see it.

And mark your calendars everyone for Cowboys and Mistletoe!

Regina Jennings Will Visit Friday!

Miss Regina Jennings will return to visit Friday, November 18, 2022! Yee-Haw!

It seems Joplin, Missouri was the place to be in the 1890s. You’ll have to come over Friday to find out what made it a hopping destination.

She’s also toting a copy of Engaging Deception to give away!!

So get crackin’ on Friday and drop by to chat with Miss Regina and get in the drawing.

It’s not hard and you don’t even have to go outside.

Jodie Wolfe Has a Winner!

Thank you for visiting, Miss Jodie! We had fun talking about guinea pigs and other animals in stories.

Now it’s time for the drawing………

One person will get a copy of Protecting Annie.

And the lucky winner is……..


Congratulations, Kathleen! Woo-Hoo! You’ll love this book. Watch for Miss Jodie’s email and check Spam if you don’t see it.

For all things western romance, keep Petticoats and Pistols bookmarked!

Jodie Wolfe Will Visit Friday!

Miss Jodie Wolfe has climbed in the saddle and will arrive Friday, November 11, 2022!

What do you know about guinea pigs? Do you know when they arrived in America? Miss Jodi will tell us all that and more.

She’s also packed a copy of Protecting Annie in her saddlebags! That’s a big Yee-Haw!

Come Friday, shake the wrinkles from your bustle and get over here to chat.

We’re expecting you so don’t you disappoint us.

Kathleen Denly Has a Winner!

Thank you, Miss Kathleen, for teaching us about Ghirardelli chocolate! YUM!

The drawing is a little late so forgive me.

The winner of the ebook copy of Waltz in the Wilderness is………


Yippee! Congratulations, Sreesor! Watch for Miss Kathleen’s email and check Spam if you don’t see it.

Tomorrow is Yee-Haw Day so everyone come back for the Filly news!!

Kathleen Denly Will Visit Friday!

Miss Kathleen Denly hopped aboard the train and will arrive Friday, November 4, 2022!

She has an interesting story to tell us about chocolate! Yum! I’ll be all ears!

Plus, she’s bringing a book to give away! Oh my goodness!

Don’t lollygag around on Friday. Get over and chat for a chance to win her book.

It’s gonna be a lot of fun so don’t miss out.


Lisa Prysock Has a Winner!

Miss Lisa, we really enjoyed your visit and thinking about “glamping.” Wow!

It’s time for the drawing!

One person will get a copy of Cherry Crossing.

And the lucky winner is……….


Woo-Hoo! Congratulations, Lynn! We’re happy for you. Now watch for Miss Lisa’s email.  Check Spam if you don’t see it.

Happy Halloween everyone!