Elizabeth Lane: The Nanny’s Secret


Elizabeth LaneHi, Everyone!  It’s so good to be back among the Fillies, even for this short visit.  Leaving Wildflower Junction was something I needed to do.  But how I’ve missed the connection with these wonderful ladies and our readers.  All of you occupy a permanent place in my heart.


Among other things, I’ve been writing for the Harlequin Desire line.  Since my current release, THE NANNY’S SECRET, part of the Billionaires and Babies series, is set in a Colorado ski resort, it is a sort of Western.  Let me tell you a little about it.


There’s something about a new baby that inspires love and hope.  The first time that tiny hand reaches up to clasp your finger, you lose your heart.  My own firstborn son arrived a few days before Christmas.  He’s grown now, with children of his own, but I still remember the joy of bringing him home and the wonder of holding him in my arms.  He was so small and needy.  And as a new mother, I was so scared.  My then-husband and I were poor students, living away from home in a tiny trailer.  We had almost no money and I had no one to help me.  All the same it was a magical time.


The Nanny's SecretNot every baby is born under ideal conditions.  That’s what THE NANNY’S SECRET is about.  Little Mikey enters this world as the result of a teenage blunder.  Chloe, his unmarried sixteen-year-old mother loves him and wants to keep him, but she’s still a child herself.  Wyatt Richardson, his resort owner grandfather, is still young, virile and handsome and has no idea how to cope with a willful teenage girl and her newborn that his ex-wife literally dumped on his doorstep.


Enter an unlikely nanny, challenged with helping these three become a family.  Mary Poppins she isn’t.  In fact, her lack of experience with babies rouses Wyatt’s suspicions about her motives.  But her devotion to little Mikey and her determination to give him a good start in life go far beyond what might be expected of hired help.  Not only does she take care of Mikey-she does everything to make sure Wyatt and Chloe bond with the little boy.


Mikey’s sexy grandfather begins to see her as more than a nanny…much more.  But the beautiful Miss Leigh Foster is not what she seems.  The secret she hides is powerful enough to turn all their lives upside-down.


You can read the book to find out what it is-or get a sneak peek on my web site:  www.elizabethlaneauthor.com.


Click HERE to purchase From Amazon.


A word about upcoming projects-I’ll have another Desire coming out in June, and a Western historical, THE COUNTESS AND THE COWBOY (my title which I hope to keep), finished and with my editors.


For those of you who’ve been new mothers or caregivers to babies, I’d love to hear about your experiences.


Today I’ll be giving away a free paperback edition of THE NANNY’S SECRET to a reader who comments.


Thanks so much for having me as your guest today.



Christmas Fruit Pizza

elizabethlane.jpgChristmas Fruit Pizza

one pkg yellow cake mix

 (orange, butter pecan & fudge work too)

two eggs

one-fourth cup water

one-fourth cup butter

one-fourth cup packed brown sugar

one-half to one cup chopped nuts


Mix together, it will be thick. 

Spread in a circle on large cookie sheet and bake 10 -12 minutes at 350, or until golden brown. 



Spread top with whipping cream (Cool Whip works, too). 

Use any kind of fruit to top the whipping cream. 

Melt apricot jam and brush on the fruit.


Ideas for Christmas: 

Kiwi slices cut in half for leaves. 

Strawberries cut in half for poinsettia leaves and pineapple tidbits for center of flowers. 

Green grapes work well, too.


See examples below.




Merry Christmas!