An Adorable Craft from Godey’s Lady’s Book! by Pam Crooks

Then . . . 

Perhaps you’ve seen my recent post on Facebook about the amazing gift a writer friend gave me – an 1866 edition of Godey’s Lady’s Book featuring the year’s worth of magazines.  Trust me.  I couldn’t have been more surprised.  Or honored. Her gift will always be a treasure for me.

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If you’re not familiar with the publication, it’s precisely what the title describes.  A magazine for the 1800’s woman whose pages were chock full of any and everything she would find interesting and/or necessary in her life.  One issue would contain:

  • Needlework patterns
  • Sewing patterns, for dolls on up to adults
  • Craft ideas
  • Recipes (or ‘Receipts’)
  • Poetry
  • Literary articles
  • Beauty tips
  • Advice for juveniles
  • Parlor dramas (plays)
  • Fashions and hair styles, including colorized fashion plates
  • Advice for the downtrodden
  • Music for a piano-forte
  • and the list continues . . . 

As I immediately began to browse through the yellowed and fragile pages, I discovered a craft in the January magazine.  It was so cute and could be made even today.  Be sure to envision it in a rich green silk with gold spangles. (Note: Since the writers of the time tended to be um, wordy, I’ve tightened the text for easier reading.)

Ornamental Cork for a Wine Bottle

A sort of crown of leaves.  The cork should be a very long one, and the upper part thinned off all around with a knife.

Cover with a piece of green silk. 

To form the leaves:  take a strip of the same material 19 inches long and 2 broad. Cut it out with pointed lappets. 

Work round each lappet in tight buttonhole stitch with green purse silk over a piece of wire.

Cut the outer edges close to the stitches.  Hem the straight side of the strip, then arrange in rounds over the top of the cork.

Bend the leaves slightly backwards.

Finish off the tips with round gold spangles.

That’s it, but let me say one thing.

Thank goodness for wired ribbon–and for sparing us from having to make all those tiny stitches women would’ve done routinely back then!  The end result is the same, too.

And now . . . 

In FIVE more days, the second book of my Blackstone Ranch trilogy will be released!  

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My heroine, Lucienne Dunn, is a fashion plate herself and has an affection for stilettos. As a fun tie-in with my Godey’s Lady’s Book wine-bottle-stopper-craft, I’ll be giving away this novelty stiletto wine bottle stopper!

Just let me know if you enjoy making fun crafts.  Do you sew? Knit? Embroider? Do wood-working?

Let’s talk about your talents!