Join Me in a “Pitt” Stop Tomorrow! New Westerns on the Horizon.


So why the picture of Brad?  Years ago, when my daughter was in junior high, it was rumored that Brad Pitt had been sighted in the neighborhood next to ours. He had a friend that lived just blocks away. We had fun driving around after school and making “Pitt” stops  in our quest to catch a glimpse of the  star of Legends of the Fall.  To this day, my daughter and I joke about those “Pitt” stops.  Did we ever see him? No, but I sure have fond memories of our silly antics.

Learn about Brad and Jesse James in the new movie and a Top 20 list of the greatest westerns ever made.

What wonderful posts we had today

horseheader11.jpgThank you to all you bloggers who responded with such delightful viewpoints about so many different things today.  I would like to especially thank Mary Connealy, Debbie, Paty, Tanya Hanson, Jeanne Sheats, Devon Mathews, Ava Wrightsman, Cheryl, Connie Lorenz and fellow Western Romance Authors, Charlene Sands, Pam Crooks and Linda Broday.

There were so many different things said that made me think and I would like to end with this taken from my last comment, which concerns the Western in general:

As far as the Western is concerned, I believe that as long as there is a spark of freedom still alive and well in the human spirit, there will always be a place for the Western novel.  It was here in the West where the freedom to be just who you are really took form.  It is personified in legend and a part of our heritage.  May there always be a bit of the Western spirit in all our hearts.

Have a wonderful rest of the evening and be sure to tune in tomorrow when your hostess will be Lorraine!

I Enjoyed It

Thanks to everyone who stopped by and commented on my blog today. That was fun. I hope you come back again. I hear Pam has an interesting one planned on ladies of the night. Don’t forget to register for our contest. Take care.

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