Catherine Stang Here Saturday

sweetserenity.jpgMy stars, what a busy time here for us Fillies. But Christmas is over, the mistletoe is down, and all the eggnog has disappeared. It’s back to business. Catherine Stang is hitching up her buggy and checking the map for the best way to get to Wildflower Junction. She’ll arrive this Saturday and have lots of interesting things to talk about. Ah do love her new western romance. Set your clock and join us for a bit of fun.

Little Filly #2

twofillyMy, my, my what a little snow bunny! Isn’t that coat and hat the most precious thing? She’ll just plumb melt your heart.

Make your choice now. It might be Linda Broday, Mary Connealy, Pam Crooks, Geralyn Dawson, Karen Kay, Elizabeth Lane, Charlene Sands, or Cheryl St. John.

Take a guess. You might be right.

Little Filly #1 was Stacey Kayne!

Those of us here at Wildflower Junction don’t want to make our new Holiday contest too hard, so we’re going to tell you at the end of each day which little sweetie is who.

All you have to do is keep track and keep guessin’. By the time we start runnin’ out of little fillies, you’ll have a pretty good idea who’s who.

Keep checkin’ back, y’hear?

Little Filly #1

Stacey Baby Pic

Now, isn’t this the cutest little darlin’ you ever laid eyes on? She’s definitely a sweetie.

But is it Linda Broday, Mary Connealy, Pam Crooks, Geralyn Dawson, Karen Kay, Elizabeth Lane, Stacey Kayne,  Charlene Sands, or Cheryl St. John? Take your best guess. 

It’s Time to Spoil the Secret

Oh my stars, I’m sure you’ve about chewed every last fingernail down to the quick so I’ll end the suspense. The big secret is: We’re having a Christmas Contest! Yep, we’re doing that just for you because you’ve become like second cousins once removed and we like you a bunch.

Beginning Monday the 24th through January 4th, we’re gonna to post one Christmas childhood photo a day of us Fillies and your job is to guess who each is. I declare we’re set to make you work for it. Ain’t gonna be easy because we’re all cute as a button.

Now I know you want to hear the rules . . . you can vote as many times as you want to but only correct answers will count. The winner will be announced on Saturday, January 5th.

And what do you win you ask? Well, some lucky gal will win herself a 2008 hunky cowboy wall calendar, a DVD set of 34 episodes of Bonanza–remember Little Joe Cartwright?  Be still my heart!–plus a passel of other goodies. Sound good? Okay, get your eyeballs and brain to working because the first picture will go up on Monday.

The Fillies have worn themselves to a frazzle gettin’ ready for ol’ St. Nick so there merry-christmas.gifwon’t be a bit of blogging until after Christmas week. We’re taking a little vacation. But, don’t get to thinking we’re hightailing it out of here. On Saturday, December 29th we’ll have Catherine Stang dropping by to guest blog. She has a book called Sweet Serenity that I’m dying to hear about.

So, everybody have a very Merry Christmas. I’ll be listening for the prancing and pawing up on my roof and waiting for that jolly old man to slide down my chimney. And he’d better bring me something too or I’ll fill him full of buckshot. Take care now and don’t forget to come back Monday for some fun.


Shhh! We have a Secret!

deer-flashing-lights.gifHello Darlings! I have a big secret that I’m dying to tell, but you’ll have to hold onto your bloomers until Saturday because I’m busier than Santa packing his sleigh. We’ve got to get this place gussied up and ready for ol’ St. Nick. The Fillies are busy trimmin’ the tree, putting up garland, and stringin’ lights. When I can keep ’em out of the eggnog, that is! I swear it’s a chore! Come back Saturday and I’ll share the surprise. Don’t forget now, you hear.

Joyce Henderson Here Saturday

edgeofthestars.jpgDarlings, very soon author Joyce Henderson will arrive on our doorstep. All of us fillies are on our best behavior. . .well, most of us anyhow. I’m still trying to whip a few into shape. Seems some of the girls have gotten into the eggnog. But I’ve given them a talkin’ to and they should be fine. Drop by Saturday and show Miz Henderson some real down home hospitality.

Joyce Henderson’s a Comin’

edgeofthestars.jpgMy stars! Wildflower Junction’s welcome mat is getting more workout than a beehive in pollinating time. We no sooner get it taken up before we have to roll it out again. But we fillies just love to have company and that’s no joke. Nothing gives us greater  pleasure than entertaining a lovely author. This week Miz Joyce Henderson has put pen to paper and written one of those blogs. She’ll be talking about her humdinger of a book, To The Edge of the Stars. Sounds so romantic I do declare. I just love those books about handsome cowboys. Meet us right here on Saturday for a rip-roaring good time.

Bobbi Smith Arriving Saturday!


Darlings, ah know you’re about to bust your buttons with the news of a gen-u-ine New York Times bestselling author coming. Yep, Bobbi Smith has bought her ticket and will arrive at the Wildflower Junction train depot bright ‘n early Saturday morning. Sashay by and join the welcome party. The band is already tuning up their instruments. We’re gonna have us a time, make no mistake about that.