Regina Walker Insists Genealogy Isn’t Such a Bore After All!

The Fillies give a big welcome to Regina Walker. Regina crafts interesting characters facing some of life’s hardest challenges. Her heart’s desire is to always point toward Jesus through the way her characters face challenges, relationships, and adversity.

Regina is an Oklahoma import, although she was born and raised in the beautiful state of Colorado. She likes to curl up on the couch and binge-watch crime shows with her hard-working husband. When she’s not wrestling with a writing project, she can be found wrangling their children, riding their horses, or working around their small hobby farm.

Before I get started, I want to take a moment and thank Karen Witemeyer for so graciously inviting me to write a post for Petticoats and Pistols. I appreciate all of the ladies that run this fun site, and I’m thankful you are here to read this post and the others!

For as long as I can recall, my mother has traced our family history. Sometimes she makes slow progress, occasionally great leaps, but it’s something she has built for years. While her dedication and commitment have always inspired me, I must admit that I thought it was such a boring pursuit.

I listened with half-hearted attention, my mind always wandering to something else. When I decided to take my writing seriously, I swore I would never write historical anything.

See, not only did genealogy bore me endlessly, but history, in general, made my eyes bug out of my head. I know it is important to understand certain aspects of history, but it was never my thing.

When I received a message asking me to join the Mail-Order Mama series, I wrinkled my nose. Historicals and I don’t mix! But I read the premise, and immediately, Mary Ann came to life and started whispering her story to me.

The way she respected and loved her father, the way he cared for their family, and the struggles with her mama all blossomed in my mind.

How could I say no to a story that was writing itself with no help from me?

I did end up helping sort out a few things in this story. I started my research on my mom’s website, reading about real-life people in our family. I selected Wyoming because my great-great-grandfather homesteaded there. The old house, although in terrible disrepair, still stands near Lake De Smet.

I chose to give Mason the last name Barkey to honor my heritage. Although my great-great-grandfather did not order a bride via the mail, it was my way of honoring where I came from to include the last name in this story.

Now, don’t let me fool you. I didn’t become a history buff and I’m not going to take up genealogy the way my sweet mom has. I did gain an appreciation for both history and genealogy that I did not have before.


Now that you know a little bit about how I came to write Mary Ann’s story – A Maid for Masonhow about a chance to win an e-book copy of my book? Three lucky winners will be drawn at random for this giveaway. To be entered, leave a comment on whether you’ve ever developed an appreciation for something because of a book you’ve read. 

Have a wonderful weekend and thank you for spending a little time with me today.

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33 thoughts on “Regina Walker Insists Genealogy Isn’t Such a Bore After All!”

    • The only part of Montana that I’ve seen was inside Yellowstone, but I have a dear friend who has been several times. The way she talks of Montana makes me want to go, too!!

  1. I think reading books set during WWII has given me a greater appreciation of that generation, their struggles, and their sacrifices.

  2. Reading George S Patton gave me a new appreciation for my grandfather and all the things he went through in WW II. My grandfather was a major in the army and served under Patton. He held Patton in the highest regard.

  3. Yes, I fell in love with Wyoming after read historical books about it. I have now visited twice. Books really take us on a trip to faraway places that embed the area in our hearts.

  4. I have always had a curiosity about the wagon trains. Since I was a kid, I have loved Little House on the Prairie. When I got to reading the The Prairie Rose Collection I have had a much deeper respect and understanding for some of the toughest, bravest women in history. Sitting for long hours, or walking alongside the wagons for most of the trip. Sheer determination and the incredible amount of attacks, predators, around every turn. Snakes, Indians, Bandits and other people on the wagon train with them. I have learned so much more from these incredible stories and I love history but I am always learning new and exciting things!

    • Sometimes I have a tendency to think of “back then” as easier times, but in all honesty, those women faced some tough circumstances and situations. Their difficulties were different but not less.

  5. Welcome Regina. Thanks for sharing a bit about yourself. While growing up, mom would tell about her aunts, uncles, grandparents, etc. Dad pooh poohed it all. So I suppose I sort of listened with half an ear. I did love history even then, but I dont know, at the time it just wasnt the same. My little sister on the other hand, listened intently. When our two kiddos were in middle school, I realized I needed to get rid of the smut books and honor God. So I threw all those books out and started picking up Christian westerns. And a lot of history was in many of those books. My husband was big into genealogy, but life had a way of stepping in and stopping much of his research. Well a few years ago, he was able to really take off with this hobby of his. Oh boy is it ever interesting. We started researching our trees together and what we found was fun and astonishing both. We finally understood why dad didnt want anything to do with his past. We understood why mom was so enthralled with her past. When mom died, my little sister got all the papers/pictures of family both present and past. She really didnt want it. So she gave it all to me. WOOHOO My husband and I were able to put more pieces to our family tree (on my side anyway) I love history and now I also love my own history.

  6. I love historicals and genealogy not that I have done the research for it. My family can be traced back to the 1850s, my great-grandmother’s name was Cinderella, and her family had been Quakers. I think her parents must have left the Quaker religion before she was born. Knowing my genealogy has made the characters in historicals come alive for me.

  7. Yes, I read a book about gardening in straw bales and tried that for a few years. Since then I have went back to gardening in the ground, it didn’t work that good for me.

  8. I had to go to Savannah because of Eugenia Price’s books!! I haven’t made it to Simon’s Island yet, but I will!! I do like history, it was one of my favorite subjects in school. To have history mingled with a story is the best of both worlds!

  9. I have read about many places I have visited and loved very much. My most favorite place is East Tennessee followed closely by Hawaii. I have lived in East Tennessee, Townsend to be specific. It has always been the place I call home in spite of growing up in Iowa. Somehow the Smoky Mountains continue to remain in my heart always. I was fortunate to visit Hawaii and fell in love with it immediately. Whenever there is a tv program set in Hawaii I latch unto it for as long as it lasts, just to see the scenery and let those beautiful ocean breezes blow over me. ( It is something I have never forgotten, those beautiful breezes even ad midnight on the beach.

    • Judy – I’m writing a contemporary Christian romance set in Hawaii now. All I want to do is pack up and go see it for real. My brother lives on Maui and loves it. He’s lived there since I was a girl. He’s sixteen years older than I am.

  10. Books give me a sense of anybody can do anything if we only believe. Your book sounds like a great read. Have a great weekend and stay safe. (I am not entering this giveaway as I am not tech savvy and I don’t read ebooks, but thank you.)

  11. I find genealogy kind of fascinating, though I’ve never given it a try myself. I’m not sure I’ve ever been inspired to try much based on a book, but I have wanted to visit places that were featured in books.

  12. Reading books set during the Civil war has always kept me interested in that time period and how much my state was evolved in that war. My favorite books to read are the western historical though.

  13. Reading novels about those who have overcome traumatic events has given me an appreciation for life and freedom.

  14. I was never a fan of history until my high school American History teacher had us read a historical novel. I read Lydia Bailey by Kenneth Roberts. It gave a whole different view of history, if fictionalized. Historical fiction puts flesh on the bones of the dates and events we study. It puts things into context of what people were doing, what the social and political atmosphere were, and how events impacted their lives. I have learned more history from reading historical fiction than I ever did in history class.
    As for genealogy, my brother got interested in it and now teaches classes. Unfortunately, I am too far away to take them. He has traced our family back several centuries and found some very interesting information. No royalty or major figures, just hardworking, adventurous people. If I can ever manage to get to Ireland, I will continue some more of the search for information for him.

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