Fictional towns vs Real Towns

Gravel country road bordered by ranches.

Today was a beautiful, spring day and I spent it doing one of my favorite things. My husband and I took a leisurely drive with friends into the Texas Hill Country, enjoying the many small towns we passed through along the way.  As always, I absorbed as much of the local culture as I could and sampled as much of the food, as well. This is where I get the ideas for the

many family series I set in Texas.


In Big “D” Dads, I chose to create the fictional town of Oak Grove for my setting. Oak Grove is a small, Texas ranching town just over an hour’s drive from Dallas and a world away. While it’s fictional, it’s typical of the towns you’ll see scattered about the state. There’s usually a town square with stores surrounding it. The buildings will be old. There’s almost always a diner or café or two, a grocery store, perhaps a hardware store. There will be a feed and tack shop in the area, sometimes a basic clothing

store and maybe a general store where the locals gather to shoot the breeze as well as shop. In Oak Grove, I throw in a mechanic’s shop and a great tea/gift shop, well. And there are always churches.

Town Square

So why do I use a fictional town when I have so many charming towns to consider? I like the freedom to match the shops and services the town offers to the needs of my stories. And when I have a nasty mechanic or an incompetent sheriff, I don’t offend the real people who serve in that capacity. Plus, I like the town to offer me a variety of secondary characters, many of whom show up as a main character in a later book.

So while my small towns are usually fictional, they have the trappings of most any small town in Texas. They become real to me because I

know they could be real. So come along with me to Oak Grove, Texas for my next series Big “D” Dads—the Daltons, which begins in June with Trumped-Up Charges. You’ll love it there.




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