My BABIES IN THE BOARDROOM mini-series for Harlequin Romance began with THE BABY PROJECT. In May, book 2 SECOND CHANCE BABY was released. In a few days, June 10th (I think) book 3, BABY ON THE RANCH will hit the shelves.

This is one of the few times in my life that I’ve wanted to burst with pride over a release. Usually by the time a book or books are being released I’ve talked myself out of liking them!

Writers are crazy people. Seriously. We love books so much that I sometimes think we find it hard to believe somebody let us write them! To quote Wayne from Wayne’s World…We are not worthy.

But the three books for the BABIES IN THE BOARDROOM were different. Not only did they virtually write themselves, but the characters and stories came to me full blown.

I could see these three guys, all of whom shared the same dad, but had a different mom. I could see the resentment the younger two sons had for the oldest, if only because Stephone Andreas had married Darius’s mom. He hadn’t married either Nick’s or Cade’s.

It takes some time of getting to know each other before Nick and Cade recognize that living with Stephone Andreas hadn’t been a picnic and that maybe, just maybe, their moms had gotten off easy.

I could also see the difficulty Darius would have accepting Cade and Nick. I could understand why the two younger Andreas brothers wouldn’t give a flying fig if their dad’s company did fall apart. They’d both become rich on their own. Only Darius depends on the company for his livelihood.

So when they came around and began helping Darius put the shipping conglomerate back on its feet, it was easy to see that bonds were growing that the half-brothers were beginning to like each other, that they were beginning to respect each other — that they were becoming family.

But the most interesting, richest part of each of the three BABIES IN THE BOARDROOM books was the way the heroines impacted the family dynamic. Whitney, from book one, THE BABY PROJECT, forces Darius to at least try to get his brothers to work together. Maggie from SECOND CHANCE BABY forces Nick to see his brother needs him. Suzanne from A BABY ON THE RANCH already knows the brothers are tight and wonders if they actually see the strength of the bonds they’ve created. Family bonds she longs for.

The BABIES IN THE BOARDROOM mini-series is sort of like a family saga not told in one book, but three. It’s not the first time I’ve written a series, but it is the first time I’ve written one so rich and emotional.

The books stand alone but each tells a piece of a bigger, broader story. And, to me at least, they feel very real!

So, since I’m biased (to say the least). I have a question for you. Do you like this kind of series? Would you rather see these kinds of stories in single titles? Or do you want your category/series romances to be filled with a little chunk of family and friends?


Second Chance Baby

The Baby Project

A Baby on the Ranch

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