Snow Homes

Linda pubpixFall is definitely here in Texas and winter is nipping on its heels. I’ve been busy picking up pecans from the huge tree in my backyard. I have intentions to make some luscious goodies for Thanksgiving and Christmas. My tree has produced a bumper crop this year and made the squirrels very happy. They’re feverishly working to stash enough to get them through the winter.


It’s supposed to snow here today but I doubt we’ll get much. It’s too early. Local weathermen have predicted a lot for us this winter though.


I’m reminded about the practice up north before school buses when kids had to walk many miles to school. Parents would designate a snow home along the route. It was a safe place where other families would give the child refuge in case the snow made it impossible for them to get home.


It was a great practice and showed the deep bond that existed between families in the community. It was kinda like the concept that it takes a village to raise a child.


The Snow Home was warm and always welcoming. The family would feed the boy or girl and give them a place to sleep. Come morning, they’d make sure the child got back to school.



Ten years when I was adrift and didn’t know where to turn, a very dear friend told me to think of her house as my snow home. No matter what, I’d always be welcome there. I still remember the feeling of gratitude and of having to turn away so she wouldn’t see my tears.


I’m sure children who had to take refuge in their snow home felt the same way. Having a place to go saved many from dying in the cold.


My heart breaks for the homeless who have nothing or no one. It’s so sad.


My wish is for everyone to always have a snow home, either a buffer from the frigid temps or from life.


Christmas boot ornamentWhen you sit down to the table on Thanksgiving next week, remember to give thanks for what you have. It might not be exactly what you want but there are a lot of people who’d give anything to be in your shoes.


Have you ever heard of the snow home practice? What do you think about it? Should we go back to it? Comment for a chance to win a western boot Christmas ornament!


FOREVER HIS TEXAS BRIDE will release on December 1st! I’ll blog about it in a few weeks.

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