Left Foot, Right Foot by Linda Broday

LindaBroday2Do you remember what it was like to put your foot into the wrong shoe? Young children do this all the time. I still remember how uncomfortable it felt. But did you know that up until as late as 1850 shoemakers didn’t differentiate between the left and the right? They made both shoes straight with no curve to them. I can only imagine how awful they were to wear.

Change came with the invention of sewing machines and machinery for making shoes and finally they were able to produce left and right ones.

In FOREVER HIS TEXAS BRIDE that released yesterday, Rayna Harper has such an issue with her shoes. In the beginning chapters, she makes Brett Liberty promise to give her his moccasins when they hang him for being a half-breed. Then later in the story, he buys her first pair of women’s shoes and she treasures them so much she carries them back to the boardinghouse. She won’t wear them because she doesn’t want to get them dirty. Until then, all she has are a pair of too large men’s brogans with their cracked dry leather and a hole in the sole.

ForeverTexasBridemedEach of the two previous books were special and came from the deepest part of my heart, but I’ve saved the best for last with this third and final book of the series. Brett Liberty’s story goes to the very core of who I am and what I stand for. Being a half-breed was the worst thing for a man in the 1800s because he straddled two worlds with neither claiming him. In this story, Brett faces pure hatred to the point that others want him dead. He’s never been with a woman, never known the softness of a woman’s touch or the feel of her lips on his. But when he meets pickpocket Rayna Harper in the jail cell next to him, he finds a kindred spirit. The brush of her hand is almost unbearable in its tenderness and when she curls up beside him on the narrow bunk, she curls up inside his heart. This is a story of never giving up hope and reaching for a forbidden love that others are bent on denying. It’s about how through compassion you can change people’s belief’s. Brett’s and Rayna’s deep love binds them together like a strip of the toughest rawhide and won’t let them go.

In this excerpt, Rayna thinks Brett bought her the new shoes and some new dresses because he pities her. That he sees her as a shivering mutt left by the side of the road. That makes her so mad.

Here’s the excerpt:

Her chin rose. “I understand everything now. You said you took me from the jail because you saw someone worth saving. I can save myself. I don’t need you. You’re no better than those tambourine bangers always preaching that I’m bound for hell.”

Taking a deep, shuddering breath, she continued, her voice barely louder than a whisper. “You consider it your duty to care for the poor, pitiful bone-picker’s daughter.” Her lips trembled. “I can manage on my own. You can keep your pity and the fancy clothes and shoes.” She whirled and ran toward the house.

Rayna had gotten only a few steps when Brett caught her arm, halting her progress. His dark eyes glittered like stones. “Pity? Is that what you think? Lady, the last thing I feel is pity. Good God! I said what I did just now because I don’t want false pretenses between us. You deserve honesty.”

shoe3What she deserved…how about a handful of broken dreams and empty hopes? Nothing ever changed—hope and despair just repeated in one endless cycle. Over and over and over again.

She jerked free. Plopping down on the porch steps, she untied her kid leather boots and hurled one at him. He caught it with ease. Infuriated, she threw the second one. She muttered an oath when he made a left-handed catch, his dark brows knitted.

Shooting the buttery-soft footwear as well as the man holding them a glare, she raced into the house and up the stairs. By the time she made it to her room, the burning behind her eyes materialized. Silent tears trickled down her cheeks. She swept the purchases of that morning onto the floor and curled up on the bed.

She had to get out of Battle Creek. But how would she be able to leave when her heart desperately wanted to stay?

* * * *

I’m a big movie fan and, when I’m writing, I see everything unfolding in my mind like I’m watching a movie. What was the last movie you went to see and how did you like it? I’m giving a copy of FOREVER HIS TEXAS BRIDE to one person who leaves a comment.






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