A New Christmas Story


I’m so excited. I have a new Christmas novella that’s on preorder now and I think you might like it. HOPE’S ANGEL (Releasing October 4th) is set in the fictional town of Genesis where the real town of Thurber, Texas once was a thriving community. It contained the only coal mine in the state and it was also the only company run town. It was owned by the Texas and Pacific Coal Company. Nothing was free enterprise, not even the doctor. Everyone was paid in company script that could only be spent in the company store.

Jericho Cane lives there and he and his partner sell beef to the company to feed the miners. But Jericho never steps foot out of his house until after everyone goes to sleep. He suffered a horrible accident while saving a group of children from a burning train wreck and townsfolk call him a monster. So he hides.

Christmas holds painful memories so it’s nothing he wants to celebrate. His daylight hours are spent working on the sculpture of an angel holding the hand of a little girl. He doesn’t know what he’s going to do with it when it’s done and he doesn’t care. It’s for himself really.

But a pretty new doctor arrives and she’s not frightened of him. She sees his pain and is determined to help him. She’ll find him something worth living for.

I wrote the first five chapters of this story eight years ago and set it aside when I began writing for Sourcebooks. To my surprise, I ran across it recently and decided to finish it. The story of acceptance and compassion needs to be read and so you’ll all be able to in a matter of weeks.

But back to Thurber. Back in 1886, immigrants flooded in from Italy, Germany, Ireland, and many other countries, all looking for work. The Texas and Pacific Coal Company hired all ages–even boys as young as fourteen. This picture of a group of them isn’t very good. I see the look of despair on their faces and want to cry. Immigrants had it so rough and were taken advantage of at every turn.

Once the coal played out, the company turned to manufacturing brick. They paved uncounted streets in our growing state a great many of which are still being used today.

I visited there a couple of times but it’s now a ghost town. Nothing much remains except one restaurant called The Smoke Stack. If you’re ever that way, stop in. The food is excellent. My sister and I visited the cemetery and were struck by the sheer number of children’s graves. I’m not sure what happened to them but it was very sad seeing the little lambs on top of the tombstones. Maybe some kind of epidemic.

The book releases on October 4th, just right around the corner. Preorder now: https://www.amazon.com/Hopes-Angel-Sweet-Christmas-Romance-ebook/dp/B0BC2JVJYW/ref=sr_1_1?tag=pettpist-20

Okay, lets talk. When do you start reading Christmas stories? Just during the Christmas season or all year long?

I’m giving away a $10 Amazon gift card to one commenter.

I’ll be giving away some copies of this book next month so watch for it.

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It’s Yee-Haw Day!

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Linda Broday


A new Christmas novella releasing October 4!

It’s up for Preorder now! Click on the cover to take you to Amazon.

HOPE’S ANGEL is Kindle Unlimited



Karen Kay

Recently Google gave authors a chance to make their books into an audio book.  Now, I admit the reader is an AI, and they had various different ones.

But, I’ve just discovered that different and various words are not pronounced correctly…as well as other additives or problems.  And so I’ve reduced the price on the audio books from $14.95 to $7.95…about half price.

These audio books are the full book — about 10 hours.  Don’t know about you, but, I love audio books and so if you love to listen to the books, here is a good opportunity.  I have six of these audio books up and available at Google and I’ve attach a link to the audio book.  Again, there are errors in pronouncing words and some cyber gibberish in the beginning of the book.  And, so here are about 60 hours of audio books reduced to half price.

















My hope is to bring these audio books to you who love to listen, even if there are some errors from the AI.  Enjoy!

Julie Benson

I have some fun personal news to share…

First, my oldest son proposed to his wonderful girlfriend, Kimberlea, and she said yes! Not only is Kim terrific, but she’s fit right in like family since Alex first introduced us. I’m doubly excited because to add another gal to the family. Dealing with the testosterone of four guys alone, can be daunting sometimes. 🙂

My youngest just finished a run as Perch Perkins in the Sponge Bob Musical. The production was fabulous. The cast was Broadway ready. I keep saying if I had enough money, I’d be the producer and send them on tour. If you haven’t seen the musical, it has wonderful messages about friendship, acceptance, and everyone having something to offer. In addition, the music is toe-tapping, and in the end you’ll feel uplifted.



Lastly, our foster dog Dez, found his forever home. We’d had Dez over a year. He is a fantastic dog–loving, playful, and loyal, but he couldn’t find the right family.


Cathy McDavid

I’m excited to share that the digital version of my June Love Inspired Suspense release, WILDFIRE THREAT, is on sale for the month of September across most platforms (Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc.) for the smoking price (pun intended) of $1.99. If you haven’t read any of my books yet, I recommend this one. The story is filled with edge-of-your-seat suspense and heart touching family drama.

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