Cabin Fever… a Season Of Its Own up North!


Guys and gals, I am NOT WHINING.

I am not whining because landsakes, I do not whine about things I can’t control. Silly, mundane, everyday things like stinkin’ weather that goes on forever because I live 4 miles from one of the biggest fresh water lakes in the world.

Hi, I’m Ruthy and I have Cabin Fever… but here in Western New York, far away from the crazy of New York City and the glamour of coastal living, in the bucolic and pastoral Eastern woodland forested neighborhoods and farms, winter does not give up easily! The temps of the Great Lakes keep anyone within five or six miles of the lake distinctly cool in spring…

By cool, I mean cold.

By spring, I mean snow.



So as we’re entering Holy Week, and preparing for an early Easter, do not be surprised if I camouflage my eggs by hiding them as is. White. PERFECT CAMO!!! 🙂

It’s no surprise we get spring fever here… we love winter (or at least shrug it off) but we WELCOME SPRING!!!! When it comes (early June) we laugh and cheer and clap each other on the back and dance our happy dances!

And then we welcome summer the next day.

This is only PARTIALLY EXAGGERATED. And I mean that part.

So what do you do when you have the winter that keeps on giving? (Anyone in the upper U.S. understands this…)

I write. I burrow down for one last solid month or six weeks of writing before farm season hits the ground running, and I PRETEND I’m okay with it. Clearly I’m a big, fat liar.

Because I want to grab Missy Tippens’ Georgia spring with both hands and haul it north. I want to visit Arizona for a week… and then leave before it gets hot. 🙂

I want to fly to Florida for spring training… or just to walk in the sand!

I never get sick of reading… or writing. I love it, It’s like my favorite other than grandbabies…. but part of embracing writing is staying involved with the real world. You know the kind. The people who go out in the snow!!! The people who go sledding! And build snowmen! The people who hop in a car and drive in semi-blizzard conditions and think nothing of it… the folks who bundle up like you should if you live up here and DON’T WHO SEES THEM.

Yeah. Them.

Cabin fever…. Here’s how I’m tackling it. I celebrate every new latitudinal degree of increase the sun makes.

I read great romance that makes me smile.

I write great romance that makes me smile more!!!

I try not to think about winter weight.


I brush the mini donkeys and they really, really need a bath.

I plan gardens.

I order seeds!

I read more books and smile…

I eat. (I know, I know, we shouldn’t do that, but I can’t help it!)

And I make sure the windows are clean because when that sun breaks through, with no leaves on the trees to filter it, the sins of a long winter are quite apparent… and me and the windows then pause… and wait for spring.

Hey, hey, I’ve got a copy of “Back in the Saddle” the first book of the Double S Ranch trilogy… Leave a comment and I’ll tuck your name into the drawing because one of the best ways of fighting cabin fever is… With That Great Book!

You don’t have to have a smokin’ hot hero in a Western… but it don’t hurt, neither! 🙂