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It has been such an exciting time! I am proud to say that Native Love, my second book came out last fall keeping me busy with book signings and promotions. I have been donating my books to local libraries that I visit and last fall at the Old West Days in Valentine I was lucky enough to meet a Cowgirl Poet from Alberta, Canada. Doris Daley. She was kind enough to take a set of my books back to her local library there in Alberta, so the books they are “atraveling” all over!

In appreciation of this trip to the land of the ‘Petticoats & Pistols’ I will be giving away two of the printed copies of my book, Native Love! So keep a sharp eye out on how to win!

The book is an action packed adventure of Red Feather and an Indian girl, Montana that he has fallen in love with…


When Montana, a young Indian maiden, is kidnapped by two ruthless outlaws, she knows there is little chance of rescue. Despite this, she wonders if her new friend, Red Feather, will search for her. That couldn’t possibly happen; he doesn’t even know she’s missing. But if he did, would he risk his future to find her?

Against her adoptive white parents’ wishes, Red Feather has decided to court Montana. But first he must return back East to finish the white man’s medical school. When he is notified that Montana is missing he knows he might lose her before he has the chance to tell her how he feels. There’s only one thing he can do; return to the Sand hills and save the Love of his heart…..


My new book is, The Texas Ranger. A man who finishes what he starts and the adventures that lead him from Southern Texas up into the Sandhills of the Nebraska Territory. Will he find the criminals he is tracking or will a certain young lady lead him away from his goal?

Sorry, but you will have to wait for the story! Ha! So watch for its release within the next year. For the rest of the Summer…. Enjoy your lives with love and excitement at the ready!

Once again thanks a million to Petticoats and Pistols for this adventure and thank you all the readers that make ‘our’ dreams come true!!!

Here are some pictures of our local Sandhills Cowboys hard at work!

Blayne Bradley at his family’s branding…Cowboy up!!!

PPBLOGBlayne branding (1)






And little brother Zach, on the right, holding down the ‘beef’!

PPBLOGZach branding






Remember, I will be giving away two copies of my new book, Native Love, to two lucky winners!!!





A Wildflower Welcome to BJ AKIN ~and 3 books to win!

Y’all don’t’ forget to leave Miz Akin a comment…she’ll be pulling three names out of the Stetson to receive SIGNED  copies of her latest!

 Sandhills DreamerClick on the BOOK COVER to Buy:

Willie Nelson may have said it all for me in his song about cowboys ….  I grew up dreaming of being a cowgirl, chasing after my fast running horses and dreams!  As soon as I was able to walk I loved horses and cowboys.  So my love for writing about them came naturally.

Just hangin' out.

Just hangin’ out.

In grade school my best friend, Donna, and I would ride horses through and around the small town of Berwyn.  We had named our favorite haunts and landmarks, ‘Deadman’s Drop, Hangman’s Tree, Rattlesnake Creek’, just to name a few!  We daydreamed our summers away while riding down the ditches of the highway, picking up pop bottles to trade for ice cream bars at Staab’s old filling station.  All the while planning our next ‘Outlaw Hunt’! LOL!

Early mornin' visitors.

Early mornin’ visitors.

I have loved reading all my life, Zane Grey, Louis La’Mour, Edgar Rice Burroughs, Dean Koontz, Stephen King, Pam Crooks and many more!  Well, I eventually grew older, (notice I didn’t say grew up! Ha!)

My first published writing was a short story, “The Christmas Gift.”    Included in an anthology written with some of my friends, called  “ Love and Merry Christmas”, a couple years ago.

…..Young Sandhills teacher, Miss Rebecca, faces the raging storm on an untamed Nebraska prairie with courage.  She’s concerned for the welfare of two particular students, and ends up with more than she bargained for when their widowed father comes to her aid.

And this last year, my first book “Sandhills Dreamer” was published by Blue Stockings press.    I have been promoting it with book signings across the state and have enjoyed meeting so many fabulous readers!

..…When cowboy Patrick Diamond finds a lad waylaid by outlaws, he is stunned to discover that the hog-tied, horseless youth is actually April, a feisty, young woman.  April’s prickly temperament gets under his skin in more ways than one, but he’s unable to leave her to fend for herself.  While Patrick is searching for answers, April is dreaming of her future, neither prepared for the wild ride of adventure and danger ahead of them. 

Many of my readers have asked for more stories about the characters in this book, so I am presently in the middle of my second book, “Native Love”,  that will be out early next year.  It continues with exciting adventures for Red Feather and Montana, friends of Patrick and April.

Please feel free to visit my website: www.sandhillsdreamer.com for upcoming events and you may visit Amazon.com or Barnes and Noble to purchase the Love and Merry Christmas or  Sandhills Dreamer as an ebook or as a paperback.  Thank you all for your interest!

Thank you to Petticoats and Pistols and all the writer’s and readers who support our dreams!

Remember, three lucky winners will receive a print copy of my first book, Sandhills Dreamer!

God and Mother Nature.

God and Mother Nature.