Happy New Years from the Fillies!!!!



A brand new year is nearly here
with hopes where steps could lead
to unexpected challenges
that could help you succeed.

Look for your opportunities;
they’re all around today.
Forget the past, for it is gone.
New steps now lead the way.

Yes, this could really be the year
with list of things to do
when unexpected treasures loom
as favorite dream comes true.

It’s with a great deal of pleasure that we have a guest, Marianne McNeil Logan, an Amarillo poet, to write a special poem for New Year’s Day 2014.

Marianne McNeil Logan is well-known as a rhyming poet. With over 2,000 contest awards, she’s won local, state, area, national, and even three international awards. One book won three national awards. Her latest book, The Worth of Mirth contains humorous and hilarious bits of her life — and yes, she has a quirky sense of finding fun in all types of situations.

She wrote a note to me that really tugged at my heart. “Thank you, thank you for asking me. This is the first poem I’ve written that flowed like my poetry used to.  I haven’t been able to write since Claude got sick nearly five years ago.  I’ve prayed night after night that He would help me get started again. How I’ll pray that this was the catalyst.  Again thanks.”

Happy Holidays to all!

 mmclogan            worth of mirth pic