GAME DAY with Pam Crooks!

Name the Price

By the time you read this, I will have already celebrated Thanksgiving with my family . . . yesterday.

But the rest of you are likely preparing for a big dinner on Thursday, which means – if you’re like me – you’re making multiple trips to the grocery store to get everything you need.

Now I realize, to play this game, prices are going to vary all over the country.  Therefore, my winner will be chosen with the TOTAL cost closest to mine.

You can win a $10 Walmart gift card!

I shopped for these six items in my local Walmart.  Please list the price you think each item would be by number in the comments along with your total.

I’ll reveal my grocery prices and total when I announce my winner later tonight!


Ready? Set?  Go!

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40 thoughts on “GAME DAY with Pam Crooks!”

  1. I don’t do a thanksgiving so in reality mine would be $0.00, but if I did, it would be around $60.00 as everything is a little more expensive in Canada. Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  2. 19.60


    29.86 + tx

    For myself, I got some great deals… Butterball Turkey 49 cents per lb, 10 lb potatoes for 47 cents, I make my own stuffing and gravy… ooh this all sounds so yummy!

    • Butterball is my favorite best, Colleen. They just taste more tender and juicy to me. And 10 lb potatoes for 47 cents!! That’s a steal!

      I make my own stuffing and gravy, too, but to help stretch the gravy, I do like to add a jar of the Heinz Homestyle Gravy. It really adds to the taste, and my family loves it.

  3. What a fun game, Pam. I’m glad you enjoyed your early Thanksgiving. I haven’t celebrated with my kids in two years so I’m really excited about this one. No one has to drive more than 10 miles which is really a switch. I’m so thankful to be all together in one place. Love you, lady.

    • Thanksgiving will be a thankful celebration for many people this year after last year’s uncertainties. We certainly talked about how we spent the holiday last year. We had a traveling Thanksgiving dinner, where we all cooked what we would normally cook, then we boxed up portions, and everyone took them home and celebrated with their immediate families. A safe way to get through Covid, but it sure was strange that it was just my husband and me. I was so proud of the girls because they made it nice – tablecloths and candles in their own home. What a lovely way to make memories for their children.

      But I’m with you, Linda. I was really excited to have everyone here again, just like we used to do.

  4. I am definitely no good at this game. The only item on the list that I would buy is the turkey and this year one of our daughters had one in her freezer from a special last spring. We used that for our early Thanksgiving Nov. 6. I never even looked at turkey prices. I do need to look for some fresh cranberries, not canned. They go good in lots of things.

  5. I got here too late to enter the contest, but the prices seem to be pretty much the same in many places. I make my own gravy, cranberry sauce, stuffing , and pumpkin pie mix, but the prices above for turkey and potatoes are much like what I paid.
    I hope you and everyone have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

    • Thank you, Pat! I’m not sure what time zone you’re in, but I tend to wrap up my posts on the same night and then call it a day! I often miss you because of that.

      Homemade cranberry sauce! Yum!

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