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If you joined me on October 13th for my “1955 was a Very Good Year” blog (you can view it HERE), then you’ll know 1955 was not only the year I was born, but it’s also the year in which my newest western sweet romance will be set.  (I’m excited to share more later!)  We had so much fun reminiscing about that era and all the wonderful things we grew up with.  It was a blast!

Here’s the trivia game I promised that day.  Please number your answers.



To be eligible for the prize, all five answers must be correct.  If there are multiple winners, final winner will be chosen via

Winner will receive these festive Christmas bookmarks and a pair of horse notepads.  Have Fun!

It’s Game Day!

Hi all, Winnie Griggs here and I’m this month’s host for Game Day.  So I thought we’d play a little game of Caption This.

Simply select one (or more!) of the pictures below and create a caption for it.  Have fun with it – let your imagination run wild. There are no wrong answers – just be sure you indicate which picture your caption goes with  🙂

I’ll be picking 4 winners – each will get a $5 Amazon gift card and their choice of any of my books.

So Ready, Set, CAPTION!!






















































What If Game Day

I’ve been visiting a winery in Tyler. More news to come about that in a blog soon, but I’m here today for a game day what if.



What if you could meet any western historical or fiction person to sit down for a chat. Who would it be and why? For me, it would be Calamity Jane. I’ve often worried how she held her own in such a male dominated world.


Leave me a comment to be entered in the random drawing for the coozie, key chain, and a signed copy of To Love a Texas Cowboy.

CHOO CHOO! Ready to Play for a Giveaway?

I’m part of the Love Train Series! My book, Ivy, is book 7 in this fun series of sweet historical western romances all set on a train! Ready to have some fun?  Complete this word search game! I’ll be picking not one, not two, but THREE winners to receive a free e-copy of my book Ivy!

Note: Since these puzzles are randomly generated, yours might look different than the one shown here. Have fun! Comment once you’ve solved the puzzle!

A little more about the book: Ivy Pembrooke couldn’t take it anymore! She wanted nothing more to do with her conniving uncle. In fact, she made it a goal to get rid of the Pembrooke name! The question was, how? The only thing she could think of was to marry, but she didn’t want to be saddled with a husband. Unfortunately, marrying might be her only means of escape. But who would marry her? The minute they found out who she was, they’d want nothing more to do with her. Running away was her only option.
Darius Jones made a promise. Quit the ranch he worked for in Colorado, return to Oregon, and take his half-blind mother to Clear Creek. The doctor there was said to work miracles, and Mama needed all the help she could get. But his mother wasn’t the only one. A passenger in the form of a petite, blonde-haired spit fire was going to be the death of him. Literally. Was someone trying to do her harm or was trouble her middle name? Yet there was something about her, and doggone if he didn’t try to help. He just hoped doing so didn’t get them both killed.


It’s Game Day! And Give-Away


Welcome to Game Day!  Are you ready to unscramble some letters and see how many words you can make?  Wanna have a contest and see who can make the most words?

It is also possible that 3 of those words make a title of one of my books.  Can you tell which one it is?

The give-away, however, isn’t dependent on how many words you can make or even telling me which book title is in this scramble.  It’s based solely on coming to the blog and leaving a comment.  The paperback I’ll be giving away is the book, BLUE THUNDER AND THE FLOWER.

So, you ready?  Here goes!  Leave a comment and let me know if you’ve enjoyed the game.  I’ll post not only who wins the book, but also will post who discovered the most words.




Game Day with Karen

Are you ready for more Game Day fun? I am!

I love word games of all sorts. Crosswords. Acrostics. Word Scrambles. If words are involved, I’m bound to enjoy it. Today we’re focusing on the classic Word Search.

I’ve created my own word search containing recognizable elements of western romance.

Click on the image below to complete the puzzle then enter your time in the comments. I’ll draw one participant at random to receive a prize.

An autographed copy of one of my backlist titles.

(Reader’s choice from my current inventory.)

Here’s the puzzle:

Note: The version you get might have a different selection of words to find than what you see in the picture. The puzzles are randomly generated using words from the bank I created.

Have fun!


February Game Day with Shanna

Happy Monday!

Let’s celebrate this last day of February with a game day!

All you have to do is fill in the blanks and posts your answers. (Use the words below to fill in the blanks or come up with some of your own!)

Captain _______________________________ is the name of Shanna’s husband. 

The ________________ swaggered down the street, sipping a glass of ___________________ and reading a ______________ romance. 

The  train chugged through the mountains of ____________________ until a _______________ threw a _________________ on the tracks.


Higgins, Hathaway, Hilbert, Cavedweller, Caveman, Paperweight, Winchester

Tea, Coffee,  Juice, Water, Milk,  Oregon, Nevada, Idaho

Sweet, Funny, Regency, Medieval

Cowboy, Firemen, Alien, Banker, Bear, Beast, Robber, Outlaw

Sasquatch, Tree, Rock, Cow


For more game day fun, here’s a puzzle for you to put together:

Be sure to post your answers.

I’ll chose one winner to receive a $10 Amazon Gift Card!


Pam’s Game Day Winner!

Name the Price

Since I had two winners whose cost of a Thanksgiving Dinner exactly matched mine, I’ll give away TWO Walmart gift cards!

Which begs the question – does Walmart charge the same prices everywhere, in-store and on their website, even in high-cost-of-living areas?  Of which my city in Nebraska is not?!  If so, no wonder everyone loves Walmart!

My winners are:

Teresa F 


I’ll contact you, ladies, and send your gift card right out to you, okay?

Happy Thanksgiving!


Don’t forget our biggest event of the year, starting next Monday!

GAME DAY with Pam Crooks!

Name the Price

By the time you read this, I will have already celebrated Thanksgiving with my family . . . yesterday.

But the rest of you are likely preparing for a big dinner on Thursday, which means – if you’re like me – you’re making multiple trips to the grocery store to get everything you need.

Now I realize, to play this game, prices are going to vary all over the country.  Therefore, my winner will be chosen with the TOTAL cost closest to mine.

You can win a $10 Walmart gift card!

I shopped for these six items in my local Walmart.  Please list the price you think each item would be by number in the comments along with your total.

I’ll reveal my grocery prices and total when I announce my winner later tonight!


Ready? Set?  Go!