I’d Forget My Head…

Have you ever forgotten something? To do something big or to bring something vital along on a trip—like your underwear or a coat? Yes, me, too.

I think my best example was when I forgot to go to a job interview. I was in college and getting part-time work with the University was a huge achievement. My fulltime summer job at the University greenhouse was ending and I needed something to help me through the school year. My boss at the greenhouse arranged for me to interview with the head of the janitorial department. It was one of those weeks when I had a zillion things on my plate, and after completing all of them, I went home and relaxed until 6:00 p.m. when I suddenly broke out in a (literal) cold sweat. The job interview!

I’d never forgotten anything that big in my life. Somehow, in the age of telephone books and people who knew other people, managed to track down the home number of the man I was supposed to interview with. I didn’t come up with a wild excuse. No fender bender or mother in the hospital. I told him I flat out forgot and this was not like me. I asked for a second chance and guess what? I got the very-hard-to-get job. And because of that, I cleaned that Agriculture building. I even got comments about how hard I worked. Yes. Because I owed it to the man who gave me a second chance.

Then, let’s take yesterday. My husband and I always travel together. If I want to go to the fabric store, he waits in the car. I speed shop, because, hey. He’s in the car. But yesterday, I was going to the big city alone. He had an appointment in another town. I had my slow-shopping day all planned out. Hours in the fabric store. A pedi-mani (I don’t usually indulge, but hey—free day!).  All kinds of things. I brought the special insulated bags for bringing cold stuff home. I brought the post-pedicure flip flops. I brought an extra coat! I remembered the package I had to mail for my mom.  I arrive in Butte to discover that I had not brought my purse.

Yep. Forgot the purse.

You know…that really slows down a shopping day. Plus I was getting the truck serviced and it was hard to get an appointment. I called my husband. He changed his plans and drove an hour to bring me my purse. Then we had lunch and he went home, leaving me to my leisurely shopping day. What a guy.

And then let’s take today. I forgot to post my blog, which is why this blog is late. Now, I don’t think this is a trend, but I do think I need to slow down a little and double check a few things before heading out the door or to bed at night: Underwear in suitcase? Check. Purse in hand? Check. Blog posted for the next day? Check.

So…please tell me true. Have you ever forgotten anything important?

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Jeannie Watt raises cattle in Montana and loves all things western. When she's not writing, Jeannie enjoys sewing, making mosaic mirrors, riding her horses and buying hay. Lots and lots of hay.

27 thoughts on “I’d Forget My Head…”

  1. I have to say, the only thing I can come up with is leaving my keys in the car when I took it to get new tires one time. I only ever forgot my keys that one time cause my Daddy had a fit!!!!! that he had to come unlock the car.

  2. yes before the key fobs for locking your vehicle. I locked the keys in the car before, and with hubs farming and before cell phones it was hard to find someone to unlock it – now of course you can call dispatch and most county officers have the lockout tool!!

  3. One time going to visit family several hours away, when we arrived I was missing a bag. I’d packed it, but my husband didn’t pick it up. It had my medicine, toothbrush, brush, perfume, and makeup in it. We had to convince a pharmacy to give me a month supply of my meds with a call from the insurance company. Last week we went on vacation and I didn’t pack a sweater which I needed so I was cold part of the time. I have forgotten my cellphone several times.

  4. My daughter and I forgot where we parked the car at the Atlanta airport when we’d been on a ten-day cruise. It took forever to locate it. That’s never happened again because I learned my lesson.

  5. I once forgot my purse and imagine the cold sweat that popped out AFTER I had checked out at the grocery store. I couldn’t pay for what I’d bought. So embarrassing. Luckily, they held my sacks while I ran home for my purse. Hated that feeling. Then I’ve forgotten appointments. One (an infusion) was really important! I don’t know where my head was. I think it just happens to everyone. Life is so hectic and our minds are running a hundred miles an hour trying to keep up with everything. Something is bound to fall out occasionally. Take comfort in knowing you’re not alone, Jeannie.

  6. I’ve forgotten my comb on vacation. And my blow dryer–I don’t like hotel hair dryers.

    But the craziest thing was I went to visit a friend. At some point I took my wallet out to pay her for something she bought for me at Costco and she gave me some Brussels sprouts. Somehow, the sprouts went in the purse but the wallet didn’t. The next day, I had to drive the two-hour round trip to retrieve my wallet.

    The sprouts tasted great.

  7. Yes! I’ve gone to town and be sitting in the beauty shop chair and here comes my dear hubby with my very important medicine that I forgot to take! Or, like yesterday, we walked all the way to the hospital to my hubby’s dr appt and he says”you did bring my CT scan cd, didn’t you?” I had left it in the console of the pickup! He hurried back out there and got it because I can’t go fast at all, anymore. And, I’ve forgotten my list of what I need to buy almost every time I go to the store! And, we go together!! So, I’m not alone in this!

  8. I had gone to walk at 4:00 am. I didn’t check my car keys to make sure the housekey was on it. Had to wake my Mom to let me in the house.

  9. Welcome today. Wonderful post. I love the sign. Yup I am one of those people that forget things. Of course I also have a medical issue that I need to take medicine for since I was 13 (I am almost 63) The medicine slows the brain down and I think that is where I run into issues. LOL. Thank goodness I married a wonderful man. God knew what I needed. Thank you Jesus. Turns out I am what he needed also. To help him slow down his life a bit. Again thank you Jesus.

  10. One time we were half way through a church youth group meeting I was leading and I went to get something from my purse. That was when I realized my purse was still at home. Driving the twenty miles home I made sure to follow all of the rules of the road! That was a worrisome drive and I hadn’t worried a bit on the way into town.

  11. It happened. I have forgotten my purse a few times, but wasn’t that far from home. My husband has forgotten his wallet more times than he would like to admit. Two years ago we took an RV trip to Alaska from TN. Planned for months and I was sure we had everything. We were in Nebraska and decided to spend an extra day because the weather was terrible – rain, cold, tornadoes a bit south of us. We took the time to organize the RV which we really hadn’t had much of a chance to do. We looked high and low, and couldn’t find the registration. Not good for a 2 1/2 month trip. I made a quick call home. They couldn’t find it, so we called DMV. They emailed us a copy. A quick trip to the local library to print it off and we were good. I did eventually find the original in a folder right where it should have been. Our biggest problem when we travel is my husband will start packing things before I have a chance to check to make sure everything is there. We have decided that if we forget something, we will buy it down the road and not go back for it.

    Being rushed always leads to forgetting something. And sadly, the older we get, the more often we are forgetting things.

    I am glad you got your day to yourself, even if it didn’t start out quite as you planned. Your husband is a keeper.

  12. We were blessed to be able to travel to Florida to spend time with my 90 plus year old Aunt. We flew into Miami and rented a car. As we returned the car on our way to our returning flight home, I left the camera in the rental car. I was able to remember it in the airport. I was able to go back and it was recovered. We so much wanted the pictures we took with my aunt. That was the last time we were able to see her before she passed away.

  13. I forget things all the time and important things at that. Same as everyone else locked keys in car, locked myself out of the house and go shopping without any money. Yep I have done it all at sometime in my life.

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