Wild West Stamps

Plan to mosey on over to your local post office to round up some fabulous new western postage stamps. Not only are these limited edition stamps awesome because of their iconic western design, but the artist who designed them lives in my hometown and teaches at Abilene Christian University where I work!
I can’t tell you how much I geeked out over this announcement in our university news last month. Ryan Feerer teaches in our graphic design program and for the last 2 1/2 years, he has been perfecting these stamp designs that include a cowboy hat, belt buckle, boot with spur, and pearl-snap shirt.
Not only do these stamps make my cowboy-loving heart happy, but I love all the little details he incorporated into the designs.  Small plants, animals, western flourishes, and the sun to frame each western wear illustration. Note the rattlesnakes with the hat and two different cacti variations along with plenty of prairie roses.
The postal service has a Citizen Stamp Advisory Committee that is in charge of coming up with themes for specialized stamps. One of the themes selected for 2021 was western wear. Ryan Feerer did his undergraduate work at ACU but received his MFA from the School of Visual Arts in New York City. (Are you hearing the Pace Picante cowboys yelling, “New York City?” Ha!) Well, going to the big city paid off, for it was there that he met Gail Anderson who was one of the people who recommended Ryan for the job.
The first day of issue for these stamps was July 23 here in Abilene, TX. If you want to order the stamps directly, you can do so here.
I have my stamps!
Do you like buying special stamps to use on your mail, or do you stick with the tried and true flag?
I have a few wildflower stamps to use up, but I’ll be using these for the rest of the year!
Don’t forget our fun P&P Birthday Bash coming up on Friday.
We’re giving away a passel of Amazon gift cards and playing fun cowboy words games.
You won’t want to miss!
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55 thoughts on “Wild West Stamps”

  1. Congrats to a fellow Texan and it hit close to home since Stephenville, my hometown isn’t that far away.
    It’s funny you posted this, I tried buying this stamp yesterday in Kansas where I now live and work, but sadly they didn’t have it, thanks for the buying link.
    To your question, yes I always try to buy fun designed stamps, I love seeing all the new designs each year.

  2. Thanks for letting us know about these stamps. I have always been a stamp geek and would love some of these for my collection. I really like knowing the story behind them too.

      • I started collecting when I was in my 20s and worked at a place taking in the mail and posting payments on people’s accounts. The envelopes always made their way to the shredder, so I started taking the stamps off and keeping them.

  3. I love this, Karen, and what an adorable picture of you!! So COOL that you know and work with the stamps’ designer. For most of us, well, that would never happen!!!

    I love, love stamps, and almost never use the flag ones. Instead, I order off the USPS website and get the pretty ones. They make me happy when I see them on my envelope.

    I am off to buy these now . . .

  4. I love buying the unique and fun ones! My favorite were the Disney villains ones. I loved using those. I’ll have to go get these now!

  5. well darn just bought stamps on Monday and was not given a choice, so the flag it is!! Thanks for sharing!

  6. I saw them advertised somewhere and thought they were beautiful.

    I still have an Elvis stamp and a GWTW stamp.

  7. Nice stamps! I collect cat stamps (ALL kinds of cats) and thanks to Postcrossing, I’ve gotten some pretty stamps to my collection.

  8. I like to use different stamps, especially during the Holidays. These stamps are so very cute, thank you for letting us know about them. Have a great weekend and stay safe.

  9. Karen, what great news! Major congrats. Not only am I a stamp collector, a Texan, love to use special stamps for cards, etc., but my oldest daughter and her wonderful hubby graduated from McMurry University there. The thing I remember is whatever joke was going around the name of the college was changed…same joke, different university. Miss you and hope to talk to you soon. From one Texan to another … truly enjoyed your blog.

  10. Welcome today. Oh but these are wonderful. Thanks for sharing where to get them direct. I love to buy stamps that are pretty, like flowers. Or stamps that will go with the cards I make. Like snowflakes or snow men for Christmas cards that have snow men on them. I make cards for my mother in law to send to her great grandkids. This year I made minions. That one was hard to find stamps that I liked for. I finally settled on yellow flowers. I dont think the great grandkids will even notice the stamp.

  11. Karen, you are such a wonderful author!! I love these western stamps! How exciting that you are a friend of the artist!! I love to buy all different types, especially flower stamps! And, look, his are FOREVER stamps, too!! I hope you read all of our outcries about your recent injustice on Heather Blanton’s newsletter page!! Everyone loves you!! ??????

    • I always try to match my stamp with the notecard I’m sending (I make my own). So I do use flags for Independence Day cards. All “leftovers” go for bills.? I love those western stamps. Not only the content, but the art style is perfect! I bought a set for myself and for my niece who leaves for college in a few days—a reminder of our trip to Wyoming a few years ago!

  12. After retiring from the Air Force, my husband spent another 22 years as a post office clerk. Got to get all the special stamps that came out. Our daughter is also a clerk, so if I want special stamps, I give her a call. I will be asking for the cowboy stamps and need to get the Harry Potter stamps that came out last month if there are any available. We used to save the special stamps, but now just use them.

  13. Karen! I didn’t know the background of these stamps! I love to pick out certain stamps. Every time I go to the post office, I ask the clerk to look at ALL the stamps that are available to purchase…..they aren’t always thrilled to take the time to show me! Too bad, I love stamps and am picky about the ones I buy! How fun that I have an Abilene connection to a stamp! Thanks for the info!

  14. Fun stamps! Thank you for sharing! I try to use stamps that fit teh occasion or person! 😀 I love having chocies! 😀

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