It’s Game Day With Linda Broday!


Hey, It’s Game Day, Everyone!!

Games are such fun and keep us young. When I was growing up, a favorite time was when our family all gathered around the kitchen table and playing a board game called Aggravation. It’s similar to Sorry. We loved it so much, my dad made the board of wood. It kept us entertained for hours. I can still hear my mom’s laughter even though she’s been gone for years. Such special times.

Today, we’re going to play FILL In The Blanks. My sentences need completing. Use any words from the bottom to fill in the blanks and you can make them plural or singular. If you want to get really creative, you can insert anything of your own . Let’s make these really funny. I need to laugh.

I’m giving a $10 Amazon gift card. Everyone who comments will be entered in the drawing.


“Reach for the ___________ or I’ll blow _________ on your ___________,” Black Bart growled.

Grapes     Coconut     Watermelon      Dandelions      Paper towels       Kleenex      Cow Snot      Moon Pies    Ceiling    Bicycle     Gravel      Cookie Dough     Dictionary      Debit card      Blood      Pickles    Library Card      Dishwasher    Pencils    Romance Novel

Good Luck, everyone!

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72 thoughts on “It’s Game Day With Linda Broday!”

  1. Reach for the ___kleenex________ or I’ll blow __cow snot_______ on your ____romance novel_______,” Black Bart growled.

  2. “Reach for the card___ or I’ll blow ____Sugar_____ on your _candle,” Black Bart growled.

    Linda this was Gun. How’s the packing coming along? Love you. Have a fantastic Monday.

    • Tonya, I love it! Such a funny picture. I love the words you added of your own. The packing is going okay. I don’t have a lot left to put in boxes. I’ve decided that being a box maker would be very lucrative. I should’ve looked into that when I was young. Can’t wait to get settled in my new place and get back to writing. I love you dearly.

  3. “Reach for the Dictionary or I’ll blow Dandelions on your Ceiling ,” Black Bart growled.

    • HaHa!! I love it, Minna. You’ve created a funny scene. Makes me want to grab that dictionary just to see Black Bart in action! Have a wonderful day.

  4. “Reach for the ____Cookie Dough_______ or I’ll blow __blood_______ on your __watermelon_________,” Black Bart growled

  5. Reach for the _____romance novel______ or I’ll blow _____cow snot____ on your _____moon pie______,” Black Bart growled.

  6. “Reach for the watermelon or I’ll blow cow snot on your _coconut__,” Black Bart growled.

  7. “Reach for the paper towels of I’ll blow cow snot on your Romance novel ” Black Bart growled.
    We use to stay up half the night playing Aggravation when we were younger. About a year ago we played the game at my younger sister’s house, it so much fun.

    • HaHa! I think Black Bart means business! He’s very vindictive I’ve heard. We just loved playing Aggravation, young and old alike. The board my dad made allowed for six players and we teamed up. We laughed so hard. Best fun we ever had and I think it strengthened us as a family. Thanks for playing my little game.

  8. “Reach for the STARS or I’ll blow CHICKEN SNOT on your OUT HOUSE” Black Bart growled

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  9. “Reach for the moon pies or I’ll blow dandelions on your romance novel,” Black Bart growled.

  10. Reach for the paper towels or I’ll blow pickle juice on your watermelon!!! I love watermelon and HATE pickle anything!

  11. “Reach for the Romance Novel or I’ll blow Cow Snot on your Moon Pies,” Black Bart growled.
    🙂 That was fun!!! Oh I see someone else had the same thoughts, LOL

  12. Reach for the cookie dough or I will blow coconut on the ceiling. Makes no sense but it sounds like a good, rich food fight.

  13. Reach for the cookie jar or I’ll blow pepper all over your cookie dough. Packing and leaving must make you need a good laugh. Hang in there.

    • Yes, Patricia. I do need a good laugh right now. Going crazy with all these moving details that are so crucial. Thanks for playing my little game. I love your sentence!!

  14. “Reach for the pickles or I will blow cow moon pies all over your ceiling.”

    Have you ever eaten a dill pickle and peanut butter sandwich? So tasty

  15. I created my own. “Reach for the whiskey, darlin’, or I’ll blow kisses on your sweet, stubborn face!” Black Bart growled mischievously. (wink, wink)

  16. “Reach for the kleenex or I’ll blow cow snot on your cookie dough,” Black Bart growled.

  17. “Reach for the cookie dough or I’ll blow dandelions on your watermelon”, Black Bart growled.

  18. “Reach for the kleenex or I’ll blow dandelions on your Romance novel”, Black Bart growled.

  19. Lol! I am so late to this party, but what fun! Here’s my first thought. “Reach for the ceiling or I’ll blow cow snot on your moon pies!” I used to love those banana flavored moon pies the best. 🙂 Thanks for the fun, sister!

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