Cat’s Meow

I love cats and have always had one or two.  Right now I only have one and she’s my writing assistant.    

Here are some things I learned about cats from the Old Farmer’s Almanac. I thought it’d be fun to share.

Cat ancestors were solitary hunters. To the contrary, dogs evolved from pack-hunting wolves.  Even today, domestic cats are seen as more “independent” than dogs.  This is among the reasons many people find cats appealing as pets.

A cat’s purr is created by the muscles that control the opening and closing of the vocal cords.  Kittens purr to remind their mama to keep nursing them.  Later in life, domestic cats purr to encourage you to pet them.  Not only does a purring cat in your lap reduce stress, but also it is believed, by cat specialists, to have therapeutic healing effects on human muscle and bone tissue.  House cats also “meow” in order to get your attention.

Now this is strictly my theory, but I believe cats can tell time. I don’t know how to explain it, but Miss Chili knows exactly when 3:00 p.m. arrives because she gets a half a small can of wet cat food.  She eats dry food during the day.  At about 10:00, she goes to my husband, and has a special meow to alert him to her need for a late-night cat snack.  If I go to sleep in my chair while watching television, which is common now days with the pandemic, she has a shrill three meow cry to wake me up to go to bed.  Now, remember this isn’t scientific, just my observations.

Here’s a few pro’s and con’s on having a furry friend as a pet.

Pros:  Cats make awesome YouTube videos. They rule the Internet.

  • Cats are arguably less work than dogs; they can stay inside and be happy.  I have to agree with that because when we’re gonna be gone for a few days, we can leave food, water, and two cat boxes out for Miss Chili.  While our three dogs costs us at least $200.00 a day to board.
  • Cats chase flashlight or laser on the wall.  This is entertaining for you and the cat.
  • If a cat does purr or meow or rub against you, you know that it is expressing affection.  Miss Chili can lay up in my arms under a blanket and purr for a long time, as long as I’m petting her.

Cons:  Liter boxes, enough said!

  • You never really liked hose floor-length curtains, anyway, did you.  Miss Chili like to lay on the back of the sofa, separate the curtains and watch for things moving outside; thus, more regularly requiring cleaning than a dog.
  • Cats don’t fetch.
  • Kitties can be passive-aggressive … that broken lamp was no accident. And if cats could text, they wouldn’t.  They’re a tad too stubborn.

My question today is whether you prefer cats or dogs?  I like both for difference reasons.  In my household I don’t have to do “Yard Duty” for the dogs but do have to do “Liter Box Duty.”


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46 thoughts on “Cat’s Meow”

    • Bless your heart. My grandson by marriage lives here with our granddaughter and he can’t be around the cats, so when he comes by we sit on the porch if weather permits. He has CF since birth, so being around cats is unbearable for him, as well as dangerous, so no Sunday dinners here. Take care of yourself. Hugs, P

  1. Animal person – love them all. We have two cats though – much lower maintenance than dogs (we travel).I’d LOVE to have a goat, but Alpha Dog put his foot down.

    • Hi Laura, so good to hear from you. We’re like you, animal lovers. If you overlook the fur all around the house, since our current cat is longhaired, I totally agree with them being lower maintenance than our spoiled three dogs. Love the Alpha Dog putting his foot down on a goat. I can’t image a goat, but I know they are a great animal to raise.. Hope all is good with you and yours. Hugs Phyliss

  2. I have always been a cat person. I have always had a cat in my life. Right now I share my home with three of them. I don’t mind doing litter box duty either. It’s just part of it. I actually had a cat, Nani, that would play fetch. It was her favorite game. In fact, she wanted to play so often, she would even jump up on me in the middle of the night dropping a toy for me to toss. I usually did so a couple times before going back to sleep. I would wake up, with what ever toy she was playing with the night before, in bed with me ready to be tossed when I woke up. I agree about them knowing how to tell time too. In our house we call it the tummy alarm. But sometimes that tummy alarm goes off an hour before the alarm clock does.

    • Hi Janine, so good to hear from you. Yes, we had cats and dogs all of my life. We’ve only had one that wasn’t a rescue and that’s another story. Chili does like to play with anything hanging, so if I have a pull or ribbon on my PJ’s, she’s after it all the time. She sleeps on a pillow on the foot of my bed, but if I’m there ahead of her, she’ll get up on the bed and around making sure I pet her and tell her goodnight, then she’ll settle down. She also seems to know if I’m feeling bad, too. During this pandemic and staying in so much, with the weather added it, she’s sure been a pleasure. I like “Tummy Time”! Great title. Take care of you and yours. Hugs Phyliss

      • Chili sounds like a sweet cat. I like how you have night time routines with her. She’s a good girl taking care of you when you don’t feel good. One of my older cats doesn’t play with toys at all. My other two are still pretty playful. Lady Lu has started becoming a lap cat now and her and Miss Kiki will get in arguments over who gets to sit on my lap. Kiki won the battle tonight and is sound asleep on my lap. Lu sleeps next to my pillow at night and Kiki cuddles at my side. Pele, the old gal, cuddles with my husband every chance she gets. He rescued her from getting hit by cars when she was only a couple months old and she remembers.

    • Hi Debra, good to hear from you. I think the majority of people who love animals love both cats and dogs for different reasons. Bob has one dog, a cow dog, who follows him around. When he comes in the house, she comes in. When he runs a short errand she goes with him. Spoiled to say the least. I think we’ve spent more money on vet bills for the three of them, the other two are sheep dogs…mama and daughter, than it cost us to have our first baby. Take care of you and yours. Hugs, Phyliss

  3. I have had both. Now have only one cat. She was left with me to take care of for 90 days while owner got settled in new place. Many years later I still have her. She is 16 years old now.

    • Hi Estella, so good to hear from you. Man, that’s the way cats are. When they find their happy place they are there to stay and the people who left her with you is the loser for sure. That made me think of something. When we had our first baby, we also had a cat that we’d had a long time. After a few months of making her get out of the bassinette she ran away from home. She’s periodically come back to check on things, but eventually settled with a family down the street who didn’t have any babies! Sixteen years is a great age for an animal. We’ve had several to live that old plus some. I hope you have her for another 16 years. Take care of you and yours. Hugs, Phyliss

  4. I have always been a dog person, but in the past years I had a cat in a Sears stored named Roebuck that I taught to both catch and fetch – so they can do so if they want to!!

    • What a cute name. Like the person who wrote about cats in the almanac said, they are very stubborn. If they want to do something, nothing or nobody can hold them back. I’ve never had one to play catch and fetch, but Chili does like for me to toss a small ball out for her to chase around the room. So much fun. I love our dogs, too. Take care of yourself, Teresa, and I hope you and yours are healthy and enjoying spring weather. I’ve forgotten where you live, but I bet you make the best of it. Hugs, Phyliss

  5. Cats definitely! They are more independent. We have 3 cats who prefer to drink running water so they jump on the sink and wait for you to see them or when I start walking toward the bathroom they will run ahead of me to the bathroom for their drink.

    • Hi Karen, so good to hear from you. Over the years, we’ve had cats who liked to drink out of the sink, but Chili doesn’t climb on cabinets or the sink either. But, she drinks water out of two tall plastic glasses in the bathtub. I think she’s too fat to climb into the sink. LOL Take care of your and yours. Hugs, Phyliss

  6. An interesting post about cats, Phyliss. I am highly allergic to them, although we had a cat, Amanda, for eighteen years. I took allergy shots. 🙂 They are definitely more independent than dogs or humans. Thanks for sharing!

    • Hi Jan, so good to hear from you. Lady, you are definitely an animal lover if you had a cat for that many years and took allergy shots. Yes, they are definitely independent!!! Take care of yourself and I hope the rain has stopped and you can dry out. Much love and hugs, Phyliss

    • Hi Kimberly, so good to hear from you. I don’t know a lot about barn cats, but I can only image how independent they are. The one thing I left out of my blog was the comparison between cats and dogs and how cats will bring mice, etc. and drop them at your feet. I bet that happens with barn cats. So glad you stopped by and read my blog. Take care of you and yours. Hugs, Phyliss

  7. Welcome today. This is a wonderful post. Yes my cats are so much like your Miss Chili. I love both cats and dogs. Probably because I grew up with both. On the farm they both had specific duties and were necessary. Mom always had two dogs and multiple cats. So we learned to clean and take care of them. Yes cats are very independent, yet they love their hoomans. My sister in law has a cat. She has a toy that shoots a circular pin wheel. Maleficent will chase only the red one and bring it back to her so my sister in law will shoot it again. We had a cat that was so intelligent it was almost scary at times. He could turn on the sinks and shut doors etc. but he was the biggest lover. Thanks for sharing today. quilting lady at comcast dot net

    • Hi Caryl, so good to hear from you. I love dogs, too. One of the best we ever had was a Lab. We loved Troy so much and she lived a long life. Killed us when she had to go to dog heaven. Hope you and yours are safe and sound. Hugs, Phyliss

  8. Love your post, Phyliss. Miss Chili and I are buds. I think she’s so sweet. I’ve never owned a cat or really know much about them. We always had dogs. But both are good companions and give an owner what they yearn for. I do like writing about cats however and have put several in my stories. In fact, I have one (Sarge) in my April release that is quite funny. He fights with the pet monkey named Jesse James.

    • Hi my friend. Oh yes, Miss Chili and you are BFF,s for sure. She’ll run and hide from anyone else, but with you she wants you to pet her and she’ll sit in your lap as long as you’re here. I agree with you both cats and dogs are great companions. Like you, I frequently have dogs in my books. I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned it but one of our dogs was named Sarge. Isn’t that strange that you’d use that name. I can hardly wait to read those scenes. Fighting with Jesse James is too funny. I know we talked about animals, but never knew what you settled on. I can’t remember all of the details but isn’t there a story about a monkey in this part of the woods in the 1800’s that sat outside a saloon? I’ve forgotten the story. Take care of yourself. Hugs, and have a great evening. P

  9. I love dogs! I have always had dogs in my life of many different breeds.
    Now I have a terrier named Katie.

  10. I love both, although I have never owned a dog. We are on our 3rd cat. She was a stray who managed to get the whole neighborhood to be her best friend. When one neighbor did not like her and made threats to do her harm, my husband and I decided to adopt her and try and make her an indoor cat. We took her to the vet for a check up and found that she was chipped. We decided that we would do the right thing and contact the owner, even though we did not want to give her up. The owner was so happy to find her, and came and picked her up. We were so sad, and about 5 hours later her owner called and said since his situation had changed since she went missing, he could not keep her and if we wanted we could have her. I could not get into my car fast enough and now she is ours and we so love her. Her name is Minnie, she is an all black long hair crazy cat. Her nick name is Minazy, cause she is the most crazy cat we have ever had.

    • Hi Venetia, so good to hear from you. I love your story. I know it was hard to even think about giving Minnie up, but you did the right thing. It was obviously in the cards for you all to have her back. And, the previous owner also did the right thing. I like black long haired cats, but I think my favorites are Calico; although over the years we’ve had about every breed and breed mix around. On my Pinterest account I have a category for Kittens and it’s so full it’s unreal. I just can’t resist adding more and more cats. Thanks for your story. It is so heartwarming and brought back memories. Take care and I hope you and yours are safe and sound. Hugs from Texas, Phyliss

  11. I have a feral cat that claimed me… she has become a sort of house cat, but refuses to use a litter box… I have to let her out to use the potty. She follows me almost everywhere I go when I am home… my sister jokingly calls her my dog.

    • Hi Colleen so good to hear from you. I love her being called your “dog”. That’s funny. Now Chili will use the litter box but loves to go outside and under one tree where no grass can grow she rolls and rolls around in the sand then comes in the house, gets in my lap, and wants me to get the sand off her. Mind you, it’s with my hands only. She will run off if she sees a brush or comb. I hope you and yours are safe and sound. Hugs, Phyliss

  12. I have to admit I don’t have pets, and I am okay with that. When I was a teen, we lived out in the country, had a dog and my parents got a momma cat, 2 kittens to hunt the mice. Only one cat survived and ended up with the name Snoopy. He was suppose to live outside, but lived most of the time inside. He did go outside for the bathroom, unless he got stuck in a room when the door closed. I worked nights after high school, and my dad would open my bedroom door to warm it up some, before I got home, most mornings I would come home to find Snoopy in my bed with his head on my pillow, sleeping. He got to stay until I went to bed, then he got kicked out.
    At that time we had 3 dogs, a German Shepard, and 2 small dogs, there was one chair if you sat in it, you had a large dog across your feet, small dog on each side of you, and Snoopy laying on the back of the chair to keep your neck warm.

    • Hi Veda, so good to hear from you. Love your story about the dog and cats. I know how that works. Our dog that follows my husband around has her own bed in the den but prefers to sleep on the couch, which I have a cover for plus a blanket. I love German Shepherds. The two sheep dogs, have their own old big recliners in the garage (which is my hubby’s man cave). They lay in the chairs, while Bob watches both of his TV’s at one time and sits in one of my desk chairs with arms! Now that’s a bunch of spoiled animals. I really enjoyed your story. Take care of yourself. Hugs, Phyliss

    • Hi Minna, good to hear from you. Well, I hope when the time comes for another cat you’ll find the perfect one for you or the cat will find you. Looks like you’ve checked out the options with the talking button. Thanks for the link. Take care of yourself. Hugs, Phyliss

    • Hi Melanie. Good to hear from you. Oh I know what you’re saying because our dog that sleeps inside and our cat are always challenging one another. The cat will stare at the dog if she asleep and then if the dog makes a move, Chili jumps up, hisses and runs away. She’s declawed, so she can’t hurt the Harley Jo. FYI, we found out from the vet that it’s safe to have a cat declawed front paws only because they use their back legs to fight, defend themselves or climb. It provided right when a dog came after Chili and she went up the tree without a second of thought. Our neighbors and hubby had to get her down or I guess she’d still be up there. Hope you and yours are safe. Hugs, Phyliss

  13. I like both. Right now, we have three indoor cats as well as 7-10 outdoor cats that we feed daily. My husband and I are handicapped so walking a dog is challenging. God bless you.

    • Hi Debra. Good to hear from you. You are definitely a cat lover. Sounds like my brother-in-law. He has 3 or 4 inside cats but several outside ones. Needless to tell you, if you feed a cat, you’ve got a friend for life. Taking care of a dog is a challenge so I understand. Hope you and yours are safe. May the Good Lord bless and keep you always and always. Texas hugs, Phyliss

  14. Hi, I prefer dogs because our daughter who is now grown up and with a little family of her own has always been allergic to cats, my in laws have always had cats and whenever we visited them our poor daughter paid for it. My husband always had cars growing up and I always had dogs growing up, I used to have a kitten growing up. Our son and his girlfriend have cats and a dog,so our son is not allergic to cats. Cats are fun, but we will not have one. Thank you for this very informative post, I really enjoyed reading it . Have a Great week and stay safe.

    • Hi Alicia, so good to hear from you. Looks like you and your family never lacked for animals, be it cats or dogs. I grew up with both. We have some allergies, so have to be careful. My grandson by marriage can’t be around cats at all, so no Sunday dinners. Good that your son and his girlfriend have cats and a dog and he isn’t allergic to them. I’m so glad you enjoyed the post. It was a tad unexciting but I learned some things I didn’t know. I plan to have a great week and are doing everything possible to stay safe. I pray you and yours are safe and sound. Take care and a big Texas hug, Phyliss

  15. I prefer dogs but cats are so much easier to care for! I’ve had both as pets and loved them all!

    • Hi Teresa, good to hear from you. I’m with you. I like them both, but since our dogs are outdoor herding dogs, I’ve enjoyed my cat during this pandemic. But I do love all animals. I agree with cats being easier to care for, especially if you’ve had them declawed; otherwise, they can reek havoc on furniture. I love ‘um all, too. I hope you and yours have a blessed week. Hugs, Phyliss

  16. I 100% prefer dogs. I find them to be friendlier than cats . Cats are so independent. They scratch and hiss. I know of 2 that had to be removed. One was my brother ‘s house and the other my friend’s. The cat became aggressive towards my niece when she was born. My friend’ was stalked by the cat . It was scary!

    • Hi Laurie, good to hear from you. With the experiences you mentioned, I’d be in total agreement on dogs being the best. Yes cats can really be independent for sure. Scratching is a big problem. In an earlier post, I told a story about how our cat at the time ran away when our first daughter was born and we fussed at her to keep her out of the bassinette. I hope you and yours have a great week and please be safe. Hugs, Phyliss

  17. We have had both cats and dogs. For those of us who like to travel, cats are definitely a better choice. We have been lucky enough to have friends or family to either move in and watch the dogs or take them out often enough. We have had 4 cats and I guess my main complaint is their independence. They do what they want, on their schedule, and don’t stay on the floor. Dogs may get on the furniture, but not many walk on your counters, tables, or across the top of your curtain rods (after climbing up new lace curtains). We had one, the curtain rod one, who decided on top of my African violets was the best place to curl up for a nap. Aside from their knocking things to the floor, their deciding not to use the litter box (even when out is clean) is an issue. We have had 10 or so dogs over the years and foster probably another 40+. They can be pains and do take a lot of work. One with a broken back sort of destroy our hardwood floors in the family room. The puppies have teethed on furniture legs and other things. But I think the affection and devotion shown by them is the biggest draw. They can be protective, even when not trained to be so. We are down to one dog now and when she is gone, we will likely get another. Actually, the puppy Julie Benson is currently fostering is just what we want, in the female version.

    The cats we had were our daughters’. Both of them as adults have cats. One has 2 rescue 6 month old kittens. They are brothers and one is deaf. The other has 4 “middle age” cats, three of them littermates who were found in a box near a dumpster.

  18. I like both. I currently only have cats. Living in the country cats became a necessity when I had 2 rats I couldn’t get rid of & they kept chewing every wire in the house. I do not like the litter boxes situation but I don’t want to let them in and out because I live on a major HIGHWAY & animals inevitably get ran over. One of my cats actually does play fetch! He has little cloth, stuffed mice that have bells in them. We throw one & he goes & gets it and brings it back to us! He loves them. I normally have an outside dog but it disappeared and my lap dog passed away in December of 2019.

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