Cat’s Meow

I love cats and have always had one or two.  Right now I only have one and she’s my writing assistant.    

Here are some things I learned about cats from the Old Farmer’s Almanac. I thought it’d be fun to share.

Cat ancestors were solitary hunters. To the contrary, dogs evolved from pack-hunting wolves.  Even today, domestic cats are seen as more “independent” than dogs.  This is among the reasons many people find cats appealing as pets.

A cat’s purr is created by the muscles that control the opening and closing of the vocal cords.  Kittens purr to remind their mama to keep nursing them.  Later in life, domestic cats purr to encourage you to pet them.  Not only does a purring cat in your lap reduce stress, but also it is believed, by cat specialists, to have therapeutic healing effects on human muscle and bone tissue.  House cats also “meow” in order to get your attention.

Now this is strictly my theory, but I believe cats can tell time. I don’t know how to explain it, but Miss Chili knows exactly when 3:00 p.m. arrives because she gets a half a small can of wet cat food.  She eats dry food during the day.  At about 10:00, she goes to my husband, and has a special meow to alert him to her need for a late-night cat snack.  If I go to sleep in my chair while watching television, which is common now days with the pandemic, she has a shrill three meow cry to wake me up to go to bed.  Now, remember this isn’t scientific, just my observations.

Here’s a few pro’s and con’s on having a furry friend as a pet.

Pros:  Cats make awesome YouTube videos. They rule the Internet.

  • Cats are arguably less work than dogs; they can stay inside and be happy.  I have to agree with that because when we’re gonna be gone for a few days, we can leave food, water, and two cat boxes out for Miss Chili.  While our three dogs costs us at least $200.00 a day to board.
  • Cats chase flashlight or laser on the wall.  This is entertaining for you and the cat.
  • If a cat does purr or meow or rub against you, you know that it is expressing affection.  Miss Chili can lay up in my arms under a blanket and purr for a long time, as long as I’m petting her.

Cons:  Liter boxes, enough said!

  • You never really liked hose floor-length curtains, anyway, did you.  Miss Chili like to lay on the back of the sofa, separate the curtains and watch for things moving outside; thus, more regularly requiring cleaning than a dog.
  • Cats don’t fetch.
  • Kitties can be passive-aggressive … that broken lamp was no accident. And if cats could text, they wouldn’t.  They’re a tad too stubborn.

My question today is whether you prefer cats or dogs?  I like both for difference reasons.  In my household I don’t have to do “Yard Duty” for the dogs but do have to do “Liter Box Duty.”


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