A New Pup in Town

Greetings everyone!

Today I’d like to introduce you to the newest member of our family–Zoey. After our Belgian Malinois passed over the rainbow bridge over a year ago, we decided that we were fine with just one dog, our rescue Aussie, Kimmy. Life was simpler with one dog, right? It was, until last summer when my husband said, out of the blue, “I think it’s time to look for a puppy.” I did not disagree. 🙂 Enter Zoey. She’s really kept us on our toes for the last four months and it’s been a joy watching her grow from lively puppy into a young lady dog. I hope you enjoy the photos.

I don’t know what happened to the Christmas tree.

Do you have a pet? If so, I’d love to hear about him or her.





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Jeannie Watt raises cattle in Montana and loves all things western. When she's not writing, Jeannie enjoys sewing, making mosaic mirrors, riding her horses and buying hay. Lots and lots of hay.

51 thoughts on “A New Pup in Town”

  1. I too got an Aussie Pup last fall – Rowdy is a black tri and my it has been a rough road as the last 3 aussies I’ve had were rescues at least 6 months old – so we were out of Puppy practice for sure!

  2. What better way to start my day than by smiling over these adorable puppy photos! My favorite is the back seat driver photo – love her paw on your hubby’s shoulder!

    Right after we retired, we decided to get a Golden Retriever puppy to add a new level to our quieter lives. He’s been so good for us – he keeps us walking and playful – but oh, the dog hair. Yi-yi-yi!

  3. Kimmy is really cute. I love her markings. Kiki and Lulu both came from rescues in my town. Pele was less than 2 months old when she was thrown out of a car’s window that was going down a busy Dallas road. It was in front of the automotive shop my husband was working at. One of the guys saw it happen and hollered to Russ, knowing he loves cats. He ran out to save her from getting hit by a car. The owner’s wife wanted to keep her, but her husband said no and wanted her released. Russ called me to come get her. We didn’t plan on keeping her, but I couldn’t find a home for her. She;s been one of the best behaved cats we have known.

  4. Oh my what cute pictures. I too like the paw on the shoulder picture. We have two Germain Shorthair dogs. My husband is an avid pheasant hunter and they love to hunt. Thanks for brightening my day with your blog.

  5. My four legged love is Poppy. She is a five pound tea cup chihuahua. To say she rules the house is an understatement. She has no idea how much joy she brings.

  6. awww she is beautiful. she loves her people. that is obvious. right now we have two feral kitten rescues that we adopted Dec 14, 2019. they are both just a little over a year and a half old now. they are such joys and beautiful girls. Feather is a black short hair and she weighs 14 lbs now. a really long and tall girl. she is the alpha and princess. Nickel is a Russian Blue/short hair. she weights 9 lbs and is all muscle. she is our gymnast and runner. both are extremely snuggly and love to be held and touched

  7. Oh my she’s so pretty! We just got our first puppy about 6 months ago! Our family loves him! His names is Ruger. He’s a black lab mixed with a type of hunting dog. I wish I could a pic! He loves the kids and all the snow we get in Iowa! He could also play chase the ball all day haha.

  8. I like both dogs and cats, though supposedly I’m allergic to cats, I don’t seem to have a reaction when I take care of my neighbors cats, though I have found out I don’t like cleaning litter boxes. I don’t have any pets at this time.

  9. Jeannie, Zoey is such a Beautiful Dog! I don’t have any pets but My Daughter and her family do She has dogs and cats! I always told her she should of been a vet. She is such an animal lover! Pets are such great friends! Thank you for this Beautiful post! Blessings To You and Yours!

  10. Such a sweet girl! She has intelligent eyes. I don’t have a dog myself but I enjoy my 5 granddogs. I can spoil them rotten then go home. I think Zoey will fill your life with joy.

  11. Zoey is just precious! I know you must be enjoying every minute with her. I’ve talked about my dogs many times in the past. I never got to have a dog when I was growing up so I’m making up for lost time now. LOL Both Sammy and Max are rescues, adopted from the small shelter in the little town where I grew up here in Oklahoma, which is a little over an hour from where we live in Oklahoma City. After our Great Pyrenees, Embry, passed away in 2018, my hubby declared “that’s it, I’m never having another dog!” but I convinced him to just “go look” and when Sammy came over and sat down beside him and wouldn’t leave, I knew we need look no further. Sammy is a “plain brown wrapper” dog, but his face is gorgeous and he has the most soulful eyes I’ve ever seen. He was just what we needed, and he needed us, too! A few months later we went back to the shelter and got Max, who was part of a litter that had been left on the steps of the shelter in a box in FEBRUARY (2019)! He was about 10 weeks old and when we brought him home, Sammy adopted him immediately. They are so precious to us, as I know Zoey is to you and your family. She is so beautiful! Loved your pictures, Jeannie!

    • What a great story, Cheryl! It sounds like Max and Sammy found the perfect family! I hope to adopt in the future, but my rescue dog is jealous of other dogs. However, because she “raised” Zoey, they get along great.

  12. Such a beautiful Aussie. Does she have blue eyes? My brother-in-law had an Aussie with one blue eye and one brown eye. We also learned from experience (and our veterinarian) that Aussies with nearly all white coats are often blind or deaf. Our white dog was deaf but she could hear my husband’s piercing whistle when he wanted her to move cows. She was a good worker and a great pet for our kids who were in grade school at that time. Our current dog came from a customer who rescued three puppies. This one is very loving but definitely not a working dog.

    • She’s a brown-eyed girl, Alice. How interesting about your white Aussie. I know that white coloring is related to deafness in cats, but I didn’t know about dogs. She sounds like a love.

  13. Zoey looks so cute. We don’t have one but my brother and his family have a dog that looks exactly like Zoey, even the same fur coloring. Her name is Sella and they got her in the summer of 2019. I did have a dog when I was growing up. He was half Australian Dingo and half golden retriever. His name was Dingo and lived until the age of 17 years.

      • Yes, I was. We got him when I was 5 years old and he was only a puppy, just a few weeks old, from the animal shelter. I was very fortunate to have him through my whole childhood.

  14. Both your pups are beautiful! My youngest sister has a pup, well she actually has 3 all female and their names are Zoey, Maiya and Keita. I have 1 pup,he is 7 yrs old and is is half Schnauzer and he is a very good boy and a very loyal little friend.

  15. My children each have a dog, a Maltipoo and a German shepherd mix. I have to admit when they move out I am going to miss them and their furry friends.

  16. My goodness, she has grown so since you first introduced her. They are such smart, good working dogs and wonderful pets.

    We have been lucky enough to have had 10 dogs over the years plus an endless variety of other creatures. We have up to 4 dogs at one time, not counting the litters of puppies and other dogs we fostered for the animal shelter. We were up to about 20 at one point with those. We are currently down to one dog. She is one of our son’s rescues, which of course we somehow ended up with, again. One of his friends found her in a ditch, badly beaten and thrown out. His friend nursed her but couldn’t keep it in her apartment. She is was a very young pit bull and we think she may have been fought or used as a bait dog. We added her to our other 3 dogs – a lab and terrier (foster fails) and another rescue pit bull that our son brought home. She is a sweet dog, but not totally trustworthy around other small animals. The other dogs left us after 17, 15, and 11 years and she is 9 years old. We have no plans to get another dog until either our son takes her or she crosses the rainbow bridge. (His wife has a pit bull that does get along with other dogs and we haven’t tried to introduce them yet.) Our lab and beagle were our favorite dogs. When we get our next one, it will likely be one of those, or one of each. Of course there is always that dog at the shelter wide fall in love with and just need to take home. We may even foster again.

  17. What a beautiful dog. We only have one cat but we also feed some stray cats outside. Our cat is an in and out cat. He is outside right now. His mother was a stray that had her kittens in front of my house so we tamed the kittens and found homes for them and I ended up with one of the kittens.

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