Christmas Cowboys on Sale

I don’t know about you, but I love a good Christmas novella. The holiday season is so busy, that quick reads are about all I have time to squeeze in around all the cooking, wrapping, and decorating.

I’m excited to share two collections of mine that are currently on sale.

The first is a collection of four novellas that follow a family heirloom that is handed down at Christmas time from mother to daughter across the years. It starts in 1820’s England then moves to 1890’s Texas then 1950’s Appalachia then finally to modern day Washington.

If you love sweet Christmas romance with a variety of settings and time periods, this is a great collection.

And even better, the e-book version is on sale for only $1.99!

In my story, “Gift of the Heart,” a widow and her young daughter move to Hope Springs, TX for a fresh start, but with no money to secure a home, Ruth must convince a wealthy resort owner to accept her heirloom brooch as collateral. Will the pin that brought love to three generations soften the heart of a wounded recluse and give Ruth a second chance at love?

This story is a western Christmas re-imagining of the Ruth and Boaz story from the Bible.

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(Sale runs through December 31, 2020.)


The second collection is western through and through. This is a two-in-one novella collection that contains my story from The Christmas Heirloom, “Gift of the Heart” along with a separate novella that carries on the legacy of my all-time best-selling Archer Brother series – “An Archer Family Christmas”.

It’s Christmas Eve, 1893, and the entire Archer family has gathered to celebrate the holiday. While the men are off chopping down the perfect Christmas tree, an unexpected request for help leaves Cassandra Archer directly in the path of a dangerous outlaw. Desperate to protect the woman he loves, Jim Archer races to the rescue, only to find that Cassie’s life is not the only one in peril. It will take a Christmas miracle—and the entire Archer clan— to keep a second Archer Christmas from ending in disaster.

This 2-in-1 collection is on sale for only $0.99!

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(Sale runs through December 31, 2020.)


Do you prefer Christmas novella or full-length Christmas stories?

Do you read Christmas stories only during the holiday season, or year round?

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24 thoughts on “Christmas Cowboys on Sale”

  1. I usually read them at Christmas but if there’s a series I’m reading and it has a book at Christmas time. I’ll read it.
    I like full length and novellas at Christmas. I’m like you, a quick read is best for me. I usually start reading them on November 1st but this year I’m trying to fit in the novellas because I got a late start.

    • Hi, Pam. I admire you starting early. Every year I tell myself to start reading my Christmas stories early, and every year I end up reading into January or February because I started too late. Ha! Maybe I subconsciously want Christmas to last a little longer. 🙂

  2. Welcome Karen. Thanks for sharing these books today. hmmm I think I enjoy both short and long christmas stories. Lately I have really enjoyed the short ones. I think I go in spurts

    • I can relate, Lori. Sometimes all I have time for is a quick novella, but when the longer, more relaxed holiday days finally arrive, getting lost in a longer story is a luxury I love. A Christmas gift to myself. 🙂

    • I agree, quiltlady. I use these Christmas reads to put me in the holiday spirit. I read one longer book last month and an halfway through a novella collection now. ‘Tis the season. 🙂

  3. I read them year round – they are always enjoyable! It depends on my mood as to if I prefer novella or full length.

  4. Hi Karen, you know I loved both these books! Can’t get enough of your stories!!! I read holiday books at any time of year but especially during the Christmas season when they make the time more merry!

  5. I love anthologies any time of the year, but Christmas is one of the best times for them. Everyone is so busy it is hard to find the time to immerse yourself in a full length book. I do, but then I don’t get done what I should be doing. I do enjoy full length books and sacrifice either sleep or work to read them.
    I tend to read Christmas books between Thanksgiving and mid-January. I do have some favorites I might pull out during the year If a bit of magic and good spirit is needed.

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