Who Would You Be in the Old West?

Last week, I played a game in my Posse Facebook group, that ended up being so much fun, I thought we could play it here as well.

If you lived in the old west, who would you be, and what would you be doing?

I decided that I would be one of those town wives who invited everyone over once a month for a quilting bee where we would get very little quilting done but would have lots of tea and conversations about books.

When everyone else chirped in, we had a wonderful variety of answers including:

  • school teachers
  • librarians
  • innkeepers
  • cafe owners
  • bakers
  • druggists
  • nurses and doctors
  • preachers’ wives
  • farmers’ wives
  • ranchers’ wives
  • sharpshooters
  • tomboy trouble-makers
  • even dance hall entertainers
  • and saloon barkeeps

Who would you be?

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43 thoughts on “Who Would You Be in the Old West?”

  1. I’d be a rancher’s wife.
    This would be the perfect person I’d want to be. I’m a huge animal lover, especially horses. I’d want to be like the hired hand, work on the ranch as well as my household duties.

    • I think I would rather like the quiet, peaceful house away from town, too. The hard work wouldn’t be quite as fun, but being surrounded by family would make everything perfect.

    • Ooo – I like it, Charlene. would you be from east, traveling through the west to capture the rugged beauty on film? Or would you be homegrown, managing your own portrait studio? So many possibilities!

  2. I would definitely want to be married to either a rancher or a farmer. And if I were single, a school teacher or librarian would be nice.

  3. I’d probably be a sign/marquee painter, and probably portraits on the side for more income (though portraits are not my favorite thing).

  4. I’d be a teacher since I always loved school. Of course, I’d probably be keeping an eye on the single farmers and ranchers in the community hoping one of my students had a single big brother or uncle I could meet. 🙂

  5. I would be a teacher and/or librarian of the town had a library. In small towns I don’t think there would be much funding for a library. In that case, as the teacher, I would try to incorporate it with the school having library hours after the children were dismissed and for a time on Saturdays. That would make it convenient for most people.

    • You’re right, Patricia. Most libraries at this time were personal collections that were generously opened to allow lending of books. I think a school making their books available to others would be a wonderful idea.

  6. First I’d come by wagon train and meet my love while traveling west. We get married by the preacher that’s traveling with the train. I’m a poor rancher’s wife and we’ll work hard together to make it a wonderful place for future generations.

  7. I would be a farmers wife and help raise the kids , help with the animals and tend the garden and grow vegetables and some pretty flowers.

  8. I forgot to come to P&P yestersay. I’m sure I’d be a farmers or ranchers wife back then. Of course, if life found me single I’d be an entrepreneur and have my own small business like being a Baker.

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