The Meaning of Colors

Color is all around us and writers use a lot of color in telling a story. Readers visualize the characters knowing the color of their eyes, hair, and clothes. Animals, landscape, foods–it’s impossible to write a story without using the various shades and hues.

There’s a reason why hospitals use a lot of blue, churches employ white, firetrucks are red, and nobility wear purple.

Here’s a little of what I discovered:

WHITE – purity, innocence, and wisdom. i.e. angels

BLACK – negativity and judgment

RED – energy, vigor, power, strength

PINK – love and compassion

PURPLE – royalty, blending of mind and spirit, uplifts

BLUE – prime healing color, relaxation, sleep, peace

BROWN – the earth, commitment

GREEN – balance and harmony, sensitivity, abundance

YELLOW – the emotional self, cleansing, creativity

ORANGE – cheerful and uplifting, warmth

TURQUOISE – brotherhood, friendly, the color of the freed soul

* * * * *

My new book – THE MAIL ORDER BRIDE’S SECRET – will release on Jan. 28th. This is Book 3 of my Outlaw Mail Order Bride series and tells Tait Trinity’s and Melanie Dunbar’s story.

Melanie has turquoise (green/blue) eyes and Tait describes them as the color of ancient stones. His eyes are an icy gray, the color of quicksilver. Her hair is red and his sun-streaked brown. Color says a lot about these two.

Tait is an outlaw and has a large bounty on his head for a string of train robberies so when his sister’s twin boys and four-year-old daughter appear on his doorstep, he’s totally unprepared for the responsibility. The last thing he needs are children to raise, yet he can’t let them go to an orphanage. His friends advise him to send for the mail order bride he’s been writing, but when she arrives, she’s nothing like what he expects.

Melanie is thrown as well to see there are kids involved. She lets him know right off that she’s not going to be his nanny, housekeeper, laundress, or cook while he rides out and stays gone for weeks or months at a time. Wife is the role she’s agreed to, but she comes with secrets—big juicy ones.

How long will it be before Tait figures out her true reason for marrying him? And he does.

I hope you give this book a try. The children provide ample humor and the ending is the most powerful I’ve ever written. The old western series Paradise provided a lot of inspiration. Book 4 will release the end of the year and complete the series with Ridge Steele and Addie Jancy.

Question: How does color affect your life? Do you have a favorite and why?

Giveaway: Two people who comment will win a copy (their choice of format.)

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66 thoughts on “The Meaning of Colors”

  1. Pink is my favorite color, but I tend to wear a lot of purple and black.

    Not sure the meaning for each truly reflects my personality.

    • Good morning, Denise……Thanks for coming. I like pink, but not pastels. I like the vibrant colors. Also greens and blues. I bet you’re a loving, compassionate woman. 🙂 Good luck in the drawing.

  2. Interesting post and I can’t wait for Melanie and Tait’s story. My favorite color is periwinkle blue. I find it a soothing color.

    • Morning, Alisa……Periwinkle Blue is a pretty color and I can see how it would be soothing. I’m happy it makes you feel that way. Colors should make us feel things. Have a wonderful day down there in Florida. Love and hugs!

    • Morning, Melanie…….Turquoise is so beautiful. I wear it a lot because it complements my red hair so well. And when paired with black, the contrast is really gorgeous. Thanks for stopping by. Good luck in the drawing.

      • Morning, Jess! Thanks for stopping by. I love seeing you. Green is one of my favorite colors. I love all shades from dark to light. And lavender is great for bringing out red hair. I hope you have a blessed day.

    • Morning, Carol…..I’m so happy to see you. Thanks for coming. Cobalt blue is simply gorgeous. I love the more vivid colors. If you get a chance to read The Mail Order Bride’s Secret, I hope you like Tait, Melanie, and the kids.

  3. Good morning Miss Linda- I love color, I have quite a bit in my home. I love blue in decorating, I collect old graniteware the cowboys used on the trail and I love the blue ones the best. There are so many different shades of blue from turquoise to an almost purple hue in the graniteware.
    My favorite color however since I was a little girl is purple. When I was little my dad made the mistake of letting me pick out the color of my room. I had purple carpet, paint, bedspread, curtains, and even my stuffed animals were all purple. I never got to choose the carpet and paint again after they sold the house and dad built a new one. (He was a Carpenter) He said one purple room in his lifetime was enough and was not a good selling point when the house sold. Lol.. I just think he didn’t want to see what my baby brother would choose now that he was older.
    I’m so excited for everyone to read this book, it is your grandest yet, you did an amazing job and you are masterful in using colors in your descriptions. Have a great day and look for all of God’s beautiful colors today. Love you dearly.

    • Good morning, Tonya……Oh my stars! That was a LOT of purple. LOL You must’ve felt very royal indeed! How funny. And the people who bought the house probably wondered why on earth anyone went to that extreme. They probably had a very hard time covering that with another shade. Thanks for the compliment about the book. Thank you for liking Tait, Melanie and the kids. Love you dearly, sister friend!

  4. Good morning! I absolutely loved this book and know everyone that reads it will too!

    My favorite color has changed often over the years. When I was young it fluctuated between purple and red so what a coincidence as an adult maroon is my favorite color. Kind of a blending of my favorite colors of my youth. I really have favorite colors for different things. Like my favorite color for clothing is black! Black and red are my favorite color combination.

    I hope your having an amazing 2020!

    • Good morning, Stephanie! It’s great to see you. Maroon is an interesting color and not one that I would grab as a first choice. I love the black/red combination too. Also black/green. The contrast is so pretty. Thank you for liking Tait and Melanie. This book took a lot out of me and by the time I finished I was limp. I’m glad readers seem to like it. I hope your 2020 is a stellar year! Love you, warrior buddy! Keep fighting MS!

  5. Well I would have to say my favorite color is blue all the way. My house is painted in blues and grays. My sister even told me to get off of my blue kick. The house needs painting now and when I get to paint it will be some shade of blue I am sure.

    • Good morning, Quilt Lady……Well, you can’t go wrong with blue. It’s a very pretty, soothing color. Tell your sister it’s your house and you can paint it what you want. LOL Have a blessed day. 🙂

  6. color plays a huge role in my everyday life. I like to be surrounded by color that makes me feel comfortable and happy. I love to wear purple, pink, turquoise with whites and grays.

    • Morning, Lori……I can’t imagine a world without color. That would be so drab. I love your color combinations. Whites and grays complement any color. Keep surrounding yourself with all the shades and hues that makes your heart happy. Thanks for coming and have a beautiful day!

  7. I don’t think that there is a certain color that affects me. Black covers my rolls and bumps I’m not comfortable with. Purple and Maroon are my favorite colors.

    • Morning, Charlene Whitehouse! I’m so happy you stopped by. I totally understand about the rolls and bumps. Ha! 🙂 Purple and Maroon are great for covering those. As someone who paints, I’m sure you have a love affair with color. You paint such beautiful pictures. Thanks for coming.

  8. good morning, when i was younger it was pink. but as i got older it has changed to purple ,blue and some red’s. My eyes use to change from blue to green, would call them blue eyes, but sometimes if the sun is bright they look crystal blue

    • Good morning, Elaine! Our tastes do change with age. When I was younger I used to hate yellow but as I’ve gotten older, I really like the color. Blue eyes are really pretty. Mine are a weird color and it depends on what I’m wearing whether they an odd blue or a green. I never know what to say when people ask me. I wear a lot of reds too. Have a blessed week.

  9. Hi Linda, your book sounds wonderful. I could picture your characters just from the short descriptions. My favorite color is purple. My family thought I was crazy when I painted my office purple. LOL

    • Good morning, Margaret! Purple is so beautiful and I’m sure your office is quite lovely. 🙂 I’m glad you painted it the color that made you happy. Nothing brings things to life like color. Love you, Filly sister.

  10. I love the premise of your book, Linda! An outlaw hero. Hmm. Sounds like another must-read for me! And you are so right about the importance of colors in our lives!

    Ironically, I wear alot of black, and I hope I don’t look negative or judgmental! I think black can be very classy and versatile… and slenderizing, too. On the opposite, side, though, I love red for its vibrancy. But when it comes to painting walls, I prefer subtle – taupe and soft grays.

    Great post, my friend!

    • Good morning, Pam! I think all writers tend to wear a lot of black because it gives us that professional look. Personally, I think black is elegant and as you say classy. I agree about walls. I love the color dove gray. It’s really pretty. Love you, Filly sister!

  11. Color is an amazing thing! It truly does influence your thinking and mood. I know I’m more comfortable and peaceful if my house is painted or decorated in the colors that I like and relax me. I tend to wear only certain colors, too. They make me happy!

    • Good morning, Susan P! Thank you for coming over. Color really does affect us and our moods. We should surround ourselves with the colors that make us happy. I hope you have a blessed and inspiring day.

  12. Just talk to a guy who is color blind – and this will open your eyes to all the color that we all take for granted every day – my favorite color has always been Yellow and to this day I am still quite drawn to it!

    • Good morning, Teresa! I’m so happy you came. I cannot imagine being unable to see color. What a drab world that must be. Color can lift our spirits, make us laugh, and feel good about ourselves. Yellow is very beautiful but I didn’t learn to like it until I was older. Have a blessed day.

    • Hi Colleen! I’m so happy to see you. Blues and greens are some of my favorite colors. They just speak to me and I feel happy when I see them. Wishing you a blessed day.

  13. Linda, this book sounds wonderful (OF COURSE!) I always love stories with kids involved in them, and can’t wait to see what you’ve done with this couple! And speaking of color, that is one gorgeous cover! When I was growing up, it didn’t matter what else was under the Christmas tree as long as I got a new box of crayons–THE BIG BOX. LOL My favorite color all through my growing up years was “magenta”–and my mom would always laugh about how I knew the names of all the crayons when I was really small, and would explain the difference between “green-blue” and “blue-green” to anyone who would listen. LOL Color is very important, especially in romance stories, I think! I am really looking forward to getting my hands on this book and carving out a few hours to READ. Hugs, dear friend–you have another winner on your hands!

    • Hi Cheryl, yes those big boxes of crayons were bought and used at my house too. They had some weird colors and I still remember one of them was Fuschia. I think it was in the red/purple family. Color is one of the most important things to us authors.

      Well, you know I really love writing about kids. They always add so much to a story and can be important tools in showing the qualities and attributes of the main characters. I think you’ll love some of their antics and orniness. The twin boys are mini outlaws. Hope you enjoy!

  14. I always thought green was my favorite color until I looked around and realized I have surrounded myself with pink! You are so right, color says so much. You can often tell how you are going to like a character at first just by the color of what they are wearing. It adds a lot to the picture.

    I love your Mail Order Brides series, so glad a new book is coming soon. Thanks for the giveaway.

    • Hi Sally! Sometimes our tastes change without us being aware and different colors sneak into our closets. Doesn’t matter whether pink or green. They’re both pretty. Thank you for liking my series. I really think you’ll like this one.

  15. Your book sounds great and, as always, has a beautiful cover. I like blue as well and a lot of your covers feature blue. I tend to decorate in mauve and blue.

    • Hi Linda Orr! I’m so happy you like the cover. I think it’s just breathtaking and vibrant and yes I noticed too that they give me a lot of blue on my covers which suits me fine. I love mauves, especially in nail polish. It’s the color I seem to gravitate to in nail salons. Have a wonderful day.

  16. Hi Linda! I love red. When I met you last April, I told Ron, “Now that lady’s got red hair!” I love your red hair!
    Your new book is worthy of a reread because there is description and depth to everything you write. This series is award winning in my opinion! In my heart, you’ve already won.

    • Hi Kathy……Yes, everyone remarks on my red hair and always has. When I was younger, the attention used to embarrass me. The older I got, the more I liked it. Even now that it’s mostly gray, I keep the red color on it. Thank you for the compliments on the book. It thrills my heart that you liked it. Have a lovely day, dear friend, and thanks for coming.

    • Hi Anon1001! Red is such a gorgeous color. I just love it and I don’t any other color is as festive as red. It most certainly does brighten. Try to wear it more often. I think you’ll find yourself smiling more. Have a lovely day.

  17. Linda, I am loving this series! I can’t wait to read this latest one. I hope you plan several more books in the series.

    Colors do affect my moods. I love the relaxing blue of oceans and lakes. I use warm colors in my home. My car is red which I guess symbolizes power and strength. I like so many colors which is reflected in my wardrobe, but nothing too flashy for me.

  18. I,too,have blue or green eyes depending on what I am wearing. My mother always said they are “hazel” because they also have gold-brown flecks in them. When I wear dark green they are definitely green. Wearing pink or blue makes them look more blue. I’m never sure what to put on forms that ask for eye color. I used to say my favorite color is blue but my girls thought it was yellow because my house has so much yellow and white.

  19. My favorite color since I was very young has been purple. Not surprisingly my favorite flower is the lilac. I hace always thought of it as a royal color. maybe it is the artist in me but I am a person who likes all colors .

  20. Linda, what a great blog. I’m going to keep your color chart with my profile stuff. It’s something I can seeing using in my stories, even if it’s only because I know why I’m doing using it as I write. Thanks for sharing. I’ve already told you how much I love Tait’s and Melanie’s story. It’s a winner for sure. Thanks again, friend, for a fantastic blog. Oh yeah, my favorite color has always been blue but never knew how much it helped. It’s sure a positive color.

  21. Great blog! My favorite color is purple, with pink, green, and blue coming in close!! If I wear the right shade of blue, my eyes will be blue, and if I wear the right shade of green, my eyes are green. I like to try to get the right shades in some clothes!

  22. Linda, Thank you for this fun post! I can’t imagine a world without color. So dull and boring it would be.

    As a redhead, I gravitate to the Fall colors such as green, gold and red.

  23. I love the color blue. I like all shades from dark navy to light blue. I’ve always preferred blue to any other, it’s always been my choice.

  24. My favorite color or colors is a three way tie between red, purple, and yellow. I use these colors a lot in my clothing, accessories, and gadgets. For instance one of my favorite tops is yellow, my cellphone cover is red, and my laptop is purple.

  25. My favorite color is blue, I just love the color. Thank you so much for this very informative post, I enjoyed reading it and learning from it! Your book sounds intriguing and like a very good page turner! I love, love the cover, it is Beautiful!! I will be adding it to my TBR list as I really want to know what her secret is. 🙂 Have a Great rest of the week. God Bless you.

  26. My choice of color has changed with my age. Blue started my life off; then, yellow took over. Red was ruling for awhile. Now, I really like purple.
    I pre-order all books that I want so I do not forget.
    Yours are special to me.

  27. Purple, burgundy, and teal are favorites. The darker, deeper tones as well as black find their way into my wardrobe because I like them and because they are slimming. I didn’t realize there was going to be a fourth book in this series. That is very good news.

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