Cover Reveal Today!!!

I’ve got a fun update today!!!

I’ve got a new cover and a book available for pre-order.

I’m in a series called 


One new book a week leading up to Thanksgiving. 

Mine is called Thankful for the Cowboy.

Mine is coming in September.

To pre-order click for the Cowboy

Tom MacKinnon rides up driving a wagon with a second wagon trailing him. He and his sister want to be hired to build windmills. They’ll ask for very little money and, in exchange heroine, Lauren Drummond, newly widowed mother of four nearly grown sons, will help them learn to survive in the Sandhills of Nebraska. What to grow, what to hunt, how to build a sod house.
Tom’s windmills will save her ranch. Lauren needs three windmills on this drought year or her growing herd of cattle is going to die of thirst. She agrees to teach him the ways of the Sandhills, and to give him fifteen head of cattle.
She’s not ready to think of another man. But Tom changes her mind. His little sister and one of her sons find love together before Tom and Lauren do.

Other books in this series are:

Texas Tears by Caryl McAdoo

These Great Gifts by Allison Pittman

Mail Order Misfire by Davalynn Spencer

Blizzards & Blessings by Samantha Bayarr

Spring of Thanksgiving by Liz Tolsma

All now available for preorder!

Happy….Thankgiving? In June?

Why not, then when we do Christmas in July it’ll seem really natural. 🙂



Mary Connealy
Author of Romantic Comedy...with Cowboys including the bestselling Kincaid Brides Series
Updated: June 12, 2019 — 8:52 pm


  1. The cover is beautiful. I’m super excited for you Mart. A new book coming is always a fun and exciting newsworthy event for us fans.

    1. There’s a description in the book about her eyes being as blue as the waters of Loch Saivig (or some such). I felt like the cover creator did a perfect job of those eyes.

  2. Yeah Beautiful cover.

    1. Avatar

      Love your cover, it’s beautiful and her eyes are just gorgeous! I’ve yet to read a Thanksgiving series and I haven’t read about windmill builders before either.

      1. I got invited in with five other authors, each of us with our own book released on our own date.
        It’s been fun!

  3. The cover is beautiful and the book sounds really good.

  4. This sounds like a wonderful series would love to read it.

    1. The books all stand on their own, not connected except by the theme and time of Thanksgiving.

  5. Awesome! So excited! Looking forward to reading this!

  6. Congratulations, Mary, on another new release! A Thanksgiving theme is intriguing and a bit different. We all should be grateful for the good things (and people) in our lives, and not just in November!

  7. Oh good … something to look forward to. Love the cover design and thoughts about being thankful.

  8. Beautiful cover! I love it!

  9. lovely cover

  10. Beautiful cover. And Thanksgiving in June? Sure, works for me.

  11. Congratulations !! Your book sounds Awesome and the Cover is Beautiful!! God Bless you.

  12. Welcome Mary. Ohhh what a gorgeous cover. And your story sounds so sweet. You are with some fantastic authors. Cant wait

  13. Congratulations, Mary! The cover is gorgeous!

  14. What a great cover, Mary! Glad you’re enjoying writing in the Thanksgiving Books and Blessings! I had fun the first go-round!

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