November 26 – 29

Kathryn Albright



A Western Christmas Homecoming


Abigail White reports the news for the Oak Grove Gazette – clearly, concisely and…rather critically, until the day outlaw Russ Carter stumbles through her back door, injured and seeking a place to hide.
** ** **
Russ never expected to see Abigail again. She’s all grown up now – sharp, smart and fascinating. Compassion is not her strength, but in this season of giving, a few elves are hard at work, and Abigail’s own heart might just be the cost.


Also included in this anthology ~ 

Christmas Day Wedding Bells by Lynna Banning
   Buttoned-up librarian Alice, is swept away by US marshal Rand Logan on a new adventure.

Snowbound in Big Springs by Lauri Robinson
      Welles must confront Sophie and their undeclared feelings.


** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** **

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Have a very merry Christmas and thanks for visiting us throughout the year here at Petticoats & Pistols!


Cheryl Pierson



Texas Ranger Shiloh Barrett loses his hotheaded older brother to a gunfight over a hand of cards. Now the “winner”—a wealthy landowner who’s coveted the Barrett homestead—finally has what he wants. But could there be something Seamus O’Connor desires more than the Barretts’ land?

O’Connor has not seen his beautiful daughter, Kalli, for thirteen years. He knows that she’s living with her mother’s Cherokee people in northeastern Indian Territory. Determined to have her kidnapped and brought to him, Seamus uses the deed he holds to the Barrett homestead to get what he wants. Even though it goes against everything Shiloh Barrett believes is right, O’Connor’s blackmail cannot be ignored.

But beautiful Kalliroe White Dove O’Connor has some tricks up her sleeve as the handsome ex-ranger spirits her away into the nearby San Bois Mountains. The tables turn when Shiloh is bitten by a rattlesnake their first day on the trail. Though Kalli tells herself she has no other choice but to stay with Shiloh—and she does want to reunite with her father—deep down, she knows there is another reason she can’t leave the handsome lawman. Could it be she’s falling in love with him?

In a final showdown with a cutthroat outlaw gang, Shiloh heads straight into the pit of vipers to buy some time for the man he despises—Kalli’s father. No matter how this all plays out, KIDNAPPING KALLI has been the best thing Shiloh Barrett’s ever done—if he only lives to see it through…




A woman with no home…

Beautiful Southern belle Julia Jackson has just been informed she and her niece must find a new home immediately—or else. With no family to turn to in Georgia, Julia takes a mighty gamble and answers an advertisement for a nursemaid in wild Indian Territory—for the child of a man she knows nothing about. Together, she and five-year-old Lauralee waste no time as they flee to the safety of the new position Julia has accepted. She can only hope this move will be the start of a bright future for them away from Lauralee’s dangerous much older half-brother.

A rancher with no heart…
The death of Devlin Campbell’s young daughter has ripped the light from his life. Though the birth of his son, little Jamie, should have been a source of happiness, the subsequent loss of his wife forces Dev to ignore his emotions and trudge through life’s joyless responsibilities. But all that changes with the arrival of Miss Julia Jackson from Atlanta! Not at all what Dev is expecting in response to his ad, his resentment boils over at her failure to mention her tag-along niece—a painful reminder of the loss of his own little girl just two years earlier. Yet, how can he deny the sunshine Julie brings into his drab existence with her very presence?

Can love find a way?

In the depths of Dev’s boundless sorrow and his accompanying anger, is there room in his life for anyone else as Christmas approaches? Can Julie convince him that love is the cure for a broken heart, and hope is the only recipe for a new beginning between THE DEVIL AND MISS JULIA JACKSON…



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Trish Milburn


A Merry Mountain Christmas by Trish Milburn

Heidi Forrester has it all–a new promotion, great friends, and plans to purchase an awesome condo in downtown Chicago. But when her Christmas plans don’t pan out, she instead vacations solo in Merry, Montana–a picturesque mountain village where it’s Christmas year-round. Charmed, she jumps at the chance to join the festivities by assisting the incredibly handsome but understaffed owner of A World of Christmas, a two-story wonderland of Christmas decor, and finds more holiday spirit and fun than she ever did at glamorous resorts.

Ben McNamara can’t believe his luck when the beautiful visitor to his store offers to fill his seasonal help vacancy. Even more fortuitous, she’s a marketing genius who can help him make A World of Christmas more attractive to potential buyers. But as the date draws close for him to hand off his family’s legacy, Ben realizes that maybe it wasn’t the ever-present Christmas atmosphere that had bothered him, but rather the fact that he’d never had anyone to share it with.

Can Heidi convince Ben there’s so much more to love on Yule Mountain than just Christmas?


A Merry Mountain Christmas is available at the following retailers:

Amazon * iBooks * Kobo


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Ruth Logan Herne

I love novellas… I love quick reads! From the time I was a child and read serials in McCalls magazine… and then Redbook… oh mylanta, I loved the anticipation of waiting for that next magazine to arrive! With binge watching and instant access we’ve removed some of the fun anticipation that we all enjoy at holiday time so here, today, I’m showing you two novella collections that will help bide the time between shopping, baking, church and Hallmark movies! First, lose yourself in Christmas of yesteryear with this beautiful edition of three pioneer Christmas novellas… All by yours truly! Glimpse the grace of the past through the eyes of the present as you join three strong women in their quest to survive the rugged, wild west in “Christmas on the Frontier”… AVAILABLE HERE!


And for those who love contemporary novellas, I was so excited to be part of this wonderful Western duo with the marvelous RITA-AWARD-WINNING Linda Goodnight for “A Cowboy Christmas” through Love Inspired! Join Linda and me as our characters face modern-day Western trials during a season of faith, hope and love… and the greatest of these love! 🙂






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195 thoughts on “COWBOYS & MISTLETOE ~ Day 3”

      • Oh, yes, sugar cookies are so wonderful. My aunt had a recipe that had lemon in it– just a little– and those were so good.

    • Thanks, Denise! I had fun with these, for sure–a hero who kidnaps someone and another hero who doesn’t want any emotional entanglements and gets it in spades with “Miss Julia Jackson”! LOL

  1. Cheryl, both of your stories sound like exciting reads. Love the cover of The Devil And Miss Julia Jackson due to Jimmy Thomas being on the cover. 🙂

    • Tonya, that’s mine, too. And Christmas is the only time I make it because…well, you know. LOL Same with those yeast rolls–only on the holidays. LOL Thanks so much for stopping by!

  2. I adore the iced cookies each Christmas! As for a destination, I have always wanted to spend a Christmas in Scotland.

  3. I have to pick one favorite treat?Don’t tell my mom I didn’t pick her peanut brittle even though it’s the best I’ve ever had. I’m a cookie lover so I guess I’d say my favorite holiday treat is Sand Tarts because it’s the only time of year I make them.

    • Stephanie, that’s how I was about my mom’s divinity. My dad loved it, but to me I could just take it or leave it…and it was hard to make and get it “just right” — give me fudge any day! LOL But she made excellent fudge and divinity, so everyone was happy. LOL

  4. I love peanut butter whirls. We only make them at Christmas. For destination, I really want to visit some place where I can have my whole family. I do not care where. I just want them all to be able to share the holiday with me.

    • Debra, I’m so glad that Pam thought of doing this. She has the very best ideas, and this is one of them. Getting all our Christmas books in one spot is great, I think! We’re all going to be ready for the holidays and in the Christmas spirit now! Those peanut butter whirls sound wonderful–I love peanut butter. I have never had them before.

    • Right? And I’m finding that there are lots of folks like us, that love a quick read. Life is going by at breakneck speed so often… that even when I slow down, sometimes a quick story is the absolute bread and butter of my day!


      And cookies.

      Mostly cookies.

  5. Love having the opportunity to learn about so many new books. I prefer being home for Christmas. Love having the kids come home with the grands. We always have snow to play in and have built many snowmen and forts! We ATV through the woods pulling a sled, eat lots of homemade food, and attend church together. I enjoy Kringler as a treat.

    • Now, Kathy, I have never heard of Kringler. What is it and how do you make it? A cookie? A candy? I’m curious! Sounds like you all have a wonderful holiday tradition. Like you, I always just want to be home for Christmas. I feel like Dorothy and her ruby slippers if I’m ever away during the holidays…Just want to go home! LOL

      • It is a Danish dessert. The bottom layer is flour, butter, and water spread in a long strip on a cookie sheet. Then a filling of almond extract, eggs, flour, and melted butter is spread on the bottom layer. After baking, it is frosted with a Powdered sugar, cream, and butter, and almond extract and covered with slivered almonds. So good!

  6. My niece, on my husbands side, makes the most smooth and delicous home made fudge. We all look forward to it every Christmas. My sister, makes a custard pie that I could eat the whole thing if allowed.

    • Lori, my mom made such wonderful fudge, and I used that same recipe she had–the one off the marshmallow crème jar. I always have to make two batches–one with nuts and one without. My kids are not “nut eaters” — and to think, that was a big part of what we got (and looked forward to!) in our stockings when I was growing up! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

  7. My favorite Christmas destination is the Arboretum. Every year they decorate for Christmas and sell hand made decorations. But to see it all in the snow, is like being in a winter wonder land. Then we go out for dinner and hot chocolate afterwards

    • YES!!!! There is nothing that can beat home made fudge, for sure. I was shocked to learn that some people put FLOUR in their fudge (my mom told me that years ago, so I’m thinking it was a trick to make it “go further” in the Depression). I love fudge soooo much. Oh, and chocolate covered cherries. I don’t make those, just buy them by the box and eat them…

  8. any destination as long as family there – also had no response to Ruth’s contact page, would not take either my email or contact info I filled out – thanks!

  9. Merry Christmas to all. I followed Ruth, Trish, Cheryl, and Kathryn. Thank you all for such a wonderful contest.

    Cheryl, my favorite Christmas treat used to be any kind of chocolate, but now for no reason I understand, I’m utterly ravenous for pumpkin pie. All the time! 🙂

    Trish, as a kid my favorite Christmas destination was my two cousins’ home where we kids would play with our new board games all day long. These days, I’d like to head out west to Texas Hill Country, West Texas, the Four Corners, and many of the beautiful natural sites in the Southwest that I’ve never seen. Don’t dream much do I? 🙂

    • Eliza, I went through a time like that where I wanted to drink tomato juice all day long, one glass right after another. It was so weird. I got through it, but it lasted about 2 weeks. I guess that means our bodies are telling us what they need. LOL

    • Cathy, that makes my entire MONTH! Maybe my entire YEAR! Thanks so much. It always means a lot to hear that from a reader because you know you’ve done something right and entertained someone! Thanks for coming by and leaving that comment!

  10. Favorite treat! All of them! If I could only have one I would pick the peanut butter cookies with a kiss on top!

    • Oh, Julia, I love those too! But I cheat and buy the Pillsbury peanut butter cookie dough and use that. I could just eat those things like there’s no tomorrow when I make them.

  11. My favorite Christmas destination is home with my family. I love being with my husband and kids. I commented in the box about my favorite Christmas treat and it is cookies. I love all types of cookies and we usually make several different kinds before Christmas. Love to bake them for my family. Ruth, I am trying to sign up for your newsletter, but am having issues. I am thinking it is on my end. I will keep trying.
    Looks like some great Christmas books mentioned above. Looking forward to seeing how many I can read before Christmas!

    • Joy, I’m a cookie fiend myself. Most times I’d rather have cookies than cake, but candy is my #1 fave. LOL BAD CHERYL! I do splurge at Christmas and eat pretty much whatever I want.

  12. Favorite treat – chocolate chip cookies with nuts, peanut butter fudge, a peppermint cookie I found the recipe for a couple of years ago.

  13. Favorite destination – right here at home, because the great-grandcooties are coming to visit again this year!

    • I love holiday stories. I made that pledge to write one for every Christmas once I got published (THANK YOU, MELISSA ENDLICH AT LOVE INSPIRED BOOKS!!!!) and I’ve done it… because I love them!!! 🙂

    • Dee, fudge is my very favorite and I have the recipe my mom used. I still remember her teaching me how to drop some of the mixture in a little bowl with cold water in it to see if it was at the “soft ball” stage! LOL Great memories!

  14. Favorite Christmas destination is to see family. Now if they would all come to Disneyland with me that would be great. LOL

  15. You are have such wonderful and appealing stories. I want to read every one of them. Thanks for adding to a great special week for P&P. Love you all.

  16. Ruth, I agree that the anticipation and pacing of Christmas can get lost in the commotion of activity. The novellas will be a great break to calm things down.

    • Cheryl my sisters would love that! I like fresh coconut but don’t like it in desserts. I know…weird. LOL Thanks for stopping by.

    • Adding these to my list, I’d forgotten about them! I love these… and coconut cake. Oh mylanta, that moist, wonderful coconut cake… I must make both now!

    • YUMMM, I’m going to try that, Kate! I make Chex Mix all year round because my husband would live off of it, so that is going to be something I try to change it up a little.

  17. Every Christmas, my family always makes M&M cookies… definitely a favorite treat of mine! 🙂
    As for Holiday destination… enjoyed cruising, but there is no place like home!

  18. My favorite treat is my family’s Christmas morning coffee cake!

    My favorite holiday destination is anywhere that my husband and three kiddos are at. Oh and our cat Koco 🙂

  19. Finally it took me long enough to find out how ???

    My favorite Christmas Treat is my Dad’s Fresh Fruit Salad.

    My Favorite Destination for Christmas is Wherever in Texas my Family chooses to get together.

    I followed on Bookbub and signed up for Newsletters even pre-ordered your book Ruth.

    Merry Christmas Everyone…
    ??? Thanks For Sharing Your Talent and Allowing Readers like me to Dream ???

    • Peggy, thanks so much for stopping by and commenting! I love fruit salad! I didn’t even know there was a “fresh” version of fruit cocktail until I was grown up. LOL Merry Christmas! Hope you enjoy reading some of these stories of ours!

    • Oh, Peggy, you make me feel so good! Tell me about Dad’s Fresh Fruit Salad. Is it with whipped cream or all fresh fruits? It sounds marvelous! And I got your newsletter sign-up, thank you! And thanks for preordering the book!!! 🙂 That just made my day because any time I get to work with other authors like Linda Goodnight, I’m SO HAPPY! 🙂

  20. Finally it took me long enough to find out how ???

    My favorite Christmas Treat is my Dad’s Fresh Fruit Salad.

    My Favorite Destination for Christmas is Wherever in Texas my Family chooses to get together.

    I followed on Bookbub and signed up for Newsletters even pre-ordered your book Ruth.

    Merry Christmas Everyone…
    ??? Thanks For Sharing Your Talent and Allowing Readers like me to Dream ???

    • Caffey, my older sisters and my mom all loved coconut in every kind of dessert, but my favorite way to eat it is fresh–and I have not done that in YEARS. Gotta say, though, White Christmas Pie does sound magical!

  21. I love to be home for the holidays! There is a Jane Austen quote that so is a favorite “Ah! There is nothing like staying at home, for real comfort.” And that so fits. I make hot chocolate with it and love when my children visit

  22. Cheryl – hmmm… My favorite Christmas treat is actually the same as my dad’s – Italian Almond cookies (which are actually made with walnuts!). Oh… I just caught a whiff of them while typing this! lol They’re also the only cookie I like that’s frosted (but when I’m making them myself, I only frost about half of them) generally. We would make dozens of different cookies growing up and give away plates of them for gifts. It was always between these and pecan pastries for my favorites!

    • Oh, Michelle…that sounds wonderful! I’m crazy about anything with nuts, and I really do like all kinds of nuts. I have not made “from scratch” cookies for a very long time–I think I need to “fix” that situation this year!

  23. Trish — favorite Christmas destination? Anyplace me and my 2 best friends could meet up. We’re all 3 scattered across the country, so in person time with all 3 of us together is rare and treasured. But if I could pick, I’d totally do Hawaii for Christmas with them! lol


    Thanks to everyone for the chances to win! And I’m lovin’ the sounds of all these books. Cheryl – I’ve already loved and fallin’ in love with yours. Everyone else is new to me authors! 🙂

  24. I love molasses cookies at Christmas Cheryl. I had hoped, Trish, that I would be at Disney for Christmas this year but I’ll be home instead…which is my favorite place to be for Christmas.

    • Oh, yum, Sheila! Molasses cookies…I’ve not had those in years. I’m gonna start a list of stuff I need to make for the holidays! I might not even make any “real” food this year! Just live on desserts…

    • I haven’t done that in years. If I were still in Tennessee, I might be tempted to go do so this year. But there is a lighted boat parade near here, so maybe I’ll check that out instead.

  25. I’m not sure if I’m signed up for Ruth’s newsletter or not, but I could not get the link to work or send a message.

  26. My favorite homemade Christmas treat is Finnish Christmas pastries, filled with apple jam.
    My favorite Christmas vacation destination is home.

    • Anne, my mom used to keep a tin of those “Danish Shortbread Cookies” at her house during the holidays and I could not leave them alone. I bet they’re wonderful when they’re home made!

  27. My favorite Christmas treat is called Vanija Kranzl, a cookie Grandma taught me to make. Two super thin vanilla wafers cemented together with seedless raspberry jam, then dipped in very fine sugar – aged at least three weeks in a cold place.

    • Karen, I’ve never heard of that! What nationality are those from? Our former filly sis, Tanya Hanson, wrote a story about “springerle” (I’m not sure I spelled that right) but it was just a very sweet novella and one of my favorite stories of hers.

  28. I apologize if some of you are having trouble signing up for Ruth’s newsletter. If you go to her website, it’s on the Contact Ruth page. I’ve asked Ruth to hop over here and touch bases with those of you having trouble. She can add you to her newsletter manually, I believe.

    We are so glad you’re here!!

    • Pam, thank you for jumping in here! I got a couple of sign ups through the website (I’ll yell at iPage today!!!! Nicely, of course….) And a bunch of folks e-mailed me and we added them.

      I’m sorry you guys had trouble with it, but feel free to e-mail me at and we’ll make sure you’re in the drawing properly!

    • Catherine, I have seen others mentioning sugar cookies as being a favorite and I’m going to try to make some of those this year from scratch and hopefully can find that recipe my aunt used to use when she made them. Oh, those were so wonderful. I love Christmas because I eat without feeling guilty. LOL

    • Lori, I remember my mom and I making different colors of icing to decorate with when I was little. I can’t remember what we made–bells I think, and ornaments. I bet I still have those cookie cutters somewhere!

  29. These books sound awesome. I have been having computer problems all day how my son can fix it. Cheryl peanut butter candy is my favorite Christmas treat. Ruth I tried to sigh up for your newsletter but not sure it went through. I am entering these through the name of Virginia.

    • Quilt Lady, my husband loves peanut butter fudge. I had never heard of it until I met him, and he asked if I knew how to make it when we were newlyweds so of course–I had to ask people for recipes and so on as that was before Google. LOL I think he would rather have that than chocolate fudge.

  30. What Christmas treat ISN’T my favorite? 🙂 But if I had to chose one – I’d pick a candy that my grandma loved and only bought during the holidays. Just found out last year they are called French Creams and there are still places that sell them. I remember how she’d bring a bag full every holiday and pass them out to all the children. Yummy. Can’t wait to read the books and stories featured on this blog. I love Christmas.

    • Donna, that “Vermont Country Store” has all kinds of bygone things you can get from them. I love Christmas, too, and always look forward to it. My hubby says I’m a ‘big ol’ fifth grader’ when it comes to the holidays! LOL

    • I remember French creams! The ones my Aunt Isabelle would buy at Sibley’s Bakery and Candy shop were pastel… like sherbet colors… and dusted with fine sugar.

      They were so good!

    • Heidi, I’m going to have to find a good recipe for those and make them. It’s been a long time since I had them. I think this Christmas, I’m going to make some treats that we haven’t had for a while!

    • Sugar cookies are very popular and I’m guessing that this is probably the only time of year that most people make them, Vicki–kind of like the fudge and divinity. I might start making Christmas treats on the 1st of December and go to the 1st of January. LOL So glad you stopped by!

  31. My favorite destination would be Australia as it is summer there. Would be different not having snow on christmas. I don’t have a favorite sweet but I do enjoy Dark chocolate every now and then.

    • Kim, I was so thrilled to find the DARK CHOCOLATE covered cherries at Wal Mart today. I bought 6 boxes…who knows when I might see the dark chocolate ones again, right? And did you know you can freeze those? I might go get 6 more boxes tomorrow!

      • Cheryl, when my mom was pregnant with me she had a craving for chocolate covered cherries, and so it became a tradition at Christmas time. Even after my dad passed, we made sure she got her “fix” or holiday treats (however you look at it) and it meant so much to her. It just wasn’t Christmas without chocolate covered cherries. I miss her so much but now I can think of you having them in her native Oklahoma instead. Thank you so much.

      • Eliza, when my parents first got married, they were so broke, so Mom bought Dad a box of chocolate covered cherries and that was her gift. I can’t remember what he got her, but every year after that she’d buy him a box of chocolate covered cherries and wrap them and put them under the tree, and when he’d unwrap them, there was always a look of remembrance that passed between them. I will never forget that.

      • Cheryl, I was born 10 months after my parents married and my dad had returned from WWII, so your story strikes a note with me–both for your parents and mine and the times they lived in as young marrieds. (They married Dec 2, 1946–anniversary coming up soon. And those were tough times.) Thinking now of my mother’s stories, I’ll bet they had very little too, especially married young with a new baby. So as a kid I probably missed that angle, and with my dad passing when I was just 17, I’ve maybe kept that limited view. Thank you for helping me remembering that side too because we had a lot of years, mom and me with it being our thing. God Bless.

  32. Kathryn, I love holiday anthologies and this one sounds enjoyable.
    Cheryl, I too love fudge, but a favorite I make only at Christmas is Bourbon Balls. They are rich and strong and I dare only keep them around for the Holidays. My family loves them, another reason not to have them on hand too often.
    Trish, my favorite location for the holidays is anywhere my family is. I would love to have a snow-covered cabin in the Northern woods, next to a frozen over lake. One large enough for the whole family. We could spend a week ice skating, playing in the snow, baking, reading, playing games, and just enjoying each other.
    Ruth, I followed you on Bookbub. I tried to subscribe to your newsletter and email you, but the page wasn’t working and it wouldn’t post. Will try to remember to try again tomorrow. I love anthologies, and “Christmas on the Frontier” sounds like a satisfying read.

    • Patricia, I don’t know why it wasn’t working… some came through but others didn’t! I’m so sorry it gave you problems, sweet lady! Thank you for following me on Bookbub! I am so grateful! And if you email me directly, I’ll make sure you’re on the newsletter list, Patricia!

    • Patricia, my mom made those bourbon balls a few times and we loved them so much. They are rich, but they are sooo wonderful!

  33. How fun, everyone! I do love anthologies, especially holiday ones!

    Cheryl, I love all holiday treats, and cookies are probably my favorite. This recipe is our to-go for stuff to share though–it’s easy to make in batches!

    Trish, I don’t have a favorite place for the holidays, but anywhere my family is where I want to be. This year, I think that will be home… in previous years, we’ve been fortunate to spend Christmas in Portland, Las Vegas, and Seattle, among others…

    Ruth, following on BB and subscribed 🙂

  34. Cheryl, my favorite Christmas treat is actually two things. Peanut covered peanuts and Peanut Butter Fudge. When we farmed, we sold our tobacco crop in December and my husband would always bring in a bag of chocolate covered peanuts after a day at the tobacco warehouse. I also try to make the Peanut Butter Fudge during the holidays. Thanks for being a part of this giveaway.

    Trish, l prefer to be home at Christmas but I would consider Disney World for my granddaughter! Thanks for being a part of this giveaway.

    Ruthy, I follow you on Bookbub and I subscribed. Thanks for being a part of this giveaway.

    • Connie, thanks so much for stopping by–I love those chocolate covered peanuts. When I was young, my mom and I would drive to my grandparents’ for the weekends sometimes, and that was one thing she brought along for us to munch on. Great memories! I love those things!

  35. Cheryl, one of the Christmas treats that I like is homemade peanut butter fudge. I would probably say it is favorite, but it has been some years since I’ve had any. I also like cookies, just the usual, normal everyday cookies.

    Trish, my favorite destination at Christmas, or any time, is where ever my family is. My sister lives in Tennessee and hubby’s brother lives in California. Our children and grandchildren are right here in Oklahoma.

    Kathryn, I followed you on BookBub.

    Ruthy, I followed you on BookBub, and I’ve subscribed to your newsletter.

    And to all of you, thank you for this opportunity to learn more about you & your books.

    • Donna, so glad you stopped by! My hubby loves peanut butter fudge sooo much. I didn’t know there was such a thing until I met him! Of course, then I had to learn how to make it! LOL Merry Christmas!

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