The Birth of Kasota Springs

Hurrah, hallelujah, excited, hyped, and every synonym that describes my feelings about this being my release date for my newest Kasota Springs Romance Out of a Texas Night. Although Kensington labeled this book as a romance series based on my original proposal, it’s more than a romance. It’s packed full with some suspense and two mystery threads.  You can’t do a story between two deputies with the Bonita County Sheriff’s Department out of Kasota Springs, without there being bad guys involved. I had initially planned on one mystery with a red herring, but the more I wrote the more legal ease entered into my story. It’s partly because I worked in the legal field, plus took a fantastic week-long class on law enforcement at the Jodi Thomas West Texas A&M’s writers academy.  So, thanks to Matt Sherly for his hard work and insight that made my characters do a lot of switcheroos, without my knowing it!  And for a non-writer, I bet you’re scratching your head wondering how characters who are roaming around in my brain can do stuff without me knowing it. But, it’s true. I was as surprised towards the end, as hopefully, my readers will be.

Here’s a little background on Kasota Springs, in the Texas Panhandle.

In one of our anthologies, we needed the name of a fictional town for all four of our stories.  I was coming back from a trip and within a few miles of Amarillo right before my eyes the Kasota railroad crossing sign jumped out at me. That was the choice all four of us agreed upon for our 1890 Fourth of July anthology, Give Me a Cowboy.

I used the town in A Texas Christmas, which hit New York Times and USA Today. In Give Me A Cowboy fellow Filly Linda Broday and I used a mother and daughter team as our heroines. Tempest LeDoux and Alaine LeDoux are a handful. I introduced Aunt Edwinna Dewey in my Christmas story.

By now, you might be wondering how does all of this go with a contemporary romance story.  When I began writing contemporary western romances, Linda was kind enough to let me use her character, Tempest LeDoux, for the lineage of one of my characters Sylvie LeDoux. Just an FYI, Sylvie LeDoux, who owns the antique store, is my heroine in my next book, and falls victim to a scam.

As my characters developed in my first contemporary The Tycoon and the Texan ends up in Kasota Springs, I thought there’d be a lineage back to the town’s founding fathers, just like it is in most older towns.  Sure enough they began coming out.  Today’s release, Out of a Texas Night, has a lineage of three to five generation from the Humphrey’s, Teg Tegler, to Granny Johnson and Lola Ruth Hicks. I couldn’t get rid of them because they are the glue that keeps the Jacks Bluff running; plus, Granny Johnson is named for my own Granny and Lola Ruth comes from my mother and mother-in-law. Plus, in each contemporary story I always have the recipe that Lola Ruth makes.

In my opinion, the blub on the cover written by Kensington should be enough to draw anybody into Out of a Texas Night. “Everything’s bigger in Texas…including love!  …  but one kiss from Brody VanZant is enough to make … Avery Humphrey …  trade soothing to sizzling…”

And, if that’s not enough, here’s the opening to Out of a Texas Night.

Chapter 1

Kasota Springs, Texas

Spring Festival 2015

Avery Danielle Humphrey shaded her eyes from the stark white sunlight with her lace trimmed, large brimmed bonnet. She watched thirty or so Texas longhorns, with horns as wide as the length of her bed, strut down North Main Street flanked by cowboys from the surrounding ranches.

     She took a step to the side. Forgetting to pick up her big hoop skirt, she nearly tripped. She couldn’t help but wonder how in the world Southern belles wore such garbs without falling head over teakettle. No wonder they walked slow, didn’t look down and had such a measured, Southern drawl from holding their breath.  They were praying they didn’t fall.

I hope I gave you all a nugget or two, making you want to buy either the eBook or trade size book from your favorite retailer.  I hope you’ll leave a review after you read it.

I have two questions. First, do you like stories where there are recurring characters with new ones added?  Second, do you typically leave a review on a purchase site, if you like the book?

Since today is a special day for me, to ten lucky readers who leaves a comment, I’m giving an several gifts, including two autographed trade size books, six eBooks, and two Bath and Body Works Gift Cards.


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A native Texan, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Phyliss Miranda still believes in the Code of the Old West and loves to share her love for antiques, the lost art of quilting, and the Wild West.

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46 thoughts on “The Birth of Kasota Springs”

  1. Good Morning Phyliss I started this book bright and early and so far I am IN LOVE. This series has been one of my favorites so I’ve been patiently waiting for it to be released. Enjoy your release day. Love you Dearly all the way from up here in KS down to you in TX!!!

    • Hi precious Tonya, the early bird. Thank you for getting my new book early. IN LOVE … words all writers are happy to hear. Also love what you’ve done to your house and the pictures you posted on facebook. I can hardly wait to hear what you think when you’re finished reading my latest. Big hugs from Texas to our wonderful friend in KS!

  2. Yes, I like to see familiar faces in new stories whether recurring or standalone. When I like an author, series or not will not keep me from reading.
    Yes, I try to write some review for most of what I read. If I try a new to me author, I will at least rate it if I do not plan on reading more from them. My TBR is out of control as it is now.
    I thank you for a new read and the backstory on the town.
    Happy Release Day! From North Central Texas.

    • Hi to our North Central Texas friend, Jerri Lynn! Glad to hear from you. I think most readers (and writers) have a huge TBR stack. I’m a slow reader, so it takes me longer than most. Glad you enjoyed the background on Kasota Springs and my characters. It’s so much fun, but also nerve-wracking trying to keep the lineage clean. I hope once you’ve read my newest story, you’ll enjoy it and give it a review. Big hugs from one Texan to another!

  3. Good Morning Phyliss and happy Release day!!! Oh yes I love recurring characters in books especially when each subsequent book gives more story of previous book before. Yes I always leave a review for books I read. I’ll admit I didn’t always before but for the past 2 yrs or so I have been. Loved every book I have read by you!! Have a Blessed Day

    • Hi Glenda. I’m so happy to see you here today. I think all authors look forward to and love to celebrate release day. I think most people who read series enjoy seeing some of the previous books characters develop along the way. Leaving positive reviews are so important to a writer, so I’m glad you leave them. Thanks for the compliment. I pray you have a Blessed Day, too! Big hugs from Texas.

  4. I forgot to answer your questions. Ha ha, was so excited to finally have this book to read. Yes I love reoccurring characters and I ALWAYS leave reviews for each and every book I read.

    • Good to hear from you again. I’m glad you enjoy reoccurring characters That’s good because I believe you’ve read and reviewed every story I’ve written. I always love your reviews. See you soon!

  5. I love recurring characters after all what reader ever wants a good character to go away. I write reviews on all the books I read. I mostly do so on Goodreads but for my favorite authors I also put them on Amazon. I should put them on both, always I just forget to often. Which may seem strange but my MS brain forgets the craziest things and I hadn’t even thought about Amazon reviews until you asked this question. I’m on my 134th book after starting to read in November 2016 after decades of not reading. I’d love the opportunity to read this book!

    • Hi Stephanie, good to hear from you. A writer loves as many reviews they can get from all of the sources. I think many, especially new readers, go to Amazon for the numbers. Hey, you have an MS brain and I have an “old age” brain! I’m so happy you’re on your 134th book! That so exciting. My mother never read a novel until she discovered Jodi Thomas and Linda Broday. When she passed, she had hundreds of books she’d read. You, like everyone who leaves a comment, are in tonight’s drawing! Good luck! Big Texas hugs from me to you.

    • Hi DebraG, good to hear from you. So glad you liked my post. It’s so strange how we discover our settings in a book and then the name. I have a specific town in mind that is my map for my town of Kasota Springs. Have a great day. Hugs, Phyliss

    • Hi Janine, good to hear from you; and certainly happy you enjoyed the background on my series. Hope you have a great day. Hugs from me to you.

    • Hi Janine, good to hear from you and certainly glad you liked getting some of the background on my new book. I hope you have a wonderful day. Big hugs to you from me.

  6. Good Morning. Thank goodness for Coffee.? Yes, I love Recurring Charaters. I love reading series books. And I try and leave reviews. Sometimes life gets in the way. And it takes me a while… Hope you have a Great day…..

    • Hi Tonya, great to hear from you; and yes, coffee makes the day start off a tad better. I’ve actually given up coffee several months back. And I drank it all of my life. Trying to watch the sugar and I can’t stand the substitutes in my coffee, plus I use creamer. I love recurring characters, too. Many readers don’t realize how important reviews are to a writer. Lots of times, we see where a reader’s review can help us write a better story in the next book. Big hugs and so good to see you here. Hugs from me to you.

  7. I love when a series and the characters are continued to another book. Happy Release Day to you. I always leave reviews for all books I read.

    • Hi Charlene, good to hear from you. I’m think most people enjoy reoccurring characters in a series, too. Thanks for the well wishes on this release. I’m so glad you leave reviews. They mean more to a writer and the house we write for than most readers realize. Have a great day and a big hug!

  8. These stories sound really interesting. I’m excited to delve into one of them, right after I finish my current read. Thank you for providing exciting reading!

    • Hi Janie, glad you left a comment. I’m so happy that you’re all set to delve into one of my stories. The six anthologies are still available. Big hugs and thanks!

  9. Enjoyed this blog. Looking forward to reading. Would certainly love to have an autographed copy for my shelf!!

    • Hi Ruth, thanks for leaving a comment and certainly happy you enjoyed the blog. At the end of the day I’ll put all of the folks who left a comment into a bowl and choose the winners. You’ll be there for sure! Oops, I don’t put the folks in a bowl, just their names! LOL Have a wonderful day. Hugs from me to you.

  10. Howdy Phyliss, what great insight I to your stories. So fun that sweet Linda loaned you that lineage! I love how stories tie together inbetween books and authors and know I’m gonna live this one as much as the Kasotas lol. Best wishes. My friend! xoxo

    • Hi precious friend. So good to hear from you. We need to catch up! Miss you. Isn’t it fun to work with other authors? Especially when they are as cool and a terrific writer, as our Linda. I hope you get it read and get a review on Amazon if possible. I always love your reviews. Let’s figure a way to get together! Big hugs from me to you, XOXO

    • Thanks, Melanie. Good to hear from you. Thanks for the compliment…makes me want to get Sylvie’s story out as quick as I can. She has a very interesting story to tell. Big hugs and I hope you have a great day, too!

    • Hi precious reader. I’m having a great day and was sure happy when my release day coincided with my regular blog day. Makes it more fun! A big hug from me to you.

  11. Hi Kim, thanks for reading my blog and leaving a comment. I appreciate you, my P&P friend. Hope you have a wonderful day after Memorial Day…which tired us all out! A big hug to you from me.

  12. I enjoyed your lovely post today. Your celebration deserves congratulations. Your books are always enjoyable. I follow recurring characters because they are meaningful and special.

  13. Hi Anne, so good to hear from you. I’m happy you liked today’s post. I think lots of time it’s fun to see how a book develops and what it means to the author. I hope you’ve read some of my previous stories. All of the anthologies, six of them, written by Linda Broday, Jodi Thomas, and the late DeWanna Pace are still available. I also have a stash of each, so if you can’t get the one you want just send me an email to! Big hugs and thanks, Phyliss

  14. Recurring characters are important and make the novels and series emotional and memorable. Have a lovely day filled with fun and best of all friends who care.

  15. Hi Pearl, so glad to see you here. Thanks for being a faithful reader. Like you, I like recurring characters. I have a wonderful caring group of writers, readers, and family who are sharing this special day with me. Big hugs, Phyliss

  16. Happy Release Day, Phyllis. What a wonderful accomplishment. Books with recurring characters are family and friends so I look forward to meeting up with them again and again.

    • Hi Ellie. Thanks for reading my blog and leaving a comment. I’m so glad you enjoy recurring characters. It looks like the majority of the readers do also. I just haven’t seen any research on the subject and wondered how you all feel. I hope you have an opportunity to read this book; and thanks for the well wishes. Hugs, Phyliss

  17. Very Happy Release Day. I have always looked forward to recurring characters and their lives and their future trials and tribulations as well as successes and goals.

    • Hi Sharon. Thanks for leaving a comment. Good to hear from you on the subject of recurring characters. I like the words you used: future trials and tribulations as well as successes and goals. Characters should grow and recurring characters gives the authors room to do such. Thanks and big hugs, Phyliss

  18. Congratulations and Happy Release Day!! It sounds terrific.

    As for your two questions, I have a yes and a no. Yes, I love recurring characters immensely, and, no, I don’t leave reviews (sorry). I think maybe that after a lifetime career in publishing I try to read primarily for enjoyment. Of course some things in books strike me as outstanding, while other things don’t work so well. I really don’t like to critique or dwell on “off” reactions any more, and my ethical stance is not to just post glowing reviews and be believable. To decide what to read, I’m more likely to look at the synopsis and read the first chapter online to see if it “grabs” me. Otherwise, I read favorite authors and an occasional new-to-me author if I’m intrigued.

    Probably way more than you wanted to know. 😉

    • P.S. I forgot to say to not enter me in the contest since I don’t have an e-reader and we don’t have a Bed Bath and Beyond. As usual, you’re so very very generous and big-hearted, and I don’t want to waste your time. Congratulations again on release day!

      BTW, seeing the various locations in these posts, I want to add that while I’m and a born and bred Northeasterner (forgive me!), my mom’s family’s is heart and soul Oklahoman, and my she went to high school in East Texas. She kept her Texas drawl as well as her Texas pride all her long life. Does that count? 😉

  19. Hi Eliza, thanks for the informative comment; and, it’s great to hear from you. I understand the reading for pleasure vs. critique mindset of anyone coming out of the publishing world. I mentioned earlier that I’m a slow reader and it’s because I can no longer read for pure pleasure. I read to critique. Also, I critique in my mind TV shows and movies. When I first began writing I always had a book beside me in the genera I was writing in, a how-to book, and one to critique. They’ve gone out the door now. Although I do read how-to books occasionally.

    Thank you, Eliza, for the nice comment. I appreciate it. I might be able to beat you on heritage. My mama was born in Louisiana and came to Texas when she was twelve or so then lived her the rest of her days. Never lost the southern accent and I have a real Texan accent. My Daddy was from Ohio. They met while he was stationed at Amarillo AFB. You can imagine the southern bell married to a northern man and how life was for us. Daddy would have a black-eyed pea in the house because they were for the pigs to eat. They compromised and together managed to raise four daughters before they each passed. I don’t know if the other word for a “northern man” is PC, so didn’t use it! You know what word I’m talking about!!! LOL And yes your mama keeping her Texas drawl and pride counts 150% for me and every other Texan. Once a Texan, always a Texan. I’m sure you’ve heard this many times, but if you wear out a pair of boots in Texas you’ll never leave. Hope you have a wonderful day, my friend. A big hug from me to you.

    • Phyliss, My dad was northerner too, so we ate meat and potatoes, as well as the vegetables we had grown all summer and those put up for winter. Mom made herself beans sometimes, but I think she enjoyed ’em more when she was with her brother and sisters who knew better how important beans really are! I eventually caught on and when I went to Dallas for company business, my co-workers would laugh at me for always having red beans and rice, or beans and corn muffins for lunch no matter where we went!

  20. I enjoyed all those “Give Me A Texas…” anthologies. They all went straight to my Keeper Shelf. I hated to see them stop. It is good that you are continuing the families’ and town’s story. I enjoy when stories follow the inhabitants of an area and/or families. Their stories are interconnected and I enjoy being able to “visit” with friends made in previous books. It is always nice to see how character are doing.
    I do write reviews, but don’t always get them posted as fast as I want. I have 4 that I wrote out a week ago and haven’t had time to get them posted. I am hoping Thursday stays free so I can sit down and type them in. If not it could be another week before I get a free day. I am not even getting as much reading done as I’d like.

  21. I definitely like books with recurring characters. I want to know what has happened in their lives since their book ended.

    As far as reviews, I have several authors I help with reviews as well as those that I win in contests, but I don’t get them all done.

  22. Phyliss, I’m sooooo sorry I missed your big release day. HUGE congrats on getting this book out!! I’m so happy and excited for you. I’m glad you could use Tempest LeDoux and some of the other characters from our anthologies. That is very clever to bring those families into the 21st century. Hurrah to Avery and Brody! Love you, dear friend!

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