Who loves a great Valentine’s Day story? I DO! I love to read them and write them! If there is a more romantic time of year, I don’t know what it is—and it’s especially so for me, since my hubby and I got married on February 10, 1979, thirty-eight years ago!



He’s my “real-life” hero, but I do love to write fiction—ROMANTIC fiction—so I couldn’t pass up the chance to let my imagination roam and write a few Valentine’s Day stories of my own, in both contemporary and historical genres. But goodness, we can’t limit ourselves just to ONE DAY, can we? I’ll be sure and mark the stories that have a Valentine’s Day theme—the others are just wonderfully romantic stories that you won’t want to pass up.


With flowers and candy at the top of the “romantic” list, I always indulge in a guilty pleasure or two and buy myself some VERY romantic stories to lose myself in at this time of year!







Here are a few “picks” for you if you’re looking for some romantic Valentine’s Day reading…

HEARTS AND SPURS is a short story collection that features nine sensual Valentine’s Day love tales of the old west that will leave no doubt—Cupid is a cowboy, and he’s playing for keeps! How do you capture a cowboy’s heart? HEARTS AND SPURS includes stories by many of our P&P past and present “fillies” along with Livia J. Washburn, Sarah J. McNeal and Jacquie Rogers!

FOUND HEARTS by Cheryl Pierson—An enemy from the past threatens Alex Cameron’s future on the day he’s set to wed mail-order bride Evie Fremont. Can they survive their wedding day?

OPEN HEARTS by Tanya Hanson—A woman living as a man to practice the law she loves must guard her identity—and her heart—from a handsome sheriff, who discovers her secret and must decide whether to turn her in or fall in love.

THE WIDOW’S HEART by Linda Broday—Desperate and alone, Skye O’Rourke finds courage and a love she thought she’d lost when a man from her past emerges from the shimmering desert heat.

COMING HOME by Tracy Garrett—Sometimes it takes two to make dreams come true. When a man who believes he’ll never have a home and family finds a woman who has lost everything…It takes a lot of forgiveness and a few fireworks to realize that together, their dreams can come true.

TUMBLEWEEDS AND VALENTINES by Phyliss Miranda—The wildness of a tumbleweed and the sweetness of chocolate bring Amanda Love the love of a lifetime.

THE SECOND-BEST RANGER IN TEXAS by Kathleen Rice Adams—A washed-up Texas Ranger. A failed nun with a violent past. A love that will redeem them both. (WESTERN FICTIONEER PEACEMAKER AWARD WINNER!)

What a wonderful anthology this is, and it’s now FREE THIS WEEK for the digital edition. It’s also available in print!

For this excellent collection as well as many other FREE and .99 books, stories and anthologies Prairie Rose Publications is running a huge VALENTINE EXTRAVAGANZA! Go to the PRP WEBSITE below to see many more free Valentine’s Day special offers you won’t want to miss!

A HEART FOR A HEART is a contemporary Valentine’s Day novella you might enjoy… Kiera Leslie is all set to welcome Cory Tiger into her home as a foster child. Orphaned and with a learning disability, Cory is looking forward to living with his tutor. Until his uncle shows up… Sam Tiger returns from military duty to find his deceased brother’s son being taken in by a stranger. The boy needs his family—and Sam is it. He never expects the tutor to stand up to him and want to keep Cory. Then the worst happens—he finds himself attracted to Kiera. It’s Valentine’s Day, and Cupid’s got deadly aim!



HIDDEN TRAILS takes place right around Valentine’s Day in a blinding snowstorm.

Levi Connor has never run from anything in his life, and he doesn’t intend to start now. After killing the two bandits who’d followed him into Indian Territory, he finds himself wounded and riding through a blinding February snowstorm. With no purpose ahead of him and no past to guide him, he discovers a reason to exist—the beautiful mixed-blood girl who takes him in and heals him. Valentine Reneau lives in fear that her father will find her someday in the heart of Indian Territory and force her to return to Mississippi to take her mother’s place—in every way. She knows her time has run out when a stranger shows up on her land with two hired guns—and the devil in his plans. With some unlikely help, Valentine must try to escape the slave’s fate that her mother left behind so many years before. Will Levi kill for a woman he barely knows? The chips are down, the guns blaze, and everything finally comes clear along these HIDDEN TRAILS…but who’ll be left alive?

HIDDEN TRAILS was a finalist in the short fiction category of the Western Fictioneers Peacemaker Awards!


No, this one is not a Valentine’s Day themed story, but it has to be one of my all-time favorite love stories. If you have not read it yet, you won’t be disappointed! It’s Penelope Williamson’s THE OUTSIDER—an oldie but a goodie!

Throughout the years on her Montana homestead, Rachel Yoder had never been afraid—the creed of the Plain People had been her strength. Then the day came when lawless men killed Rachel’s husband in an act of blind greed. Now, at her darkest hour, an outsider walks across her meadow and into her life… Johnny Cain is bloody, near death, and armed to the teeth. A man hardened by his violent past, Cain has never known a woman like Rachel—someone who offers him a chance to heal more than his physical wounds. Cain’s lazy smile and teasing ways steal Rachel’s heart and confound her soul. Soon she must choose between all she holds dear—her faith, her family, perhaps her very salvation—and the man they call the Outsider.

Another excellent story by Penelope Williamson that I really enjoyed was HEART OF THE WEST…you can’t get enough of Penelope Williamson!

Here are some tales that are sexy, romantic, and wonderful!

HANNAH’S VOW by Pam Crooks













SENECA SURRENDER by Karen Kay writing as Gen Bailey







BEYOND THE FIRE by Cheryl Pierson

When Kendi Morgan witnesses an attempted murder near her home one stormy November night, she makes the only choice her heart will allow: she has to help the victim. But bringing the handsome stranger into her home traps her in the middle of a deadly drug war.

Wounded DEA agent Jackson Taylor is a man with nothing to lose and nothing to fear—until he falls for the beautiful woman who risks everything to save his life.

With his cover blown, Jackson knows he’s all that stands between Kendi and Benito Sanchez, a powerful drug cartel lord. Sanchez swears his vengeance, vowing to see Jackson and Kendi both dead.

Love comes fast when there may be only hours left…can it survive? Or will Jackson sacrifice his partner’s life—along with his own—in exchange for Kendi’s safety? Does a future exist for them BEYOND THE FIRE…
Previously published as Temptation’s Touch.

What’s the most romantic story you ever read? Leave your answer in the comments along with your contact information for a chance to win a digital copy of HIDDEN TRAILS! Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day, everyone–and don’t forget to pop over to the PRAIRIE ROSE PUBLICATIONS blog for tons of bargains from FEB. 13-17!!








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20 thoughts on “ROMANTIC VALENTINE READS AND A GIVEAWAY! by Cheryl Pierson”

  1. Will be sure to head over to PRAIRIE ROSE PUBLICATIONS much later today. All the books you highlighted sound wonderful. Thanks for highlighting these books. I will be looking for them.

    I am not sure I can pick a most romantic story. There are so many good authors and I have read and enjoyed so many books, it is hard to choose just one. It is also a bit hard with the different books I read. I enjoy Westerns (historical and contemporary), Historical, Contemporary, and suspense. I have read books by every one of the Fillies and enjoyed them. I will have to think about the most romantic book I have read. Sometimes it depends on my mood and what may be most romantic in one sub-genre won’t really be in another.

    Have a great Valentine’s Day.

    • Patricia, it is VERY hard to pick just one favorite–even picking “just one” from each genre is hard! The one that got me hooked on reading (and writing) western historical romance was Rosemary Rogers’s SWEET SAVAGE LOVE. She had a way of putting the reader RIGHT THERE in the scene–and that is such a gift. So if I had to pick “just one”–that would probably be it, but my goodness, there are so many others that I could name that are right up there on that list in all different genres!

      One of my favorites is called STORMFIRE, by Christine Monson. It’s gritty, and very very realistic, but what a story! She had a way of making her characters so extremely human, so identifiable by their feelings and their mistakes and desires, that even though there were some parts of that book that were hard to take, the realism was what made me keep reading, and I’m so glad I did.

      You have a wonderful Valentine’s Day, too, Pat!

  2. Brenda Jackson writes some of the most romantic stories. The men are not afraid to go to the limit to get their woman.

  3. First of all, here’s wishing you a belated Happy Anniversary! That’s a love story right there.
    I hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day.

    Like others have said, it’s hard to pin down just one love story, but reading Silver Linings by Maggie Osborne is what launched me into reading mostly western romances these days. I enjoyed many of her other books in the past but this one hit me at just the right time and it’s one I love to re-read. I also really love Never Love a Lawman by Jo Goodman, and His Secondhand Wife by Cheryl St John, but there are far too many others to list.

    My favorite themes are mail order brides, shot-gun weddings, and marriages of convenience. I guess I love the whole process of two people starting from scratch and watching the relationship grow, as opposed to instantaneous lust. This feeling even crosses over into other types of historicals that are favorites, like Lisa Kleypas’s Devil in Winter, and Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander.

    Wishing everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day.

    • Aw, thanks so much, Eliza! It’s been a darn good 38 years, for sure!

      I am writing madly, adding to my TBR list–I have not read any of the books you mentioned, so it’s time to get my “Amazon-clicking finger” out and order those up! I have read Lisa Kleypas’s Devil in Winter and loved it…I really did love her Wallflower series, too, and of course, Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series was wonderful…oh to write like that! She’s got such a way of making things so real, doesn’t she?

      Hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

  4. HI Cheryl,
    Oh, I must admit, The Outsider was one of my favorite stories. They made it into a movie, but though I loved it, it wasn’t as emotional as the book and I think they changed the ending a bit. Gotta love a good western, and you and the fillies write some of the best!!

    • Hi Char! I feel the same about The Outsider. SOOO different and so compelling. I never did see the movie, but that’s okay. I’ve heard from so many who did see it that, like you said, it just didn’t pack the emotional punch that the book did. However, I have to also say, that is generally the case with me anyhow–I usually do like the book better than the movie–the only cases I can think of where the books and movies were on “equal footing” in my brain were Gone With the Wind and To Kill a Mockingbird.

      Thanks so much for your very kind words, dear lady! Much appreciated.

  5. Happy Valentine’s Day, Cheryl! And Happy Belated Anniversary! Great authors write great books and boy, do I love to read ’em!!!

    • Hi Melanie! Thanks so much for stopping by and for the good wishes! I hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day and that you’ll pop over to the PRP blog every day this week and snap up some great books!

  6. Cheryl, this is exciting. I don’t think there’s anything better than a good love story to celebrate Valentine’s Day. And I loved putting a story in Hearts and Spurs. The Widow’s Heart remains one of the most favorite short stories I’ve written. Ahhhh, if only I could find time to add a little to it as I intended from the start. Thanks for resurrecting this in time for Valentine’s. Hugs!

    • Linda, I soooo agree with you–well, we love love stories all the time, don’t we? But Valentine’s Day–it’s the “big day” for what we enjoy writing! I really am such a fan of yours, as you know–The Widow’s Heart was a huge favorite of mine! Our stories are like people–we do have our favorites! LOLLOL I bet you’ll find time to add to it one of these days. I hope you have a great Valentine’s Day dear friend. And congratulations on your new release, too! I tried to put your link in the body of the e-mail under your book, but when I published, it wiped out all my links except for BLOG links! GRR!


  7. Cheryl, what a great post featuring some of my favorite stories and authors. I feel so very privileged having been a part of “Hearts and Spurs”. Needless to say, I’m also excited about you all releasing my short story “Tumbleweeds and Valentines” from “Hearts and Spurs” as a single title short story. Thanks for bringing back the memories. I loved writing this story and plan on being a part of future collections for you … that if life will settle down for me! Big Texas hugs to you, Livia, and all the rest of the Roses. PS: I didn’t say, but together “Hearts and Spurs” is one of my favorite Valentine collections!

  8. PHYLISS!!!! So good to see you here today–I have MISSED YOU! I can’t wait to see more stories from you–but I know that right now, everything is hectic. ONE OF THESE DAYS! I love HEARTS AND SPURS, too. It remains one of my all-time favorite Valentine collections–so many great stories! Loved Tumbleweeds and Valentines–that was really different, and I sure enjoy your way with words, MS. PHYLISS!!!

    Hope you have a fantastic Valentine’s Day! Hugs!

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