Well, today is the celebration of my grandson’s birthday.  He is 2 today.  So I thought I’d take a break from my regular blogs to talk about Luki.  His name is really Lucas, but my granddaughter immediately called him Luki and the name has stuck.  I’m sure when he gets older, it will change, but for now, we all call him Luki.

Luki is 2 going on 30, as my daughter says.  He loves coffee in the morning — not that we give him any — but I think if he could have a cup of morning coffee, he would savor every moment.  Whenever I’m drinking my coffee, he always wants some — and I do let him smell it — although what he gets instead of coffee, is usually milk.  Below are picture of both my granddaughter and Luki last year at Halloween — he was one year old then.

Halloween2014Luki already has an eye for the girls.  Once in a bookstore, there was a pretty little girl whom he couldn’t stop looking at, yet he was walking forward still and he almost ran into a table.  Another time, there was a pretty little girl in a museum, and he was so entranced with her, and couldn’t take his eyes off her, and he actually ran into a post.

At a playground, there was another pretty little girl — older than he was — who he got to hold his hand for a moment.  He spent the next few minutes rushing around the playground singing about holding her hand.

Then there was the time in a restaurant when some people from my daughter’s work came to the table to talk.  The fellow who works with my daughter was with his wife, who was extremely pretty.  Luki could not look away from her, and when the couple walked away, Luki watched the girl the entire distance.

Luki, as you can see, is quite cute himself.Halloween2014-2  He’s also a gentleman.  The other day I was bringing some things upstairs and he was upset with himself that he couldn’t help me carry more.  Ah, the little boy has my heart, I’m afraid.

Then, sigh, about two weeks ago, we were in the car, driving to pick up his sister from school.  Luki said to his Aunt, “Aunt Alyssa pretty.”  A few minutes went by and he said, “Grandma pretty.”  Then “Mommy pretty.”  Oh, my gosh.  My heart melted.

Then as my granddaughter got in the car, Luki looked at her and said, “Lila pretty.”  He was on a roll that day, I think.lila riding

Here he is with Mommy on her birthday.  At present Luki has an Elvis thing going with his hair, with a little curl in front that keeps getting in his face.painting part 1

When Luki was little more than a year old, I was explaining to his sister one day (within his hearing) why we couldn’t leave little tiny things on the floor that Luki could get into and possibly put in his mouth.  Now, the interesting thing about this is that Luki, having heard this, began to bring me every little thing that he found (or to this day finds) and gives them to me for save keeping.

Sometimes I wonder who’s taking care of who.  Sometimes I think he’s watching out for me as much as I am with him.

This little boy has my heart and today he is two.  So Happy, Happy Birthday, Luki!

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55 thoughts on “HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO LUKI & Free Give-away”

    He looks fun to be around and bet you really have a little gentleman in the making. As for the books out and coming, I love that you are doing Native American especially since there were probably more in real life than most even know. I like getting the other perspective of back then too.
    Thanks also for the giveaway.
    I hope Luki enjoys his day too. Have fun with him.

  2. Well, Happy Birthday Luki! What an adorable little boy. Wow! To think at age two he has an eye for the ladies and is so concerned about things. That’s a gift. Enjoy his day!

    I would love to win a copy of your book.

    Cindy W.
    countrybear52 AT yahoo DOT com

  3. Luki is absolutely precious! So is your granddaughter. How old is she? You are one lucky grandma, Karen. 🙂

    With those looks and those manners, Luki will be a lady killer when he grows up. Somebody will make that man the hero in a romance novel. 😉

    Happy birthday, Luki!

  4. Happy Birthday to Luki. He is adorable. My daughter used to drink my mother-in-law’s coffee ans she would put it back. The trick was that she is blind and kept saying my I drank a lot and Kathy would just laugh and laugh. We did not catch her for a bit.

  5. Karen,

    You are so lucky to have such a precocious grandchild. He must have some wonderful role models to emulate. It’s great that he is so protective of his older sister too.

    My oldest son, Luke, will turn 30 next month. He was our Lukie for many years. They grow up quickly. Enjoy every minute!

    I’d love to read your book, THE SPIRIT OF THE WOLF.

    What costumes are your grandchildren wearing for Halloween this year?

    • You now, Laurie, I forgot to answer your question about Halloween costumes. My granddaughter is going as a mermaid this year and my grandson is going as…I really don’t know the name of the “hero.” It was the only costume that my daughter could get him to wear. : )

  6. Happy Birthday Luki. You have an amazing grandmother. Ask her to tell you a birthday story, she’s great at them.

    Thank you for the wonderful contest in celebration.

  7. I’m not a grandmother as yet but am definitely looking forward to it. He sounds like a cutie. I just visited with my nephew who has a 3 yr. old who reminds me of Luki – he just went up to a teenager and said – how you doing lol.

  8. Dont you just love being a grandmother? i know I do,,i have 14 grandbabies and in totally in love with them all,,yours are adorable ,,and so are mine,,they range from age 15 to 3 weeks old

  9. Happy Birthday to Luki. We have an ‘older’ woman for him (she turned 2 in August), who I think would definitely catch his eye–I might be prejudiced though, since she is my granddaughter!

    • Hi! Oh, how cute is that. An older woman no less. : ) Yes, he does have an eye for the girls — he again today told Aunt Alyssa that she was pretty. : )

  10. I just love all the stories of your grandson! What a charmer. I have one grandson and we are very close. He really lights up my life. It sounds like your grandson does that for you too. Thanks for the insight into your life!

  11. Happy Birthday to Luki! Good month to be born in, as I, myself, have a birthday in a couple of days, so GOOD FOR YOU LUKI!

    Lucas is ADORABLE! Thank you so much for taking the time to share about your handsome little man. As a late in life mommy (had my son 2 weeks shy of hitting 42 years old), I sooooooooooo appreciate little people. They are such a joy and blessing!!! He just turned six and is truly a gift from God – just like Luki obviously is. I hope he stays in his Gentleman phase forever. That is so cool.

    • Hi DebH!

      Oh, that is wonderful that you have a little one late in life. My mother had me late in life, also. And he just turned six. Wow! I, too, hope he stays the Gentleman forever, also. I think he just might. : )

  12. Happy Birthday Luki! I, myself, had my birthday on the 12th. Although, lol, I’m quite a bit older. :-).

  13. What adorable grandbabies you have. I look forward to being a grandmother in the years to come. My son is only 15 so I’ve got awhile to wait (hopefully). Happy Birthday to Luki and thanks to you for the giveaway.

  14. Happy, Happy Birthday, Luki! What an absolute sweetheart. I have 12 children ranging in age from 23 years to 4 years old. 7 boys and 5 girls. It’s always fun to reminisce about when they were younger like this as well. Little Luki appears to be quite the gentleman and I know you treasure every moment you are able to spend with him. I would love to win a copy of your book.

    • Hi Deanne!

      Congratulations on having 12 children. I suspect this keeps you busy, busy, busy. I know I’m busy just watching two of the small children. And I do treasure every moment that I have with Luki. : )

  15. Happy birthday Luki! Keep taking care of your grandmother just like you are doing. Wonderful job to his parents, he sounds like a sweetheart. Have a special day little one.

  16. Hi Jackie!

    Yes, it does appear that way to me, too. Just who’s watching who here. : ) He did it again today — found something tiny on the floor and brought it to me…watching out for me. What an absolute sweetheart.

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