Is There a Doctor in the House?

newsletter_headerjpg - 2Back in February, my e-novella Love on the Mend debuted, featuring Dr. Jacob Sadler as my male lead. He was my first doctor character, though Crockett from Stealing the Preacher came close. Crockett was self-taught, however. Jacob actually completed medical school and worked as an army surgeon during the War Between the States. Just last week, I was honored to see the first print version of the story. In Dutch. Yes, still no plans for a printย  version in the US, but if you travel to the Netherlands, you can find one. Ha!

Although, the translated title look like it reads “Life of the Receipt.” A scintillating tale of a girl trying to return the doctor’s bag she purchased accidentally only to realize she’s stuck with it unless she can find the receipt. Did the dog eat it? Did her next door rival steal it? Or did the matchmaking store clerk purposely send it home with the handsome doctor from the next county hoping to bring the unlikely pair together in an adventure neither saw coming? Find out in Life of the Receipt.

Well, back to doctors. I’ve always been fascinated by these courageous men and women who dedicate their lives to helping others. Some of my favorite western doctors have been:

Dr Quinn Medicine Woman


Dr. Michaela Quinn – One of my favorite shows from the 80s. A strong female lead proving herself in a rugged land. A love story between the reclusive frontiersman and the educated woman. Plenty of medical drama, frontier drama, and family drama. I watched every episode without fail.





Little House Dr Baker




And who could forget Dr. Hiram Baker from Little House on the Prairie? He was one of those rare characters that you could always trust to do the right thing. He never lost his temper. Never got flustered. Just treated everyone with the same calm, soothing, competent manner that instantly put people at ease. I wish we still had doctors like him today, making house calls in his black buggy.





This next one is a bit of a stretch. Robert Fuller started off as one of my favorite TV cowboys – Cooper Smith, the scout from the series Wagon Train. Later he took on the role of Dr. Kelly Brackett on one of the first TV medical dramas I remember from my youth in the 70s – Emergency.

Robert-Fuller as Cooper Smith in Wagon Train
Robert-Fuller as Cooper Smith in Wagon Train
Robert Fuller as Dr. Kelly Brackett on Emergency
Robert Fuller as Dr. Kelly Brackett on Emergency













The last western doctor is one I just discovered. How did I never know this show existed? I guess it was never one of the westerns that reran its episodes in the 70s when I was around to catch them on Frontier Doctor TV ShowSaturday afternoons. Do any of you remember Frontier Doctor from 1958? It starred Rex Allen as small town doctor Bill Baxter in the Arizona Territory in the early 1900s. It was only in syndication for a year, which explains why it never made it to rerun status in the 70s. Sounds like a show that would have been up my alley, though.

  • How about you? Who are are some of your favorite TV/movie doctors?

Any Dr. House fans? I can’t believe how much I enjoy that show when the lead character is such a horrible human being, but I do. It’s definitely unique and I love the medical mystery aspect of it.

Oh, and for anyone who’s interested, the English version of Love on the Mend is available for all e-readers for around $1.99. You can purchase the Kindle version here.

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32 thoughts on “Is There a Doctor in the House?”

  1. Dr Kildare -Richard Chamberland

    Dr Ben Casey- Vince Edwards

    Dr Marcus Welby-Robert Young and James Brolin played Dr Steven Kiley

  2. We didn’t have a TV yet when Dr. House came out. But I remember Dr. Marcus Welby.
    It was fun seeing a photo of the “Little House” doctor. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Love House just starting watching it on dvd. So you can I am rewatching the show again. Even though Dr house is a crued person I think that is why the show was so popular for a while. Love Dr Quinn too.

  4. Too funny, Life of the Receipt! The Dutch ‘Liefde op Recept’ actually means something like ‘A Recipe for Love’. You were close ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Use to love House. McDreamy or Derek Sheppard on Grey’s Anatomy but they just killed him off and I think its going to end the show.

    • Hi, Quilt Lady. I never watched Grey’s, but I must admit to having a bit of a crush on Patrick Dempsey, the actor who played McDreamy. He played the lead role in Disney’s Enchanted, and I fell hard for him in that one. Such a wonderfully reluctant “Prince Charming.” He certainly is easy on the eyes. Killing off his character is bound to alienate many of their female viewers. It’ll be interesting to see what becomes of the show.

  6. Neither my husband nor I remember watching Frontier Doctor. We are surprised because we both watched every western that came out then. With only 2 channels, your selections were limited.
    Dr. Quinn was a family favorite. Our daughters never missed a show.
    House was a different kind of character. He grew on you. Kind of he was so bad he was good.

    Early doctors I liked were Ben Casey, Dr. Kildare, Marcus Welby, and the original Dr. Dolittle (Rex Harrison).

    • It’s too bad they haven’t brought Frontier Doctor back. I read some comments that said the acting was a bit stiff, but the idea behind the show definitely looks intriguing. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I know, right? I loved that show. There was a handsome dark-haired EMT that made my young heart flutter, too, back in the day. I’ve always had a soft spot for those dark-haired hero types. Sigh.

  7. A minor quibble — the photo above is in fact of actor Robert Fuller, but it shows him in his role as TV cowboy Jess Harper on the 1959-1963 series “Laramie.”

    • Hi, Shay. You might be right. If so, that’s what I get for trusting the Internet. Robert Fuller played wagon scout Cooper Smith in Wagon Train in 1957 before he moved to Laramie in 1959. The picture I borrowed was attributed to his Cooper Smith character, but the blue bandana does look more like his Laramie persona. Thanks for clearing that up!

  8. You started out with some of my favorite doctors, especially DR. Quinn. And, yes the one on Little House on the Prairie. Doc on Rifleman, also Dr. Ben Casey and DR Welby. Too many I liked. I still watch most of the oldies named here on ISPN channel. Not doctors but like Texas ranger with Chuck Norris. I love the oldies. Congrats on your Dutch book, nice there was Dutch person to say what it meant. And, Doc on Gunsmoke which I still watch. Maxie
    > mac262(at)me(dot)com <

  9. Right now I’d have to say my favorite doctors are on the show night shift:) (I like them all but TC would probably be my top favorite)
    I never watched house though I have thought about it. And I haven’t watched as much dr. Quinn as I’d like:)

  10. I forgot to mention that I watched St Elsewhere. Ed Flanders, Mark Harmon, David Morse, Howie Mandel, Denzel Washington…

  11. Karen:

    I think the Internet has led you astray again. Robert Fuller had two guest parts on Wagon Train in the mid-50’s before landing the role of Jess Harper in Laramie. After Laramie was cancelled in 1963, he was hired to play scout Cooper Smith for the final years of Wagon Train’s run. Supposedly Fuller provided his own gear and horse for Laramie, including the black hat and black gloves he wore for four years as Harper. He was allowed to get authentically filthy in Laramie and his clothes/hat frequently appear dusty and sweat-stained. As Smith (a pretty blah character, honestly), he stayed a lot cleaner.

    • Great information, Shay! I grew up watching the reruns of Wagon Train in the 70s so I had no authentic frame of reference. Thanks for giving me the behind the scenes look. I love that he had his own cowboy gear and horse. How cool is that? ๐Ÿ™‚

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