A Cowgirl’s New Year’s Resolutions



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According to a recent survey 38% of us will go through the ritual of making New Year’s resolutions this year. Sad to say, only 8% of the resolutions will make it to January 2nd. As someone once said, even the best intentions go in one year and out the other. That’s probably because we insist upon making resolutions that involve giving up something (smoking) or getting rid of something (weight, debt).

I don’t know what resolutions they made in the Old West, but I’m willing to bet that giving up or getting rid of something was not on anyone’s priority list. It was more like getting something (land or gold). Early settlers probably didn’t do any better than us modern folks in keeping their resolutions, but you have to give them credit: some died trying.

I plan to take my best shot at keeping my New Year’s resolutions this year—but dying is where I draw the line.

A Cowgirl’s Resolutions for 2015


Lose the extra five pounds on my hips. From now on, pack only one gun instead of two.

Make an effort to see the good in everyone. Even barbed wire has its good points.

Stop treatin’ suspicion as abs’lute proof.

Be more generous. No more keepin’ opinions to myself.

Make exercise a priority—for my horse.

Practice my quick draw with my gun—not my VISA card.

Keep from taking sides during a shoot-out, especially shoot-outs involving family members.

Avoid stampedes by shopping online.

Limit time spent on the open range. That www dot brand sure can waste a lot of time.

Clean out closets. Nothing (or no one) should hang that doesn’t deserve to be hung.

And finally: Stop holding up shopping carts and forcing people to buy my book.




I told you my resolutions, now tell me yours. Afraid you won’t keep them?

Not to worry. I promise not to tell if you don’t die trying.




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23 thoughts on “A Cowgirl’s New Year’s Resolutions”

  1. I don’t make resolutions because I never keep them. But I would like to try to not let little things worry or stress me out so much.

  2. Hi Janine, I know what you mean. Those little things can drive you crazy. Why don’t you make a resolution to do something really nice for yourself? Or something that’s fun to do? I found those to be the easiest resolutions to keep.

    Have a happy New Year!

  3. My husband and I since we have been married make a list of 3 to 5 things each. We usually accomplish about 3 each which isn’t to bad. But my big goals this year are to walk lots more,no caffeine and not to fear take over parts of my life. We just found out we are going to have a baby!!! Im hoping it will be a new year of blessings since a little over a year ago we had two miscarriages. One early one and one to far into the pregnancy. But we aren’t going to live in the fear this year.

  4. I’ve learned to make my resolutions easier so this year it’s going to be to read more – surely I can accomplish that!

  5. These were really funny!

    I have decided to only make resolutions that I think I can keep. Soooo ….I resolve to read Petticoat detective.
    Then I will read one new author every month! Yep I think I can handle this!

  6. Margaret, I thought I’d given up New Year’s resolutions until I read your list! LOL I am rethinking that now! Loved your post, and I’m really looking forward to Petticoat Detective!

  7. Loved reading your resolutions–got a chuckle out of me…

    When the kids were young, I had a wooden box. On New Years Day we would each write our list of resolutions (usually 1-3.) The next year on New Years, we would take out our lists and see if we had kept any of them. Usually not! (LOL.) After a few years, it seemed like the lists were the same every year and they went by the wayside. That box still sits on my mantle and probably has a few old resolutions in it yet–and my kids have grown and left the nest.

  8. I don’t really make resolutions but I always think of GOALS that I want to start working on throughout the year. When I think of the word – GOALS – it works for me!

  9. Loved your resolutions. Am new to this electronic stuff so if you get this twice please forgive. I have a retail firearms store and offer gunsmithing and ebngraving and refinishing as well as products. Also own the Original Hawken Shop as gun building co started in the early 1800’s so especially liked your resolutions,

  10. Phyliss Miranda had 3 of these last year. I printed them out and posted them near my computer. I have printed out this expanded list and it will now hang there. I know I will check it every once in a while to remind myself that I need to work on some of them as well as a few of my own.

    I have enjoyed your posts this year and look forward to what you bring us in 2015, both in posts and in books. Have a great year.

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