Ring of Fire

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Today I’m traveling to St. Louis, MO for the American Christian Fiction Writer’s national conference. Since I’ll be in an airpACFW Logoort or a plane most of the day, I’m afraid I won’t be able to interact with you as frequently as I normally do. I will be checking in through my phone when I can, though, so please do leave comments.

I’ll be teaching a session with fellow author, Jody Hedlund, as well as giving feedback on several critiques I did for unpublished writers. One of my favorite conference activities, though, is singing with the conference choir. Conference Choir? Your conference has a choir? Well, yes. Since this is a Christian writer’s conference, we have short times of worship every day (not with the choir–that comes later). Since our choir members come from all over the country, we don’t practice until we arrive at the conference, so we don’t sing until the end of the event – at the big awards gala.

I’ve made some wonderful relationships with these singer authors, many of whom, like me, return year after year. I’ve sung in several choirs and a cappella groups through my college days and worship at a church that sings a cappella (without instruments) every time we come together. So it should come as no great shock to learn that I love tight harmonies and fun a cappella arrangements.

I thought I’d share one with you today. The group is Home Free and they have done a fabulous remake of the classic Johnny Cash son, Ring of Fire. I’ve got a soft spot for deep male voices, and there are several in this piece that set my heart to fluttering. Enjoy!

  • What type of songs make you want to join in and sing?
  • Do you have a favorite artist or group that is your go-to music for when you need a pick-me-up?
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12 thoughts on “Ring of Fire”

  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I LOVED the video of Home Free. I love acapella singing and great harmony. Thank you for sharing and have fun at ACFW!

    Cindy W.

    • Hi, Cindy! I’m so glad you enjoyed Home Free. They are a new group to me, but I’ve been very impressed by what I’ve heard of them so far. I’m an ex- band and choir nerd, so I love hearing those harmonies. Home Free is supposed to be in concert at the university where I work next month. I hope to catch their show. Should be good!

    • Yep. I love me a deep base voice. Another reason I married my husband. I was in band until he got me to switch to choir while we were in college. He sang baritone, I sang first alto. I guess you could say we made beautiful music together. 😉 I know. Groan. Ha!

    • Thanks, Sherri. It should be a great conference. It’s always fun to reconnect with author friends and see my editors and agent in person. I’ll let you know if I learn any juicy industry tidbits.

  2. Love the group!! Deep male voices are the best so I listen to Josh Turner when needing a music pick me up but sing along to gospel music!

    • Connie – I love southern gospel music! And I’m a big fan if another Josh – Groban. He’s probably the only semi-modern artist I keep up with. Love that baritone voice and his range can even hit the tenor level. Gorgeous!

  3. Thanks so much for sharing this group’s version of RING OF FIRE. I love a capella groups. I thought I recognized them from The Sing-Off. They certainly deserved to win. Will have to check their schedule to see if they will be performing anywhere near here.
    I enjoy a wide variety of music. I love classical, and celtic is a favorite. The Barra MacNeils , Leahy, Coors, Clannad to name just a few. Throw in some awesome fiddle and bagpipes and I could listen all day. That said, I enjoy Santana, Sting, Peter,Paul & Mary, Shania Twain, Chicago, The Eagles……… and I could go on forever.

  4. Hi Karen,

    It is so funny that you piced this video/band to share. I came across them just last week and, like you, was armored with their vocals, both high and low. Reminds me of the ‘Ol Barber Shop Quartets.

    When I need a happy pick me up, I turn to Toby Mac or Skillet. If I need a spiritual pick me up, I turn to Chris Tomlin. I will sing to just about anything, although, out of courtesy to those around me, I usually only sing out loud in my car. LOL

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