A Kiss is Just a Kiss—Or Is It? (Yay! Book Giveaway)


A kiss can be a comma, a question mark or an exclamation point. That’s basic spelling that every woman should know. ~Mistinguet

You might wonder why I have kisses on my mind today. The answer is simple and it has something to do with my new release Four Weddings and a Kiss.

There are four novellas in the collection, written by Mary Connealy, Robin Lee Hatcher, Debra Clopton and me. But it’s the fifth story in the book which explains the kiss in the title.

A young minister bemoans having to break up with the woman he loves. She’s simply not suited to be a preacher’s wife. I mean we’re talking a woman who (gasp) plays rounders and sides with the church next door. That’s not all she does; she has also has the nerve to laugh in church!



 I’ll let you find out how that particular story ends by reading the book, but   to get you in the right mood here are some fun facts about—what else?—kissing!




  • Did you know that kissing prevents wrinkles? It’s true. Kissing uses twenty-nine face muscles and all that exercise helps keep your skin firm and smooth.

  • Kissing for one minute burns 26 calories. Hitting the lips for an hour sounds like a whole lot more fun than hitting the gym.

  • The average woman kisses eighty men before she marries (Harrumph. Now they tell me.  I’m how many men short?).

  • On average, a person spends two weeks of their lives kissing. (I know I’ve spent at least the amount time writing about kissing. Hey, it’s harder than you think.)

  • Men who kiss their wives before going to work live on the average five years longer than men who leave slamming doors.

  • Is kissing learned or instinctual? No one really knows for sure.kiss3

  • The film with the most kisses was Don Juan (1926). John Barrymore and Mary Astor shared 127 kisses. Don’t believe me? Count them.

  • Kissing is good for the teeth. All that extra saliva. . . So if you want to save on dental bills, you now know what to do.

  • Kissing releases the same neurotransmitters in the brain as bungee jumping and parachuting. I’ll have to take their word for this because I’m a great believer in keeping my feet grounded.

  • We all know that Xs at the end of a written letter represents kisses. But did you also know that signing a telegram with the numbers 88 was how our ancestors showed love and kisses?


Tell us about your first kiss or a favorite movie kiss and you could win a copy of Four Weddings and a You-Know-What!  And don’t forget to enter the drawing below.  We’re giving away a mini iPad.  Just click the picture below.



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36 thoughts on “A Kiss is Just a Kiss—Or Is It? (Yay! Book Giveaway)”

  1. I love the facts about kissing. And the one about the average men a woman kisses isn’t going to happen with me. The only man I plan on kissing is my future husband.

    My favorite movie kiss is in “The Princess Bride” at the end of the movie. A close second is the one in “Fireproof”.

  2. Movie Kisses:

    Favorite- Man From Snowy River when Jim rescues Jessica from the side of the mountain. They kiss by the campfire and acknowledge their feelings for each other.

    Belle & the Beast- transformation scene at the end of the movie.

    I also like the kiss at the end of Pretty Woman on the fire escape, when Richard realizes he loves and needs Vivienne in his life. He rescues her and she rescues him right back.

  3. Hi Faith, ah, yes, The Princess Bride. That has be way up there in the list of best movie kisses. I never saw Fireproof. I’ll have to put that on my list of movies to watch.

  4. I have two favorite movie first kisses, both with Mel Gibson as the hero. The first was an Australian movie (before anyone in the U.S. had heard of him) called Tim. The second was when he kisses the queen of England in Braveheart. Mercy, I’m getting warm just thinking about it.
    I’ll have to tell my husband that when he kisses me goodbye in the morning he’s increasing his life expectancy at the same time.
    Fun post!

  5. Margaret, I love all your facts about kissing. When Rhett Butler forcefully grabs Scarlett O’Hara and lays one on her, that kiss is pretty hard to beat.

  6. Hi Melanie,
    Speaking of Rhett, I do believe the kiss in Gone With the Wind is the best of all literary kisses. The kiss in the movie was great, but boy does it sizzle on the written page.

  7. Who could do better than Rhett and Scarlett?
    My favorite film kiss was in FROM HERE TO ETERNITY between Burt Lancaster and Deborah Kerr when they were laying on the beach with the ocean rushing up to meet them-it was awesome
    I also loved the kiss in GHOST between Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore
    There have been a lot of good descriptions of kisses in books I have read. I do think these authors are tops in those kinds of descriptions-Bertrice Small and Sandra Brown

  8. Hi Joye, wow! You brought back so many film memories. If I recall the one in From Here to Eternity was pretty shocking at the time. I loved Ghost. They took pottery making to a new high. Yep, Beatrice and Sandra know their stuff–no question.

    Can anyone think of a male author who can write good kisses?

  9. This post made me smile! I a lot behind in kissing the eighty men in her lifetime one but im ok with that as long as I get to keep kissing my true love, My hubby. I think one of my favorite first kisses on screen would be with Captain Von trap and Maria from The Sound of Music. Very romantic!!

  10. MY first kiss was when I was two years old… our neighbor’s grandson cornered me in the kitchen and landed one on me… not that I remember it, but my family liked to tease me about it! 🙂

  11. Colleen, that is so sweet. Too bad you don’t remember it. Of course today your neighbor’s grandson would probably be charged with sexual harassment or bullying, but back then we still thought such thing innocent and adorable.

  12. Hi Margaret, what a great post and sweet details! My first kiss was quite uneventful…I am so much better now. But kissing 80 men, no way!

    Rhett and Scarlett wins, hands down. Fanning my face…

    Congrats on another terrific book! xo

  13. Hi Tanya, Thank you. I couldn’t believe the number eighty. Makes you wonder who they queried for that survey, doesn’t it?

    Yep, Rhett and Scarlet all the way!

    88 back to you!

  14. My favorite kiss (or at least the one that popped instantly into my mind) was when Remington Steel kissed Laura Holt after about half the first season of flirting and fighting.

  15. There have been some great screen kisses but my first thought was the kiss Rhett gave Scarlett in GWTW.And for a sexy “look” given from one lover to another how about Robert Redford looking so sexily to Barbara Striesand in The Way We Were…a melt your heart moment in that movie.

  16. What a great post! I love these fun facts and can’t wait to read FOUR WEDDINGS AND A KISS! I must agree with several others; Rhett and Scarlett had one of the greatest literary kisses!

  17. Hi Margaret, I know it’s late, but I want to jot you a note saying how much I enjoyed your blog today. Just too cute. I’m going over it item by item to see what I’ve done wrong, beginning with the wrinkles! Hugs and thanks for a great good-feel post for the end of the day. Hugs, P

  18. “Hitting the lips for an hour sounds like a whole lot more fun than hitting the gym.” Hahaha! I’m going to try this one on my husband and see if he buys it 🙂

    My absolute favorite movie kiss is from BBC’s North and South. I love how it starts hesitantly and then builds in passion *swoon*

  19. I’m still busy trying to figure out if I’m still going to be able to work on those 80 kisses. No husband. No boyfriend. Would a couple of grandkids count? I would have to say that a movie I saw just last week had one of the most romantic kisses I’d seen in a long time. (The Fault in Our Stars.) Looking forward to reading your book.

  20. Heidi, I bet your husband will buy it just fine. Going to have to put North and South on my list of things to watch. With all this inspiration I can’t wait to write my next kissing scene.

  21. My first kiss: At 16, I was an ugly duckling, never had date or a kiss! One night at party an “older” man (he was 19!) was sitting beside on a couch and just leaned over and kissed me. I was shocked that someone wanted to kiss ME..

    My favorite kiss is in “Green Card”. Not my idea of a leading man but the last scene is very passionate!

  22. Hi Soft Fuzzy Sweater,

    I love your story. He obviously saw something in you that you failed to see in yourself.

    The heroine in the book I’m currently working on thinks she’s an ugly duckling. It’s going to take a certain man to convince her otherwise.

    Thank you for sharing.

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