It All Started with An Ad in a Mail Order Bride Catalogue . . .

The Hitching Post: A Mail Order Bride Catalogue for the discerning, lonely or desperate 

A Bride For All Seasons

Margaret Brownley

Debra Clopton

Mary Connealy

Robin Lee Hatcher

Yesterday Mary Connealy and Robin Lee Hatcher regaled you with their delightful stories. Today, Debra Clopton and I will attempt to do likewise. 

P&P: Please share a little about your plot and how your heroes and heroines first meet

Debra: Ellie has come to Honey Springs Texas believing she is meeting a lonely widower who is looking for a woman of faith to take care of his poor baby girl. A man who should be happy to see her—but when she spots the handsome, disgruntled cowboy marching across the rutted road toward her she can’t believe he’s looking for her! Sparks fly when Mathew realizes that this beautiful woman clutching a Bible is the supposed “practical woman” he’s requested from the Hitching Post Mail Order Bride Catalogue. Practical, the woman is bedecked in so many frills and flounces. And her hat—the monstrosity is ridiculous. Everything about her screams impractical. No, this first meeting is not what either expected…but both are desperate in their own way so what can they do?  


 Margaret: Mary-Jo Parker travels to Kansas as a mail order bride, but the moment she steps off the train she’s fit to be tied. Not only does her erstwhile fiancé forget to pick her up, it seems he has an eight year old son he forgot to mention. But this is the least of it.  She soon learns that the reason her lawyer fiancé didn’t meet her train is that he’s dead—shot clear though the heart by an irate client.  A widow before she even weds, she plans to leave town posthaste when her fiancé’s way too handsome brother steps forward with a daring offer.


P&P  What makes your hero and heroine all wrong for each other?  What makes them completely right for each other?

 Debra: A born killer—or at least blamed for the deaths of her family—Ellie’s never really had friends and has relied on her faith to help sustain her. She also desperately wants and needs to be loved…even if it’s only by the baby she’s compelled to come to Honey Springs to become mother to. But deep in her heart she longs for Mathew to love her. But Mathew has loved and lost the only woman he ever plans to love. And though he desperately needs love, he wants nothing to do with the beautiful mistake who arrived on the stage, Bible in hand.

 What makes them right for each other? That’s just it…sometimes exactly what you don’t think you want or need is exactly what you do want and need.  

 Margaret: A gambler’s daughter, Mary-Jo Parker believes that everything that happens to her good, bad or indifferent is the result of luck. Having now lost two fiancés, she’s convinced that love isn’t in the cards for her. As a man of faith Tom Garrett believes that all things come from God. You can bet this creates a chasm between them.  Each has something the other needs, but it will practically take an act of congress before they see it.

 Award winning author Debra Clopton’s spunky, heartfelt romances help you face life with a smile. Debra’s Mule Hollow novel, Operation Married by Christmas is in development for an ABC Family movie starring LeAnn Rimes. IJdP2


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21 thoughts on “It All Started with An Ad in a Mail Order Bride Catalogue . . .”

  1. Oh ladies, I so have to read this book. I love mail order bride stories and these sound like great ones!

  2. Hi Margaret! It’s great to be here today. Thanks so much for hosting us today. As I’ve said over and over I have enjoyed working on this collection with you ladies so much. And y’all hooked me on historicals–this is my first but I loved the new creative freedom it allowed me.
    I believe readers will enjoy these stories too!

  3. Hi Debra–so happy to see you. Still laughing about the name fiasco. I still can’t believe we both named our heroines Ellie. Great minds . . .

    Can’t wait to read the story you wrote for our second collection: Four Weddings and a Kiss.


  4. Oh I have to get my hands on this book. I like to read about Mail Order Brides.. I think these woman were so courageous. Going to the wild west to meet and marry someone you have never met or even think you might come to love.. Not something I could do.

  5. Kathleen, you bring up a good point. How many of us would do such a thing? Keep in mind there was a terrible shortage of men following the Civil War, especially in the South. Also, back then a single woman didn’t have much in the way of options. Given these circumstances you might have taken a chance. If I’d have known you back them I would have pushed you to do it! 🙂

  6. Howdy ladies, I adore mail order bride stories! The falling in love part gets me every time. My daughter and sil met on eHarmony and she said she had tingles laying eyes on him the first time. He’s a gem.

    My Marrying Minda also ended up marrying the wrong man because …if she’d married the right one, end of story LOL.

    hugs and best wishes….

  7. Mail order bride stories are a favorite, and I love anthologies. A BRIDE FOR ALL SEASONS is a perfect offering. It took a lot of strength,faith, and/or desperation for people to take that step. I am sure more couples than not did not get what they expected when they finally met. These stories sound enjoyable. I look forward to meeting both couples (and those from the other stories) and seeing where their stories take them.

    I hope A BRIDE FOR ALL SEASONS does well on its release.

  8. I always loved the idea of mail order brides…just wondering how nervous SHE and HE would be, their ages, how you would go about the stages of actually agreeing to this arrangement. Here my mind goes…wondering off again!

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