A Filly’s New Year’s Resolutions

champagne-glasses-7margaretbrownley-150x150Margaret Brownley 

According to a recent survey 38% of us will go through the ritual of making New Year’s resolutions this year. Sad to say, only 8% of us will meet with success.  As someone once said, even the best intentions go in one year and out the other. That’s probably because we insist upon making resolutions that involve giving up something (drinking, smoking) or getting rid of something (weight, debt).  

I don’t know what resolutions they made in the Old West, but I’m willing to bet that giving up or getting rid of something was not on anyone’s priority list.  It was more like getting something (land or gold).   Early settlers probably didn’t do any better than us modern folks in keeping their resolutions, but you have to give them credit: some died trying. 

I plan to take my best shot at keeping my New Year’s  resolutions—but dying is where I draw the line. 


In 2010

I resolve to….

  •  Lose the extra five pounds on my hips.  From now on, I’ll pack only one gun instead of two.


  • Make an effort to see the good in everyone.   Even barbed wire has its good points.


  • Stop treatin’ suspicion as abs’lute proof.           


  • Be more generous.  No more keepin’ my opinions to myself.                        


  • Make exercise a priority—for my horse.



  •  Practice my quick draw with my gun—not my VISA card.


  •  Keep from taking sides during a shoot-out, especially shoot-outs involving family members.


  • Avoid stampedes by shopping online.         noise-maker-color


  • Limit time spent on the open range.  That www dot brand sure can waste a lot of time.


  • Clean out closets.  Nothing (or no one) should hang that doesn’t deserve to be hung.


  • Finally: In the year 2010, I’ll do my best to stop  holding up shopping carts and forcing people to buy my book.



I told you my resolutions–now tell me yours. Afraid you won’t keep them?  Not to worry.  I promise not to tell if you don’t die trying. 


Happy New Year!


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13 thoughts on “A Filly’s New Year’s Resolutions”

  1. Hi Margaret, your resolutions have me laughing out loud and it’s almost midnight here LOL. Right now I’m resolved to clean out the attic and already have a trunkload to take to Goodwill tomorrow.

    Thanks for all the clever ideas! oxoxoxoxox

  2. Margaret,

    My resolutions are simple:

    Get my mystery published

    Get the film “Ghosts of Sand Creek” funded so we can finish it

    Help Native Americans in any way I can

    Promote animals in need of rescue

    Promote ways to help Mother Earth

    Walk in harmony,

  3. Really enjoyed your list of resolutions! LOL
    At my advanced age, I’ve learned that resolutions for me are a waste of good reading time. I don’t
    always keep them! In the time spent at attempting
    to keep them, I could make great inroads into my
    TBR stack! Happy New Year to all!

    Pat Cochran

  4. I love your resolutions, they really had me chuckling to myself. I just had to share with family who also got a good laugh.

  5. Margaret,
    Liked your list of resolutions.
    Mine are pretty simple:

    Try to be a better person – more patient, understanding, forgiving.

    Work on paying off our house sooner so we can retire.

    Loose weight and exercise (I know, the one we all make and is the hardest to keep.).

    Hope your 2010 is WONDERFUL!

  6. Margaret, looks like you have your work cut out for you just as I do. I’m really going to strive to let others know how much I appreciate them. I want to stay positive and not let doubts and fears take over. In short, I’m going to try to be a better person. And I want to write something every day. I tend to write sporadically. Not good.

    I hope you enjoy your stay here with us through the coming year. It’s a pleasure to get to know you. I’ve long been a fan.

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