We Need YOUR Opinion!!

Hello, friends!

The Fillies are getting ready to do some sprucing up around Wildflower Junction, and we’re hoping you’ll help us out by answering a quick question for us.

You might’ve noticed that our Library Page of western romance releases has been a bit neglected lately.  (Time, oh to have more time.) 

Or maybe you haven’t noticed.  And that’s what we’d like to know.

Please take a minute and answer one itty-bitty question for us.

Do you find our Library Page helpful?

Yes  (meaning I check it often and find the covers helpful when I buy my western romances)

No (meaning I’ve never clicked on that page, didn’t even know it was there, or I could care less.  The blogs are enough for me.) 

cattlemanYour input is very valuable to us, and we hope to hear from as many of you as we can.  So . . . to encourage your input to our survey, everyone who takes a moment to give us their opinion will be eligible for a copy of my latest, THE CATTLEMAN’S UNSUITABLE WIFE.

Lookin’ forward to hearing from you!


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Pam has written 30 romances, most of them historical westerns, but her newest releases are contemporary sweet romances featuring the Blackstone Ranch series published by Tule Publishing. Stay up on the latest at www.pamcrooks.com

32 thoughts on “We Need YOUR Opinion!!”

  1. I have not visited the page. I didn’t realize it was there. Now, that I know about it, I would visit the page. 🙂

  2. I never knew the page was there either. I will use it now like I do Fantastic Fiction when I am looking up an author.

  3. I didn’t even know the page was there. Sorry!

    Now that I have seen it, I like it. I think it could be very useful when looking up a particular author or book.

  4. Like so many of the others I did not even know that the page was there, but now that I do I really like it and would find the pictures helpful when shopping.

  5. Honestly-I have forgotten all about it lately! I did visit there a few times right after I started coming here! So-I guess my answer is that I never go there!

  6. Hi, I check the library page every month or so. I wish they were all “clickable” links that took me to Amazon to read what they are about. =)

  7. Stephanie, most of the titles will indeed take you to Amazon. A few of the titles must be bought off the publisher’s site, though, and there’s even the occasional Amazon link that just plain doesn’t work, no matter what we do. 🙂

  8. I have never clicked on it, but after today, I will check it out, often. Thanks for making all of us aware. Love the site—all around.

  9. No. I didn’t notice it. Now that you mention it, though, I’ll check it out ASAP. Many thanks.

  10. Please don’t enter me for the book. I already have it in my collection.

    I did not know about the library. However, now that I have checked it out. I will be looking each month for the books to be released. Thanks for the information. Have a great day.

  11. In all honesty, I didn’t know it was there. I have now checked it.
    What a handy resource. Now that I know it is there, I’ll be using it. I only discovered this site recently and have not explored it completely. This is the first site I visit every night. I have really enjoyed all the wonderful information that is presented in the chats. It is my daily history lesson.
    Keep up the good work!

  12. I am so sorry to say but I have never been to the library page until tonight. It is a cool page but I mostly come here for the blogs. This is one blog I try to check everyday. Its at the top of my favorite’s list. If it will be easier on you ladies not to have the library page, that’s ok but if you keep the page I will start watching it each month. Like everyone else I just never noticed it before. What ever works out the best for you ladies is fine by me!

  13. I had not noticed it until you mentioned it, but I’m still pretty new to your blog. Now that you’ve pointed it out, I will use it to monitor new releases by my fave authors. Thank you!

  14. Yes. I’ve been there before but not recently. I’ve mostly come to different parts each time I came. Usually when looking something up or catching up on parts I haven’t looked into in a while. So going there today I realize how many more reads I’d love to read too! DON’T TAKE OUT THE PAGE! 🙂

  15. I think the libary page is a great tool I am sure it takes a lot of time to keep it up and going. It is nice to see the cover of a book also with the title it helps when we are going after a book plus like some said when you click on some you can go right and order them.

  16. I have not checked it often as I actually forgot it was there! Maybe a reminder blog or banner would help remind us to visit! I like it and think it will be helpful when I do check it! THANKS

  17. Yes, but don’t visit that often.
    I find it very helpful as I love Western stories. I love that many stories are there all in one page.

  18. sometiems i click sometimes i dont just depends reallys ometimes i buy books because i know the author is just that awesome sometimes its just because of the cover so yes i click on it from time to time

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