Introducing Sadie Callahan!

In a slight bend of the scheduling, I’m giving up my blog day to Jeffery McClanahan, whose schedule was better suited to blog for us during the week rather than the weekend.

If you’ve been reading western romances for awhile, you’ll know Jeffery better as Anna Jeffrey, and even though, sadly, Anna Jeffrey is no more, Jeffery has been busy writing her books under not one but two pseudonyms–Sadie Callahan and Dixie Cash!

Sadie Callahan’s first book, LONE STAR WOMAN, was released in January. 

 Jeffery also teams up with her sister as Dixie Cash to write cowboy comedies set in West Texas, and well, keep reading to learn more!

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2 thoughts on “Introducing Sadie Callahan!”

  1. Nice of you to give up your spot. At first reading, I thought Anna Jeffrey had passed away. In an author sense, I guess she did. Was an interesting blog. Thank you.

  2. Sadie, are your Dixie Cash books related to each other?

    I didn’t know the chat with you was less that a day. So sorry I missed you! Thanks for all you do Sadie/Anna!

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