Drawing Winner for The Magic of Christmas

Wow, you guys are GREAT! Every time I came back to check today, there were so many new comments! I had fun chatting with all of you about ideas–and of course about brownies. The chocolate kind.

One of the benefits of being an author is the great people you meet, and P&P blogger are great people! Thanks for your participation and for joining us often. We enjoy knowing you.

And now…the names are all in my cowgirl hat. I would have Elijah draw, but he’s a little under the weather having just had his tonsils out this AM, poor little guy. So I’m drawing…and the winner is….

Cheryl C

Yee haw! Send me your address, sweetie, and I’ll send a book out to you first thing. An early Merry Christmas to you!

Stayed tuned for more good stuff — and watch for the special announcements about our Big One Year Anniversary Bash coming SOON!


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7 thoughts on “Drawing Winner for The Magic of Christmas”

  1. Yes, I agree, ideas definitely come from brownies. I was manning a booth at the local fair last week, and they were auctioning off the baked goods after they were judged. I bought a blue ribbon, Hershey bake-off winner, plate of super thick chocolate brownies with frosting and sprinkled with walnuts. I took them back to my booth and pulled off the saran wrap. Each bite was heaven. I took out my notebook and began to rough out a story idea and character bios.

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