Mary is guest blogging!

Tomorrow, Mary Connealy will be our guest.  She’ll be fun as always!  Be sure to come over and read what she’s blogging about!

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Pam has written 30 romances, most of them historical westerns, but her newest releases are contemporary sweet romances featuring the Blackstone Ranch series published by Tule Publishing. Stay up on the latest at

7 thoughts on “Mary is guest blogging!”

  1. Mary, those girls pegged poor Ivan from day one, like hospital nursery day one, and had him wrapped around their little fingers from that point on.

    And you got to be the meany-pants of the family, LOL!

    Perfect setting for Petticoat Ranch, a wonderful book, and if I win it (although usually it takes at least, bare minimum, a $10.00 Starbucks card to lure me into blogging or commenting) I will treasure your signature within.


    And put it with my other one, LOL!

    Great post on fathers and girls, and budding romance.


  2. You know this is absolutely right!!!
    I’m the disciplinarian! I’m the not-fun one.
    It’s my cross to bear.
    But I never blamed it on the all-boy family.
    Maybe I’ll start.
    Or are all men like this????

  3. Hi Mary: We met in Nashville for the annual ACFW Conference. Remember the info you needed about an upright piano being shipped west of the Mississippi River? I’m the gal who sent you the info from a reprinted Sears & Roebuck catalog.

    Can’t wait to read your book, especially with a Texas setting. I’ve done a lot of research on the Texas cattle business after the Civil War for my book; besides, I live outside Dallas!

    God bless,

  4. You helped with my piano info, Diane? Thank you. I still haven’t sold the piano book. It’s a really tricky one to write because it’s a fictionalized version of my grandparents’ story and I’m trying to work a little Gift of the Maji into it.
    My grandparents had a nice, but old and fairly small farmhouse and in this one room of this modest house was a baby grand piano. My mom (her parents) doesn’t remember how it got there…it
    I’ve never written a book so close to home as this one…I call it Heartsong…and I just keep stepping away from it for some reason.
    My grandparents had a real live marriage of convenience.
    My grandfather’s first wife died having their second child. As she lay dying, knowing she was dying, she told my grandfather to marry her old college roommate.
    He did.
    After a brief exchange of letters, he (a Nebraska farmer with an eight grade education) rode the train out to Washington State where her father, a judge, was experienting with an apple orchard. Grandma had a master’s degree, had studied in Europe, was a concert level pianist and worked in the perfect spinster career of librarian.
    This was in about 1910.
    They married, rode home on the train and lived in a contented state for the rest of their lives, having four children, including my mom.
    Trying to fictionalize that, add conflict where there appears to be none, a villain, whatever is just hard for me because I feel like it’s closer to lies than fiction, you know, because it’s so close to true. Does that make sense?
    I’ve saved the piano info and hope to figure this story out someday, though. In fact just writing to you about it gives me an urge to return to it.

  5. Hi Mary,

    Hey, way to correctly assess a situation and turn it into funny. Oh wait, it really is funny!

    You did the same thing in Petticoat Ranch when Josie gives a ‘yeah Dad, sure Dad’ just to placate poor old Dad who doesn’t have a clue as to what’s going on in a girl’s head. Oh, by the way, I already have a copy, but it’s not autographed. (hint, hint) If I bring it to ‘Christmas shopping’ lunch in S City, could we call it a business lunch and write it off our taxes???:)

    Later, Cooper

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