We Have a Winner — well, two

Sometimes it happens that I picked out two names at the same time, instead of one.  Well, it happened tonight.  So we have two winners, who are:  Maria D. and Vickie Batton.

Maria and Vickie, please email me privately at karenkay(dot)author(at)earthlink(dot)net — we’ll see what books of mine you have and what you don’t have and we’ll go from there.  Congratulations and my hardy thanks to all who came to the blog today and left a message.  It was a fun post for me today!  You made it fun!

It’s County Fair Time! by Charlene Sands

 Did you know that the longest continually running county fair began in Watertown in New York’s Jefferson County and has been ongoing for 193 years! Watertown is also known as the birthplace of the Five and Dime and the safety pin of all things. What was once a way to bring the community together with livestock and horse races, for farmers to share ideas and see who had grown the best fruit, who baked the best pies, the county fairs of modern day has all those things along with so much more.

Our local county fair runs for the entire month of September and brings in hundreds of thousands of people from all over the state.  The LA County Fair has a list of attractions such as Carnival Rides, Midway Games, Zipline, Kiddie Zone, Wild West show, Rawhide Dude Ranch and Farm Animals. As an parent, spending the day at the fair meant lots and lots of walking, trying to find shade, since it was usually the hottest part of the summer, consuming snow cones to keep cool and trying to keep track of my very excited children. It was crowds and heat and junk food eating.  It was a farm animal petting zoo and horse races and cowboys strutting their stuff. 

As a child, I was most excited about the midway games. I especially loved ski ball games. And shooting waterguns at a target to fill a balloon, with my seated opponents ready to outshoot me.  I remember riding on a carousel and eating yummy funnel cakes.   I remember walking grounds and seeing beautiful garden exhibits, listening to country music all day long and at night watching concerts under the stars. I’ve seen Travis Tritt and Sonny and Cher perform live! I have missed out on some really big name artists though. Toby Keith and Martina McBride recently performed in fairs close by. I’ll have to catch them next time. Ugh, they are two of my favorites and I’m sorry I missed seeing them!   But I’ll always have great memories of spending the day with my family, eating hot dogs on a stick, the party-like atmosphere and festivities.

Tell me about your county fair experiences. Did you ever go?  If not, what do you think you’d enjoy the most of the activities listed?  One commenter will win a Two-in-One book from my Desire backlist.

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We Have A Winner!

We have a winner for a free book, and that winner is Lisa G.  Congratulations go out to Lisa G.

I’d like to send a hardy thanks to all those who came here today and left a message.  I loved each and every one!

Lisa, please send me a private email at karenkay(dot)author(at)earthlink(dot)net and we’ll talk about which book you’d like.



Yes, I have Olympic fever.  I love the Olympics and I can’t decide if I love the summer or winter games more.  With summer we have swimming and gymnastics and diving and volleyball.  With winter we have bobsleds and ice skating and ice dancing and skiing.   It’s a tie for me. They both get the GOLD.  I love them both equally.

The Ancient Olympic games started out in 776 BC in Greece and featured athletic games as well as combat and chariot racing.  There were many attempts to resurrect the games all throughout history, but the most widely accepted date of resurrection was 1896 in Athens held in the Panathenaic Stadium built specifically for the games.  At that time there were 14 nations represented and 241 athletes.  As of 2008, there were 204 nations represented and 10,500 participants.

On my other blogs, I’ve done many Random Thoughts days.  It’s fun to see what everyone’s thinking.  Today I thought we could share our Random Olympic Thoughts.

I’ll go first and give you some of mine:

How did they get the stadium to look so blue at the end of the opening ceremonies?

I adore watching Michael Phelps swim.  He’s a true inspiration.  I’m glad I watched all of his races. It was truly history in the making.

All the girls on the USA Gymnastics team look so young.   Maybe because they are!

I love Ryan Seacrest but really what is he doing there?

Gabby Douglas has the most beautiful sweet smile.

 I don’t remember the women’s beach volleyball team swimsuits being so skimpy in the past.  I bet there are a lot of men who could clue me in though.   (Yay team USA!…I love volleyball)


Seeing Oscar Pitorius from South Africa run in the 400 meter semi-final race brought tears to my eyes.  Despite the controversy (that he would have an advantage) everyone cheered for him including me.

Paul McCartney’s touching beginning to Hey Jude at the opening ceremonies made me love my favorite Beatle even more.

What fun seeing Prince William, Princess Kate and Prince Harry, waving the British flag and cheering on their athletes.  They are just like everybody else in that regard.

Yay, Serena Williams!!  You are so awesome.

Is it a requirement that all the men on the USA Swim Team be hunky?  (Hey, I’m always looking for a hero)

 I want to go to London. 


Okay, those are mine.  Will you share yours?  What are your impressions and completely random thoughts regarding the Olympics?   I’ve got a great 2 in1 Desire to go to one Random commenter today. And be sure to join my newsletter to be automatically entered to win one of five gift cards on my Summer and Sands Contest. 











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We Have a Winner!

We have a winner!  Of course I want to thank you all for coming to the blog today and leaving a comment — but I offered a free book and so let me announce the winner of the book:

The winner is Patricia B.  Many congrats go to Patricia.  Please, Patricia, email me personally at karenkay(dot)author(at)earthlink(dot)net.  I’m sure you know where to insert the (.) and the (@).  We’ll see what books you have and which ones you might want.

Again, many thanks to you all for coming to the blog today!  🙂