New Girl in Town

Hello, hello, hello! I’m so excited to post my very first ever blog entry as an official member of the Petticoats & Pistols stable. It’s a great joy to call myself a Filly. Seriously, I feel as if I’ve arrived at last. This is, by far, the most talented group of writers I know. I’m still in shock I get to be a part of the group.

In honor of this momentous occasion I originally wanted to write something unique, different and fun—AKA make a big splash. Unfortunately, I’m coming off a very tight deadline. That means I’ve used up all my unique, different and fun thoughts for the month. So instead of wowing you with my fabulous prose (humor me, it could happen) I’ve decided to take a different approach and talk about my favorite subject. Heroes! And not just any hero, but the best kind of all, the ones found between the pages of Westerns and Western Romances.

In no particular order, here is my list of top, must-have characteristics found in every memorable hero.

1. The hero never hurts a woman and has no difficulty taking down men who do.
2. Children adore the hero, even if he’s uncomfortable around them.
3. The hero can handle a horse with expert skill, including the most difficult horses.
4. The hero has a strong moral compass and understands the difference between right and wrong.
5. The hero isn’t afraid to take a bullet for the woman he loves, even if loving her scares the spit out of him.
6. No matter how gruff the hero is on the outside, he’s putty in the hands of a good woman or a child.
7. Even if he didn’t have a good father-figure, the hero makes an exceptional Pa.
8. The hero has a swagger that makes female heads turn.
9. The hero looks good in a cowboy hat.
10. The hero_________________________.

Okay, now it’s your turn. Fill in the blank for me. I want to hear what you’ve learned about heroes from the pages of your favorite Westerns and Western Romances.

Because this is my first appearance as a filly I’m giving away a prize to one lucky winner. All you have to do is leave a comment to be eligible to win. The prize I’m giving away is a copy of all five books in my Inspirational Western Romance series: CHARITY HOUSE.