Wouldn’t Missmas – the blessings of Christmas

I hope each and every one of you found a few minutes of peace and joy the Christmas. The Trumbo household was all sick with Influenza A. Not even a mouse was stirring, but I digress…

Through everything, and I mean everything: including losing my mom, living in a small rental where there was hardly room for a tree, and years where we weren’t sure there would be anything to put under it, we’ve always had one tradition. It started when my oldest child was old enough to consider her blessings. My kids decorate the tree and every time they put an ornament on the tree, they say something they are thankful for, either from the last year or just life in general. It really puts everything in perspective.


This is my favorite ornament. I got it for my boyfriend when we were just newly dating towards the end of 1996. He became my husband the following year and we have an ornament for every year following (that’s a lot of ornaments).

He’s been my personal Hero for 25 years. I think I knew even when I got that ornament that he was the one.




In the last few years, we’ve been blessed heartily. So much so, that we needed three trees this year (when you have 4 children, that’s a lot to be thankful for).










If you were to fill your tree with thankfulness, what are some things you’d name?

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25 thoughts on “Wouldn’t Missmas – the blessings of Christmas”

  1. I’m thankful for my faith, grandchildren who inspire me to have a youthful heart, family, friends who are always there during life’s challenges and when life is smooth sailing, and my husband who has been my dearest friend for fifty years now. Also, I’m thankful for Petticoats & Pistols where many of the fillies have become dear to my heart.

    I sure hope the Trumbo household is feeling much better by now! Happy New Year!

  2. Kari, I love that you have so many trees, and I love the tradition of saying something you’re thankful for when you place an ornament on the tree. I have enough ornaments to fill up three trees, probably, but I only have the energy to put up ONE tree because anymore, I have to do most of it by myself. LOL I bought an ornament for our first Christmas together–two love birds inside a glass heart. It’s very fragile, and I’m mostly proud I’ve managed to keep it for 42 years without it getting broken! LOL I’m thankful for so many things, my kids especially. I hope you and yours are all recovering — how awful to have the flu over Christmas (awful any time, but especially during Christmas!) Hugs!

  3. Happy New Year!

    Family, friends, faith, home, food on the table, income, health insurance, etc… So many blessings.

  4. I am thankful for the the Lord’s love and salvation. I am thankful for friends and family. Happy New Year.

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