Cowboy Ron and a Give Away!

As many of you know, my sister works in the horse industry. And, as such, I hear a lot about the hunter/jumper students she teaches and other people in that world. Then there’s the “racetrackers” as we call them. Those in the horse racing industry, of which she was a part of for many years as a professional jockey. Then there’s the occasional interesting individual she mentions. I’ve heard the name here and there over the years but don’t think anything of it. Then my sister will say something about the person that gets my attention, I ask a question or two, then I’m facepalming. Good grief, why didn’t I know about this person before? What a great resource for writing!  One such fellow is Cowboy Ron.

When my sister mentions the name, Cowboy Ron, I think of the guy we buy beef from. I also think of a freezer full of the yummy stuff. But there’s a lot more to Cowboy Ron than I first thought. As a writer of contemporary and historical westerns, I should have asked about Ron years ago! What a wealth of information. I need to sit down and pick this man’s brain. He’s a rancher and real life cowboy among other things, and is a master with horses.

Ron Miller, of Ranch Horsemanship, has been working with horses most of his life. Channeling the traditions of the Great Basin buckaroo style of natural horsemanship, Ron is a 4th generation cattle rancher and horseman, who has worked with hundreds of young, troubled or stuck horses. He’s gained great wisdoms and insights from growing up on a cattle and horse ranch in Southeastern Oregon near the California/Nevada boarder. Horseman such as Ray Hunt, Tom Dorrance and Bill Dorrance were among Ron’s examples, while present day horseman such as Buck Brannaman and Brian Neubert continue to provide ideas and example.

Now the names might not be familiar to you, but in the horse world, these are the heavy hitters when it comes to training. These guys are some of the best of the best, the horse whisperers of the industry. Sheesh, and all I knew was that we bought beef from Ron. Yikes, I’ve got to ask my sister more about who she works with!

It’s amazing the people we’re connected to in one way or another through another person. It’s even better when we find out they’re just the person to talk to about something right when we need to. I love it when that happens. Serendipity.

I keep wanting to write a contemporary series about a ranch in someplace like eastern Oregon. To think a wealth of information and experience has been close by all these years is almost embarrassing. Ha!

Have you had that happen to you? Someone shows up right when you need their expertise with something? I’m giving away a free e-copy of one of my books of your choice to one lucky commenter. My books might not be serendipitous, but they’re sure fun to read!



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Kit Morgan is the author of over 100 books of historical and contemporary western romance! Her stories are fun, sweet stories full of love, laughter, and just a little bit of mayhem! Kit creates her stories in her little log cabin in the woods in the Pacific Northwest. An avid reader and knitter, when not writing, she can be found with either a book or a pair of knitting needles in her hands! Oh, and the occasional smidge of chocolate!

36 thoughts on “Cowboy Ron and a Give Away!”

  1. I needed to add some hyperlinks to a document for work. My married daughter showed up and walked me through it.

  2. One of my hobbies is genealogy, and I have had that happen when visiting the research library – another fellow researcher perhaps shares a tip that opens another avenue of search.

  3. Yes it has happened to me. Flat tire on the highway on a rainy night with my young niece in the car. I prayed for someone to help, of course this was in the day before cell phones, and a tow truck pulled up behind me… I call that a divine intervention.

    • Pay attention Kari and you begin to notice it happening here and there. I never used to pay attention then started one day and went, well, golly gee! That’s serendipity!

  4. No I have not had anyone show up just when I needed them. I just do it myself. Thank you for sharing your time with us all. Hugs ?

  5. I have had that to happen a few times. It is like, how did these people know that I could use their support at that time?

  6. Serendipity. Good timing. I call it coincidence. Ha! I truly believe it happens to all of us, but now that I’m sitting here trying to think of an example, one escapes me. But trust me. Serendipity happens.

    I’ve done some facepalming in my day, too!! Fun blog, Kit!

  7. I actually have that problem a lot, having the answer right in front of me but still missing it. I’ve noticed its usually due to feeling so sure I know what the answer is or what I’m looking for that I get tunnel vision and never look beyond things.

  8. welcome. what a fun post today. I am also one of those people that have the answer to something staring me in the face at times. sigh. oh well. I have had problems with sewing and my mom or grandma would show up and have the answer.
    quilting dash lady at comcast dot net

  9. I believe if it’s meant to be someone will show up to give their expertise. One day as a fluke too, I tried my hand at writing a book. One, writing a book isn’t easy but when I talked with an author friend and told what I was doing and she has been a mentor, helper, friend, even someone to consult with and get ideas to see what she thinks. She showed up just when I needed her and she helped me greatly. Yes her help was unexpected.

  10. Reading your current comments brought to mind an incident when my husband and I were traveling with our car totally weighted down from the backseat to the trunk. Well, we had a flat tire, on the busy interstate! In about 5 minutes a tow truck pulled up behind us and he led us to his garage for a repair. We ended up purchasing a tire. Many thanks to this young man. There are many other incidents which come to mind. God is watching over us all the time.

  11. I am one that does what is needed to be done. That being said, I can’t think of anything right at this moment, but I’m sure someone showed up and helped me when I needed it.

  12. Sorry I didn’t get here earlier. I have been lucky enough to have people drop into my life just when I needed them the most. My met my future mother-in-law shortly after getting engaged. My fiance was stationed in Maine, I lived in Northern NY, and his mom lived in Orlando, Florida. After a brief visit, we went home and shortly thereafter he left for Vietnam. I was planning on sewing my wedding dress and those for my attendants. It turned out his mother was a seamstress. I went down and stayed with her until he came back and we headed north for the wedding. It turned out to be a wonderful thing for all of us. My mother had passed away the previous summer. She had 2 sons but no daughter. Along with a neighbor who had no children I ended up with two substitute mothers of the bride. They enjoyed being involved and I enjoyed and appreciated their help.

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